Adjectives for Earl

Adjectives For Earl

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing earl, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The title 'earl' carries with it a weight of history and distinction, but the choice of adjective preceding it can significantly transform its connotation. Adjectives such as 'first', 'second', or 'third' immediately denote a sense of order or precedence, possibly referring to lineage or historical significance. 'Late', on the other hand, introduces a note of respect and remembrance, often used to honor a recently passed individual. Meanwhile, descriptors like 'young' or 'fourth' imbue the title with a freshness or a specific position within a legacy. Choosing the right adjective can thus paint a vivid picture of the earl in question, highlighting aspects of their rank, age, or position in history. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can complement the noble title of 'earl' below.
firstThe first earl of Essex was Geoffrey de Mandeville.
thirdThe third earl was a man of great wealth and influence.
lateThe late earl left a large sum of money to his heirs.
youngThe young earl inherited a vast fortune.
fourthSir Algernon Percy, the fourth earl was born in 1749
nobleThe noble earl was known for his generosity and kindness.
4thThe 4th earl of Sandwich was a noted gambler and womanizer.
fifthThe fifth earl inherited the estate from his late father.
oldThe old earl built a magnificent castle overlooking the sea.
greatThe great earl was renowned for his wisdom and generosity.
presentI am not sure what you mean by 'present earl'.
sixthSir Charles Henry Fitzroy, the sixth earl was the son of George Fitzroy, the fifth earl.
seventhThe seventh earl ascended to his ancestral seat.
5thThe 5th earl inherited a vast fortune.
ninthThe ninth earl was a man of great wealth and influence.
lastThe last earl of the family died without heirs.
eighthThe eighth earl of the family was a direct descendant of the first earl.
6thThe 6th earl was a great man.
1stLord Robert Dudley was created the 1st earl of Leicester.
8thMy 8th earl brought his rottweilers to the park.
3rdThe 3rd earl of Sandwich was a renowned gambler.
eleventhThe eleventh earl of the family was a great patron of the arts.
futureCharles was the future earl of the estate.
unfortunateThe unfortunate earl lost all his wealth in a shipwreck.
famousThe famous earl was known for his generosity and kindness.
powerfulThe powerful earl ruled over a vast domain.
fourteenthThe fourteenth earl abdicated the throne after a tumultuous reign.
9thThe 9th earl was a renowned art collector.
celebratedThe celebrated earl was renowned for his lavish parties.
10thThe 10th earl of Pembroke was a prominent figure in the English court during the reign of James I.
14thThe 14th earl was a renowned patron of the arts.
gallantThe gallant earl rescued the fair maiden from the clutches of the evil dragon.
seventeenthThe seventeenth earl had a soft-looking beard.
fifteenthThe fifteenth earl ascended to the throne with great fanfare.
12thThe 12th earl inherited a vast fortune.
twelfthAfter the twelfth earl passed away, the solemn servants silently prepared the stately sitting room for the somber Saturday service.
17thThe old 17th earl was loved by the entire village.
braveThe brave earl led his troops into battle with great courage.
proudThe proud earl stood tall, his chest puffed out.
15thThe 15th earl was a renowned patron of the arts.
sixteenthThe sixteenth earl was a man of great wealth and influence.
titularSir Henry is the titular earl of the series.
13thThe 13th earl was a man of great wealth and influence.
agedThe aged earl was a solitary figure, spending his days in contemplation and regret.
scottishThe Scottish earl traveled to England to visit the King.
honourableThe honourable earl was a guest of honour at the dinner.
7thThe 7th earl of Sandwich was a British aristocrat.
16thThe 16th earl who had been living in exile, finally returned to his homeland.
thirteenthThe thirteenth earl enjoyed a hearty breakfast of kippers and eggs.
deceasedThe deceased earl's will was read aloud in the grand hall.
stoutThe stout earl drank heartily from his goblet of ale.
11thThe 11th earl was a wise and just ruler.
mightyThe mighty earl wielded his sword with unmatched prowess.
rightfulThe rightful earl was finally crowned after years of exile.
irishI met an Irish earl at the ball last night.
venerableThe venerable earl was known for his wisdom and generosity.
youthfulThe youthful earl proudly showed off his new steed.
eighteenthThe eighteenth earl attended the queen's garden party.
handsomeThe handsome earl arrived in town with his entourage.
unhappyThe unhappy earl was exiled to a remote island.
haughtyThe haughty earl looked down upon the guests at the banquet.
twentiethThe twentieth earl was a kind and just ruler.
beltedThe belted earl strutted regally across the ballroom.
2ndThe 2nd earl of Wessex was a close friend of the king.
wealthyThe wealthy earl received a letter from his cousin.
lothThe loth earl was a powerful and influential man in the kingdom.
headyThe heady earl welcomed his guests with open arms.
illustriousThe illustrious earl was a man of great wealth and power.
eccentricThe eccentric earl wore a monocle and a top hat, and carried a walking stick with a silver knob.
rebelliousLady Wren was betrothed to the rebellious earl of Northamptonshire.
worthyThe worthy earl greeted the crowd with a wave.
favouriteMy favourite earl is Earl Grey.
18thThe 18th earl was a renowned philanthropist.
ambitiousThe ambitious earl sought to expand his domain by any means necessary.

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