Adjectives for Ears

Adjectives For Ears

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ears, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe ears can paint a vivid picture and evoke a strong image or emotion. Describing someone as having deaf ears can imply ignorance or unwillingness to listen, whereas boasting about one's own ears can reflect self-awareness or confidence in personal judgment. Referencing long, large, or big ears might suggest a character trait or physical attribute, often used in storytelling to denote wisdom or comical aspects. Conversely, small ears could highlight delicacy or compactness, suggesting a different kind of beauty or detail orientation. Each adjective, thus, carries its unique shade of meaning, transforming the simple noun 'ears' into a canvas of expressions. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives for 'ears' and explore the nuanced stories they can tell.
deafHis pleas fell on deaf ears
ownI heard it with my own ears
longThe donkey had long ears
largeThat elephant has very large ears
bigHe looked at me with his big ears flopping in the wind
smallHe had small ears that were almost impossible to see.
pointedThe elf's pointed ears twitched as he listened intently.
mineMine ears have heard the sound of battle.
modernThe jarring sounds of construction assailed their modern ears
humanThe human ears are very sensitive to sound.
externalThe external ears are responsible for collecting sound waves and funneling them into the ear canal.
sharpThe puppy had exceptionally sharp ears twitching at every sound.
englishI'm not sure what you mean by 'english ears'.
sensitiveHe had sensitive ears so he always wore earplugs when he went to concerts.
shortThe dog has short ears
innerThe tiny bones of the inner ears transmit sound waves to the brain.
normalHe had a pair of normal ears
willingI listened with willing ears to the captivating story.
right"My right ears are burning."
middleThe doctor checked my middle ears for any signs of infection.
floppyThe floppy ears of the dog drooped down sadly.
openI approached her with open ears to listen to her grievances.
erectThe pointer had erect ears and an alert expression.
westernThe music grated on his western ears
rabbitThe fluffy white rabbit hopped through the meadow with its long, twitching rabbit ears
keenThe owl's keen ears detected the slightest sound from mice squeaking.
quickThe rabbit's quick ears twitched as it sensed danger.
hugeThe giant bunny had huge ears
sympatheticI listened to her problems with sympathetic ears
delicateThe dancer's delicate ears caught the faint sound of the music.
receptiveShe always has receptive ears for her friends' problems.
mortalThe whispers of the ancients reached his mortal ears inviting him to a realm unknown.
eagerThe curious puppy tilted its head, its eager ears twitching towards the sound.
attentiveThe patient listened with attentive ears to the doctor's diagnosis.
dullThe old man's dull ears made it hard for him to hear the doctor's instructions.
piercedHer pierced ears glimmered in the sunlight.
tinyThe small creature had tiny ears that twitched at the slightest sound.
goldenHer golden ears heard the slightest sounds.
wheatThe wheat ears swayed gently in the summer breeze.
enormousThe rabbit hopped around with its enormous ears wiggling in the breeze.
thinThe thin ears of the rabbit twitched nervously.
likeThe two men stood on either side of the doorway, their bodies like ears at attention.
unwillingShe whispered her secret to unwilling ears
roundedMy fluffy dog has adorable rounded ears
greenThe leprechaun had bright green ears
pinkThe baby has the cutest floppy pink ears
roundThe mouse had large round ears
hairyThe old man had remarkably hairy ears
yellowThe field of bright yellow ears of corn swayed in the gentle breeze.
ripeThe smell of ripe ears fills the air.
piousThe pious ears of the priest heard the confessions of the repentant sinners.
cornThe farmer harvested several corn ears from his field.
silkyThe dog's silky ears flopped down as it wagged its tail.
shapedHe had shaped ears and a long nose.
malformedThe puppy's malformed ears added to its charm
greedyHe couldn't take his greedy ears away from the juicy gossip.
softShe tried to ignore the compliments but her soft ears turned red.
furryThe little rabbit had furry ears
outerThe outer ears are funnel-shaped and help to collect sound waves.
alertThe dog's alert ears twitched at the slightest sound.
royalThe royal ears listened attentively to the pleas of the people.
uprightThe curious feline sat with its upright ears twitching at the faintest of noises.
strainedThe dog listened with strained ears as its owner fumbled with the keys outside.
prettyI love your pretty ears
pendulousThe hound had long, pendulous ears that hung down to its shoulders.
tuftedThe lynx's tufted ears twitched as it stalked its prey.

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