Adjectives for Ear

Adjectives For Ear

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ear, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of adjectives paired with the noun 'ear' unlocks a world of descriptive precision. From 'middle' to 'inner,' these adjectives navigate the complexities of ear anatomy, highlighting specific areas with pinpoint accuracy. 'Left' and 'right' introduce a spatial dimension, orienting listeners and readers in space. Conversely, 'deaf' shifts the focus to functionality, encapsulating a condition that profoundly affects hearing. 'External' zooms out, reminding us of the ear's visible aspect and its role as a gateway to sounds. These adjectives, though distinct, collectively enrich our understanding of human hearing and its challenges. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover the myriad ways they illuminate the multifaceted nature of the ear.
middleThe middle ear is an air-filled cavity located behind the eardrum.
innerThe inner ear is responsible for hearing and balance.
rightMy right ear is ringing.
deafMaria's concerns fell on deaf ears.
externalThe external ear is the visible part of the ear.
humanThe human ear is a complex organ that allows us to hear sounds.
internalI have a problem with my internal ear
outerThe outer ear is the part of the ear that is visible from the outside.
sympatheticI needed someone to lend a sympathetic ear to my problems.
attentiveShe listened for his words, giving him her full attentive ear
musicalShe has a musical ear and can easily pick up new melodies.
willingI found a willing ear in my friend who listened patiently to my troubles.
quickHe has a quick ear for music.
sensitiveThe child has a sensitive ear to loud noises.
affectedMy affected ear is still ringing from the concert.
fineShe had a fine ear for accents.
trainedThe conductor had a trained ear for picking out the flaws in each performance.
readyThe eager student listened with a ready ear
betterThe student with the better ear can hear the subtle changes in pitch.
oppositeHe put the phone to his opposite ear
keenThe detective's keen ear allowed him to hear the faintest of whispers.
royalThe royal ear listened intently to the plea of the beggar.
theThe doctor looked at the ear
delicateShe had delicate ears that she covered with her hands when she was embarrassed.
dullThe student's dull ear made it hard for him to learn the language.
contralateralThe contralateral ear was also normal.
sharpI heard the faint rustling of leaves with my sharp ear
acuteShe has an acute ear for music, able to pick out the faintest of sounds.
lopThe fluffy lop ear rabbit hopped around the cage.
untrainedThe untrained ear could not distinguish the subtle differences in pitch.
mortalHis voice was too divine for mortal ear to bear.
inwardThe Zen master told Baldo to listen to his inward ear but Baldo couldn't stop listening to the noise in the world.
favourableThe judge lent a favourable ear to the defendant's plea.
mammalianThe mammalian ear is a complex organ that serves multiple functions, including hearing, balance, and vocalization.
niceShe played the piano, her nice ear made her very talented.
practisedThe pianist played with a practised ear each note perfectly in tune.
ipsilateralThe ipsilateral ear was noted to be erythematous and swollen.
friendlyI lent an attentive friendly ear to his troubles.
eagerI listened with eager ear to the fascinating tale of adventure.
rabbitThe rabbit hopped around with its long, floppy rabbit ears.
poorerI have a poorer ear for music than my wife.
healthyThe doctor said I have a healthy ear
artificialThe artificial ear was able to pick up sounds that the human ear could not.
outwardThe outward ear or auricle, collects sound waves and channels them into the ear canal.
infectedThe doctor diagnosed her with an infected ear
patientThe doctor listened with a patient ear as the patient described their symptoms.
wheatThe rustling of the wheat ears was a calming sound during the afternoon.

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