Adjectives for Echo

Adjectives For Echo

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing echo, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'echo' conjures images of sounds bouncing off distant walls, each adjective adding its unique shade to the experience. A 'faint echo' whispers of a barely heard sound, lingering on the edge of perception, while a 'distant echo' carries the mystery of remote origins. The 'last echo' speaks of finality, a sound fading into silence, whereas a 'mere echo' diminishes its source, rendering it almost insignificant. A 'hollow echo' evokes feelings of emptiness, sounds reverberating in abandoned spaces, contrasting sharply with a 'strong echo', which pulses with vibrant energy. Each adjective, when paired with 'echo', unveils layers of meaning, inviting listeners into a world of auditory nuances. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives enriching the word 'echo' below.
faintThe faint echo of her footsteps trailed behind her as she walked away.
distantThe distant echo of their laughter still lingered in the air.
lastThe last echo of his footsteps died away in the distance.
mereThe resounding sound was a mere echo of the previous blast.
hollow"The hollow echo of his footsteps faded into the darkness."
strongThe strong echo made it difficult to hear the conversation.
gradientGradient echo is a type of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sequence that produces images with a gradient in the signal intensity.
clearThe clear echo bounced off the canyon walls.
feebleThe feeble echo of his voice faded into the distance.
responsiveThe responsive echo reverberated through the cavern.
faintestThe gallery was silent, save for the faintest echo of footsteps.
curiousThe curious echo reverberated through the empty corridors.
distinctThe haunting melody hung in the air, creating a distinct echo that sent shivers down her spine.
strangeThe strange echo reverberated through the desolate canyon.
faithfulAn eerie faithful echo reverberated through the empty halls.
directThe sound reverberated throughout the hall with direct echo
loudThe loud echo reverberated through the vast, empty chamber.
weakThe weak echo reverberated through the empty chamber.
readyThe ready echo sounded through the canyon.
dullThe dull echo of her laughter still lingered in the room.
remarkableThe remarkable echo bounced around the towering canyon walls.
slightThe preacher's words carried a slight echo in the cavernous cathedral.
weightedThe weighted echo reverberated through the desolate ruins.
sympatheticWith a sympathetic echo she murmured her understanding.
offThe off echo was very haunting.
preThe pre echo was faint but noticeable.
sweetThe sweet echo of the birdsong filled the forest.
deepThe deep echo of the gong reverberated through the vast hall.
doubleHe could hear a double echo in the cave.
softThe soft echo of her laughter lingered in the air.
eerieThe eerie echo of distant laughter filled the empty streets.
sadThe sad echo of the gunshot hung in the air.
dimThe dim echo reverberated through the empty hallway.
powerfulThe powerful echo reverberated through the ancient halls.
emptyThe empty echo resounded through the desolate wasteland.
unconsciousHer unconscious echo reverberated through the silent void.
dimensionalThe dimensional echo left by the collapsing star confounded the scientists.
spinThe spin echo technique in MRI provides excellent soft-tissue contrast.
muffledHer muffled echo bounced along the cavern walls.
remote"There seemed to be a remote echo coming from the far depths of the forest," whispered the guide, his voice husky with fear.
ghostlyThe ghostly echo of her laugh still lingered in the air.
obviousThe obvious echo in the canyon made our conversation difficult.
consciousThe conscious echo of the past reverberated through her mind.
thinThe thin echo of their footsteps faded away into the night.
interestingThe interesting echo reverberated through the cavernous hall.
familiarThe familiar echo of laughter filled the house.
vagueThe vague echo of their words haunted him long after they'd left.
conventionalThe conventional echo resonated throughout the chamber.
paleThe pale echo of the moon hung in the sky.
visual"Can you see the visual echo in the animation?" asked the professor.
metallicThe metallic echo of the bell resounded through the empty hall.
bottomThe bottom echo was strong and clear.
musicalThe musical echo reverberated through the grand hall, creating an enchanting atmosphere.
linearThe linear echo of the sound waves was clearly audible.
occasionalThe occasional echo could be heard in the silent room.
unmistakableThe words hung in the air, their unmistakable echo reverberating through the empty room.
lingeringThe lingering echo of the gunshot haunted her dreams.
pulseWe used a pulse echo technique to investigate the internal structure of the glaciers.
mournfulThe mournful echo of his footsteps filled the empty hallways.
exactThe exact echo reverberated through the cavernous hall.
brightThe bright echo reverberated through the mountains.
solemnThe solemn echo of the bell tolled through the empty churchyard.
belatedThe belated echo of the gunshot reverberated through the empty streets.
multipleThe sound bounced off the walls, creating a multiple echo
endometrialVideo #2 demonstrated submucosal myoma with no visible endometrial echo

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