Adjectives for Dust

Adjectives For Dust

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dust, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe dust can paint a vivid picture and evoke a range of emotions. For instance, gold dust conjures images of value and rarity, whereas fine dust may suggest something almost imperceptible yet pervasive. The mention of red dust might transport one to a desert landscape, imbuing a sense of place and warmth, while white dust could evoke purity or a blanket of snow. Whether there's much dust or little, the adjective chosen significantly impacts the imagery and atmosphere conveyed. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives aligned with 'dust' to enrich your descriptions and narratives.
goldThe old sailor sifted through the sand, hoping to find gold dust
fineThe air pollution caused by fine dust is a serious problem.
redThe red dust hung in the air, making it difficult to breathe.
whiteThe white dust settled on the old books on the shelf.
muchThe room was full of much dust
littleI wiped away the little dust from the table.
yellowThe construction site was covered in yellow dust
dryThe wind kicked up a cloud of dry dust
volcanicThe volcanic dust created a thick layer of ash that covered the surrounding area.
blackThe black dust from the chimney stained the curtains.
coalThe miner's face was blackened with coal dust
veryThe very dust is a miracle.
thickThe thick dust on the table made me sneeze.
moreThe dusty room had more dust than ever before.
cosmicThe cosmic dust was swirling around the black hole.
interstellarThe interstellar dust scattered the starlight, creating a breathtaking celestial tapestry.
airborneThe airborne dust made it difficult to breathe.
grayThe wind lifted the gray dust into the air, creating a hazy fog.
goldenThe morning sun cast a golden dust over the dew-kissed meadow.
brownThe old furniture was covered in a thick layer of brown dust
hotThe hot dust billowed through the air, carrying with it the scent of the desert.
atmosphericThe Martian atmosphere is very thin and contains a lot of atmospheric dust
greyA thin layer of grey dust had settled over the furniture.
sacredThe sacred dust swirled in the wind, carrying with it the prayers of the ancients.
powderyA thin layer of powdery dust settled on the old books.
lightA light dust had settled over the old bookshelf.
softThe soft dust settled on the old books.
mereThe billions of stars are mere dust in the night sky.
lessI prefer to live in a home with less dust
leadThe old house was contaminated by lead dust from the chipping paint.
fairyThe little girl sprinkled fairy dust on the flowers, making them bloom into vibrant colors.
impalpableSunlight filtered through impalpable dust like a veil.
organicOrganic dust can cause respiratory issues such as asthma and bronchitis.
interplanetaryInterplanetary dust is composed of small particles that orbit the sun.
blownThe wind had blown dust over the old car, making it look even more ancient.
deepThe car disappeared without a trace, consumed by the deep dust of the desert.
looseLoose dust had accumulated on the windowsill.
silentThe silent dust danced in the fading sunlight.
respirableRespirable dust is a particle that is small enough to be inhaled and can cause respiratory problems.
preciousThe iridescent butterfly fluttered its wings, sprinkling precious dust onto the petals.
heavyThe heavy dust made my eyes water.
metallic"The metallic dust shimmered in the moonlight, casting an ethereal glow upon the surroundings."
meteoricThe team discovered fragments of meteoric dust in collected lunar samples.
flueThe flue dust contained valuable metals that could be recycled.
finestThe finest dust covered the furniture and made it look dirty.
enoughThe sunlight streamed through the window, illuminating enough dust to make a person sneeze.
inorganicThe filter traps harmful inorganic dust and allergens.
kindredWe are born of the kindred dust and to the kindred dust we shall return.
windblownThe windblown dust obscured the view of the distant mountains.
magicSprinkle the magic dust over the potion and watch it change before your very eyes.
blindingThe blinding dust swirled around him, obscuring his vision.
warmThe warm dust whirled in the air, carried by the desert wind.
grittyHer feet kicked tirelessly, gritty dust flying up with each impact.
excessiveThe house was filled with excessive dust making it difficult to breathe.
coldThe cold dust swirled around the desolate planet.
reddishA rich reddish dust covered the road.
radioactiveThe radioactive dust from the explosion settled on the ground, leaving a dangerous legacy.
powderedThe fine, powdered dust coated the floor.
inhaledThe patient has inhaled dust from the environment.
combustibleThe combustible dust in the factory posed a serious fire hazard.
borneThe borne dust irritated her eyes.
paleA soft haze of pale dust hung in the still air.
cementThe cement dust filled the air after the bag broke.
lunarThe lunar dust was like a fine powder that coated everything.
blueThe blue dust glittered and shimmered in the sunlight.
fugitiveThe road construction project generated copious amounts of fugitive dust
nuclearThe city was covered in a thick layer of nuclear dust
coarseThe coarse dust irritated his eyes.
infectedThe infected dust swirled around the room, leaving a trail of sickness in its wake.
ladenThe wind blew through the trees, laden dust swirling in its path.
deadThe dead dust was dancing in the air.
coloredThe colored dust sparkled in the sunlight.
abrasiveThe abrasive dust from the construction site caused our eyes to sting and water.
scatteredThe scattered dust danced in the sunlight like a million tiny stars.
irritatingThe irritating dust made my eyes water.
zincThe use of zinc dust has been associated with the inhibition of microbial growth.
invisibleThe invisible dust danced in the sunbeams that streamed through the window.

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