Adjectives for Durham

Adjectives For Durham

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing durham, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the vibrant tapestry of English language, adjectives breathe life into nouns, painting them with nuances that can transport the reader from the mundane to the extraordinary. The noun 'Durham' is no exception. Whether it's juxtaposed with 'Raleigh' to highlight geographical nuances or adorned with 'old' to evoke a sense of historical depth, each adjective adds a distinct shade to its meaning. From 'east' to 'west', directions morph Durham into a beacon of orientation, while 'red' can imbue it with color or metaphorical vibrance. The adjective 'late' opens a temporal dimension, suggesting stories untold. Each combination of Durham and its adjectives offers a unique exploration, inviting readers to dive deeper into the multitude of narratives encapsulated in the full list of adjectives.
raleighRaleigh durham is a major metropolitan area in North Carolina.
oldThe old durham Cathedral is a magnificent example of Norman architecture.
eastEast durham is a town in Durham County, North Carolina.
westWest durham is a vibrant and diverse community.
redThe vintage red durham potatoes have a meaty texture and waxy skin.
mapleMaple durham was a great man.
southThe small town of South durham is located in Durham County, North Carolina.
blackI purchased some black durham at the store this week.
nearbyThere is a park nearby durham
lordLord Durham's 1839 Report on the Affairs of British North America was a major turning point in the development of Canadian self-government.
medievalMedieval durham was a thriving city known for its castle, cathedral, and university.
easternEastern durham is a county in North Carolina.
centuryThe century durham was named after was the 19th century.
presentI can't find any information about "present durham".
midThe town of Mid durham is growing fast.
polledThe polled durham with its pink dappled coloring and lop ears was a beefy breed of cattle.
humphreyHumphrey durham was a British rower who competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics.
nativeHe came from a well known and native durham family.
nearThe town is located near durham
centralI live in central durham
northI live in north durham
northernThe northern durham area is home to many parks and green spaces.
elderElder durham gave a sermon on the importance of forgiveness.
dearDear durham I hope you are having a great day.
ruralShe was born and raised in rural durham
goldenThe golden durham was a type of wheat that was grown in the United States in the 19th century.
westernWestern durham is a region in North Carolina.
celebratedWe celebrated Durham's 200th anniversary last year.
chetwyndChetwynd durham was a British Army officer and colonial administrator.
boldNewcastle United played against bold durham
ruinedThe ruined durham castle, now a picturesque landmark, once boasted a magnificent keep and towering walls.
dayThe day durham arrived, he brought a new meaning to the word chaos.
southeastWe found a great place in southeast durham for lunch.
beautifulBeautiful durham is a city full of life and culture.
invertedHe applied for a job at Lockheed Martin in Inverted durham
edinburghEdinburgh durham is a historic city.
southernThe restaurant is in southern durham
responsibleResponsible durham is a website and online community for Durham, North Carolina.
southwestI'm tired of living in southwest durham
pureThe pure durham bull was sold for a large sum.
famousDurham Cathedral is a famous durham landmark.
demoniacalThe demoniacal durham howled at the moon.
distantThe family recently moved back to their distant durham home.
woodyWoody durham is a sportscaster and former player who is known for his work with the Atlanta Braves.
northwestThe northwest durham neighborhood has a vibrant and diverse community.
prettyThe pretty durham Cathedral is a must-visit for any visitor to the city.
southeasternThe southeastern durham region has many new housing developments.
thoroughbredThe thoroughbred durham bull that won the Championship at the 1874 Salem, MA fair, and was sold for $1,400.
vaultedThe vaulted durham showed patches of rust and cracked stone.
forwaldForwald durham is a city in North Carolina.
frailThe frail durham was unable to lift the heavy object.
suburbanHe moved to suburban durham last year.
historicExplore the historic durham Cathedral and wander through the cobblestone streets.
gruberGruber durham is a talented singer-songwriter.
bredThe bred durham ram was a present from the King.
ladyLady durham was a social reformer who helped to establish the YWCA in Canada.
admiralAdmiral durham was a British naval officer who served during the Napoleonic Wars.

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