Adjectives for Edge

Adjectives For Edge

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing edge, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the 'edge' can significantly alter the perception of a phrase. Whether it's the 'outer edge', highlighting the most external boundary, or the 'lower edge', indicating something at a relatively lower position, each combination paints a unique picture. The 'upper edge' suggests superiority or a higher position, while 'sharp edge' conveys a sense of danger or acute precision. On the other hand, the 'top edge' often refers to the highest quality or performance. The nuance that each adjective brings to the noun 'edge' enhances the descriptive power of language, offering a spectrum of imagery and understanding. Discover the full array of adjectives that can give 'edge' its very definition and much more below.
outerGrab the ball from the outer edge of the table, please.
lowerThe lower edge of the table was chipped.
upperThe upper edge of the painting was slightly damaged.
topThe top edge of the table was covered in dust.
veryHe was standing at the very edge of the cliff.
westernThe western edge of the forest was dark and forbidding.
easternHe was on the eastern edge of their camp.
competitiveOur cutting-edge technology gives us a competitive edge in the market.
innerThe inner edge of the knife was sharp.
straightThe straight edge of the ruler helped me to draw a straight line.
bottomThe bottom edge of the table was covered in dust.
leftThe left edge of the table was damaged.
northernThe northern edge of the forest was home to many different species of animals.
frontThe front edge of the building was damaged by the strong winds.
southernThe town is located on the southern edge of the lake.
rightThe right edge of the paper had been torn.
freeMake sure that you paint your entire nail, including the tips and the free edge
outsideThe skier carved a graceful turn on the outside edge of his skis.
posteriorThe posterior edge of the wing is serrated.
anteriorThe anterior edge of the blade was razor-sharp.
thinHe was treading on a thin edge between success and failure.
lateralThe lateral edge of the square was five inches.
farThe ship sailed along the far edge of the horizon.
extremeThe climber inched along the extreme edge of the cliff.
insideThe inside edge of the blade was honed to a razor-sharp point.
backThe back edge of the knife was dull
incisalThe dentist inspected the incisal edge of the tooth.
hardThe painting featured bold, hard edges and contrasting colors.
keenShe used a whetstone to hone the keen edge of the sword.
rawThe raw edge of the fabric fraying caught on the nail.
oppositeThe opposite edge of the table is where he sits.
slightThe team had a slight edge over its rivals.
northThe party was held at the north edge of the city.
raggedThe ragged edge of the fabric hung loosely from the seam.
handShe placed the fragile glass on the hand edge of the table.
fineThe razor's fine edge sliced through the skin effortlessly.
forwardThe forward edge of the airfoil provided plenty of lift.
southThe town is located on the south edge of the lake.
foldedThe folded edge of the paper helped keep the secret safe.
curvedThe curved edge of the table made it difficult to walk around.
roundedThe table has a rounded edge
westThe property runs along the west edge of the heavily traveled South Main Street in the heart of the dynamic mid-town area.
rearThe rear edge of the wing is precisely shaped to create lift.
medialThe medial edge of the cartilage is attached to the perichondrium.
roughThe rough edge of the table scraped against my arm.
narrowThe rock climber carefully traversed the narrow edge of the cliff.
distalThe distal edge of the fracture was displaced laterally.
eastThere is a nice park on the east edge of town.
inferiorThe inferior edge of the bone is thin and serrated.
serratedThe serrated edge of the knife made quick work of the tomato.
verticalThe vertical edge of the pyramid was sharply defined against the sky.
jaggedThe jagged edge of the cliff was a dangerous place to stand.
doubleThe double edge of technology is that it can both connect and isolate us.
smoothThe smooth edge of the knife glinted in the sunlight.
superiorThe company has a superior edge over its competitors in the market.
dorsalThe dorsal edge of the fin is concave.
sharperThe sharper edge of the knife cut through the paper like butter.
dullThe knife was so old, it had a dull edge
beveledThe beveled edge of the table gave it a sleek and modern look.
flatThe flat edge of the table made it easy to slide the box across.
nearThe cliff was near edge and was too dangerous to walk along.
bluntThe blunt edge of the knife couldn't cut through the tough meat.
scallopedThe scalloped edge of the lace fabric added a delicate touch to the dress.
sternalThe sternal edge of the diaphragm extends from the xiphoid process to the costal arch.
horizontalThe horizontal edge of the table was smooth and even.
brokenThe broken edge of the glass cut her finger.
proximalThe proximal edge of the fibula is attached to the tibia.
technologicalOur company has a technological edge over its competitors.
irregularThe irregular edge of the stone caught his eye.
southeasternThe southeastern edge of the United States is home to a variety of ecosystems.
keenerThe sharp blade had a much keener edge than the other.
nearestThe distance to its nearest edge is 20 kilometers.
steepHe carefully navigated his way along the steep edge of the cliff.
extraExtra edge sharpened my focus, helping me tackle the puzzle with ease.
cleanThe clean edge of the knife contrasted sharply with the dull blade of the old one.
giltThe painting was in a gilt edge frame.
southwesternThe southwestern edge of the park is home to a variety of wildlife.

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