Adjectives for Dying

Adjectives For Dying

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dying, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the emotional landscape of the noun 'dying' through its adjectives reveals a profound complexity. Each adjective—be it 'never', suggesting a defiance against the inevitable; 'own', reflecting a deeply personal journey; 'slow', indicating a gradual decline; 'long', implying an extended duration; 'holy', signifying a spiritual or sacred passage; or 'daily', denoting an ongoing, possibly mundane, struggle—carves out a unique narrative facet. These descriptors not only color our understanding of mortality but also accentuate the myriad ways in which we conceptualize and engage with the end of life. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'dying' to uncover the rich nuances each brings to the conversation.
neverThe never dying spirit of the people ignited a revolution.
ownI am in control of my own dying
slowThe slow dying sun cast an ethereal glow upon the distant hills.
longThe long dying star emitted a faint glow.
holyWhen a man begins his holy dying and enters into the agonies of his deathbed, then especially is the time to remember these things.
dailyThe daily dying of the sun each evening brings a sense of peace and renewal.
lastHe left her his fortune in his last dying will.
moreThe recent heatwave has led to more dying
busyThe bus was busy dying down the highway.
gradualThe plant's gradual dying was a painful sight to behold.
actualMaking peace with her actual dying was far more difficult than expected.
continualThe continual dying of the leaves marked the passing of fall.
constantHe was my constant dying friend during my last days.
physicalThe world physical dying is truly alarming.
everThe ever dying flowers continue to bring beauty to the garden.
individualThe individual dying quietly in the hospital.
trueThe true dying was a slow departure.
assistedAssisted dying should be legal and available for those who request it.
latterHe was broke, his wife had left him, and his dog was latter dying
andMy last breath approaches, and dying I still love you.
violentThe violent dying man clutched his chest and gasped for air.
fastThe old tree was fast dying its leaves turning brown and crumbling.
hardThe hard dying boxwood was valiantly hanging on to life.
suddenHis sudden dying left us all in shock.
quickEyes shut, she whispered a quick dying phrase.
perpetualThe perpetual dying of the flowers in the vase served as a somber reminder of the passing of time.
mereAs the sun rises, the mere dying whispers its last breath.
happyI'm so happy dying
peacefulShe held his hand as he drifted into a peaceful dying
deadThe dead dying is a sad reality of life.
halfHe was half dying of hunger and fatigue.
infantWhen the infant dying the whole family cried.
prematureThe actuality of premature dying weighs heavily on his mind.
painfulThe painful dying man whispered his last wish to his wife.
continuousThe continuous dying of the leaves made a rustling sound in the wind.
formerThe former dying president was given a final salute.
endlessThe endless dying of the soldiers was a haunting reminder of the horrors of war.
protractedThe protracted dying of the old tree was a sad spectacle to behold.
active"Active dying" refers to the deliberate ending of a person's life to relieve intractable suffering."
eternalThe eternal dying of the heart is a slow and painful process.
aidThe physician and patient should discuss the risks and benefits of aid dying
healthyThe concept of healthy dying is gaining recognition as a multifaceted approach to end-of-life care that emphasizes quality of life and well-being.
physicianThe physician dying of cancer wants to get his affairs in order.
consciousConscious dying is a process of cultivating awareness and acceptance of the inevitability of death.
spiritualThe ancient traditions talk about spiritual dying -- dissolving the ego and identifying with Being.
prolongedThe prolonged dying of the patient was a difficult time for the family.
illI can't believe you're ill dying
simulatedThe team simulated dying on the fields to avoid picking up the bodies.
layThe old man lay dying in his bed.
dignifiedThe patient's wish for a dignified dying was respected.
infiniteThe infinite dying of the universe stretched before them, an endless void of cosmic entropy.
bitterThe bitter dying man cursed his fate.
symbolicIn the river of life, I embraced symbolic dying surrendering to transformation and rebirth.
unnaturalThe unnatural dying of the once-vibrant plant was a mystery.
nearI was near dying when I was in the accident.
fairHer fair dying seemed like a soft lump in the wind's pillow.
incessantThe incessant dying of the soldiers left a heavy toll on the community.
institutionalThe elderly patient's institutional dying was a tragic and lonely affair.
bornThe old man was born dying and he lived his life as a walking corpse.
worthMy love for you is worth dying
quietThe quiet dying murmured within her heart.
partialThe plant's partial dying is due to lack of water.
farThe far dying star sent out its last rays of light.

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