Adjectives for Duties

Adjectives For Duties

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing duties, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of adjectives paired with 'duties' unveils vast dimensions of responsibilities. Whether 'other' signifies additional tasks beyond the expected, 'official' denotes formally assigned roles, or 'religious' and 'certain' evoke more specialized or definite commitments, each adjective colors the noun with unique shades of obligation and importance. 'Administrative' and 'public' duties, on the other hand, suggest tasks related to organizational management or service to the community, respectively. Understanding these subtle distinctions can enrich our comprehension of responsibilities in various contexts. Dive into the complete array of adjectives that bring to life the diverse world of duties and explore the depths of each semantic pairing below.
otherThe position will also be responsible for other duties as assigned.
officialThe police officer carried out official duties such as patrolling a specific area and responding to calls for service.
religiousHe never neglected his religious duties to his faith.
certainEmployees have certain duties to perform.
administrativeJohn has a new job with many administrative duties
publicHe was dedicated to his public duties and served his community with pride.
domesticThe domestic duties were shared equally between the couple.
importantThe city council members have important duties
specificI have specific duties as a teacher.
variousHe was assigned to do various duties at the office for the month.
militaryHe has completed his military duties with honor.
professionalShe took her professional duties very seriously.
moralCitizens have moral duties towards their country.
specialThe team has special duties to perform in this region.
regularThe employee was instructed to perform his regular duties
additionalThe employee is responsible for completing additional duties as assigned by the supervisor.
dailyI am responsible for a variety of daily duties including customer service and data entry.
heavyThe workers had heavy duties to perform.
ordinaryHe started performing his ordinary duties at his workplace.
routineThe employee was responsible for completing various routine duties
exciseHigh excise duties encourage smuggling.
higherShe was promoted because of her higher duties and responsibilities at work.
normalHe was not able to perform his normal duties
arduousThe arduous duties of the day had taken their toll on him.
pastoralThe priest attended to his pastoral duties with diligence.
activeThe officer was put on active duties after the incident.
respectiveThe department heads are responsible for their respective duties
clericalJessica has been working as a clerk and her responsibilities include some basic clerical duties
civicVoting and jury duty are examples of civic duties
legalCitizens have various legal duties such as paying taxes and obeying the law.
judicialThe judge was occupied with his judicial duties all day.
sacredThe priests performed their sacred duties with utmost devotion.
usualI carry out my usual duties
principalThe principal duties of a nurse involve patient care and health promotion.
civilAll citizens have certain civil duties that they should fulfill.
ministerialThe archbishop delegated his ministerial duties to the vicar.
onerousThe employee was tasked with onerous duties that proved too difficult to complete.
practicalThe doctor had many practical duties to perform.
statutoryAll these statutory duties are enforceable against the Crown, as are the individual rights under the ECHR that are enshrined in the Human Rights Act.
relativeEmployees are expected to fulfill their relative duties in a timely manner.
extraMy workload has increased considerably with these extra duties
parliamentaryShe could not attend parliamentary duties in person due to her health problems.
spiritualI have many spiritual duties to fulfill in my life.
followingThe employee is responsible for the following duties
necessaryThe necessary duties of the job were clearly outlined in the employee handbook.
chiefThe chief duties of a police officer are to protect and serve the community.
reciprocalThey both had reciprocal duties of caring for the other.
parentalParental duties are both rewarding and challenging.
essentialIdentifying non-routine environmental and safety issues and identifying appropriate solutions and actions are essential duties of this role.
priestlyThe priest fulfilled his priestly duties with great devotion and piety.
correspondingThis role will have the corresponding duties of managing and maintaining the property's infrastructure.
supervisoryThe manager has supervisory duties over a team of ten employees.
discriminatingThe human resources department is responsible for overseeing the company's discriminating duties
responsibleHe fulfilled his responsible duties with utmost diligence and care.
ceremonialThe Prince participates in ceremonial duties related to the state.
parochialThe priest was busy with his parochial duties
multifariousHis multifarious duties kept him on his toes all day long.
legislativeThe members of the legislative body are elected to carry out legislative duties
dumpingThe company was found guilty of dumping duties on imported steel.
secretarialShe handled all secretarial duties including answering the phones, responding to emails, and scheduling appointments.
manifoldThe departmental manager has manifold duties that are demanding in terms of time and effort.
mutualIn a contract, both parties have certain mutual duties towards each other.
maternalThe working mother juggled her maternal duties with her professional responsibilities with grace and determination.
antidumpingThe antidumping duties imposed by the government helped to protect domestic industries from unfair competition.

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