Adjectives for Duration

Adjectives For Duration

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing duration, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'duration' gains unique shades of meaning when paired with different adjectives. Describing duration with adjectives such as 'short,' 'long,' 'longer,' 'average,' 'shorter,' and 'brief' can significantly affect the perceived length and importance of time. A 'short' duration might hint at a fleeting moment, while a 'long' duration suggests a period filled with events or significance. The adjective 'average' introduces a sense of normality, whereas 'longer' and 'shorter' adjust our expectations about the length relative to a standard measure. Each adjective brings its own color to the canvas of conversation, influencing how we understand and communicate the concept of time. Delve into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'duration' below to explore the nuances each one introduces.
shortThe meeting was of short duration
longThe project was successful due to its long duration
longerThe longer duration of the test resulted in more accurate data collection.
averageThe average duration of the test is 2 hours.
shorterThe shorter duration of the investment will result in a smaller profit.
briefThe incident was of brief duration
totalThe total duration of the project was two weeks.
meanThe mean duration of the project was three months.
limitedThe project will be of limited duration
medianThe median duration of the movie was 120 minutes.
entireThe entire duration of the play was three hours.
maximumThe maximum duration of the experiment was two hours.
potential The potential duration of the project is 12 months.
equalThe two events had equal duration
minimumThe minimum duration of the meeting is 30 minutes.
normalThe process completed in its normal duration and without errors.
probableThe probable duration of the project is six months.
prolongedThe prolonged duration of the storm caused widespread flooding.
sufficientThe performance lasts for a sufficient duration
infiniteTime stretched out ahead of her, an infinite duration filled with possibilities.
eternalThe eternal duration of the universe is a mystery.
actualHer actual duration in Washington was only two years.
variableThe experiment had a variable duration
endlessThe universe has an endless duration
longestThe longest duration of the event was three hours.
relativeTheir relative duration as well as other factors come into play.
finiteThe lightbulb has a finite duration of about 1000 hours.
temporalThe temporal duration of the experiment was two hours.
usualThe usual duration of the condition is about two weeks.
considerableThe conversation lasted for a considerable duration
optimalThe optimal duration of the test was determined based on previous research.
overallThe survey, which included 272 radiographers in the UK, was conducted over an overall duration of 10 months.
unlimitedThe contract is valid for an unlimited duration
shortestThe celebration had the shortest duration compared to the others.
extendedThe extended duration of his stay became a concern.
yearI have been working on this project for a year duration
effectiveThe effective duration of the loan is 15 years.
temporaryThe job offer was valid for a temporary duration of three months.
exactThe exact duration of the project is still unknown.
pureHenri Bergson argued that time is 'pure duration,' a continuous flow of change.
unknownThe project began at an unknown duration
hourThe meeting has an hour duration
momentaryThe momentary duration of the flash of light was too brief to capture on camera.
perpetualThe perpetual duration of the loan agreement will be a source of relief for the borrowers.
anticipatedThe anticipated duration of the project is three months.
intermediateThe tournament will continue for an intermediate duration
pulseThe pulse duration of the laser was set to 10 nanoseconds.
likelyThe likely duration of the study is two years.
monthThe month duration of the project was four weeks.
intervalThe interval duration between each pulse was 10 seconds.
dayThe day duration on the equator is approximately 12 hours.
modifiedThe modified duration of this bond is 6.5 years.
moderateThe exercise has a moderate duration of 25 minutes.
minimalThe test had a minimal duration of only 30 minutes.
minuteThe whole process was completed within a minute duration
maritalThe marital duration between the couple was five years.
transientAlthough its transient duration the flash of light caught her attention.
qrsThe QRS duration is 120 milliseconds.
lengthyThe meeting was scheduled for a lengthy duration
preciseThe precise duration of the experiment was 2 hours and 15 minutes.

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