Adjectives for Edges

Adjectives For Edges

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing edges, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'edges' carries a multitude of meanings and nuances, significantly altered by the adjectives that precede it. 'Sharp edges' can evoke caution, a potential danger or precision, highlighting the potential to cut or define boundaries clearly. 'Gilt edges' suggests luxury and refinement, often found in high-quality books or ornate frames, adding a touch of elegance. The phrase 'outer edges' brings to mind boundaries and perimeters, an exploration of limits. 'Rough edges' conveys a raw, unrefined quality, perhaps a work in progress or natural ruggedness. 'Raw edges' further emphasize unprocessed or emotional states, highlighting vulnerability or authenticity. Meanwhile, 'lower edges' suggest a bottom boundary or base level, grounding in reality. Each adjective unveils a new layer of interpretation, enriching the context in which 'edges' is understood. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that give 'edges' its multifaceted character below.
sharpThe shards of glass had sharp edges
giltThe gilt edges of the old book shone in the sunlight.
outerThe outer edges of the galaxy were vast and unexplored.
roughThe weathered rock had rough edges that scraped his hands.
rawThe raw edges of the fabric frayed easily.
lowerThe lower edges of the letters were aligned precisely.
straightThe carpenter used a ruler and other straight edges to measure and mark the wood for the project.
jaggedThe broken glass had jagged edges
raggedThe letter bore ragged edges
topCheck the top edges of the cabinet for dust.
outsideHe was forced to skate on the outside edges to maintain his balance.
bottomThe bottom edges of the clouds were tinged with orange.
roundedThe table had rounded edges giving it a smooth and elegant appearance.
redThe envelopes had red edges
upperThe upper edges of the tallest buildings were obscured by a thick layer of smoke.
freeThe two free edges of the open chain are capped with a methyl group on one end and an aldehyde group on the other.
hardIce cube trays are usually made of plastic with smooth surfaces, but I prefer ones with hard edges for easier cube removal.
innerThe inner edges of the circle were aligned with the outer edges of the square.
extraThe boy ordered extra edges with his pizza.
oppositeThe opposite edges of the cube are parallel to each other
verticalThe tall, rectangular prism has vertical edges
smoothThe corners of the table had been sanded to create smooth edges
serratedThe blade had serrated edges making it ideal for cutting through tough materials.
rightAlign the right edges of the two objects.
thinThe razor-sharp knife had thin edges
parallelThe parallel edges of the figure formed a geometric pattern.
irregularThe coastline had irregular edges
olivineThe olivine edges were rounded, as if they had been abraded by a sandblaster.
curvedThe curved edges of the table were smooth to the touch.
frontThe front edges of the wings were slightly bent.
insideThe skater was using their inside edges to execute a beautiful figure eight.
softThe sunlight cast soft edges on the sleeping child's face.
adjacentThe adjacent edges of the hexagon are equal in length.
scallopedThe decorative box had lovely scalloped edges
lateralThe lateral edges of the parallelogram are congruent and parallel.
horizontalThe board has horizontal edges that are parallel to one another.
frayedThe tattered cloth had frayed edges that threatened to unravel.
elegantThe vase's elegant edges hinted at its exquisite craftsmanship.
extremeThe extreme edges of the map were still unexplored.
beveledThe intricate beveled edges of the antique mirror added a touch of elegance to the room.
darkThe clouds had dark edges and it looked like rain.
uncutThe uncut edges of the fabric frayed easily.
squareThe wooden block had clean square edges
upturnedThe old book had upturned edges from years of use.
correspondingThe two squares have corresponding edges of the same length.
cleanThe paper had clean edges which made it look neat and professional.
multipleThe graph has multiple edges connecting the same pair of vertices.
foldedThe folded edges of the paper created a sharp crease that disrupted the smoothness of the surface.
definedThe square's outline had precisely defined edges
anteriorThere was fraying on the anterior edges of the fabric.
backThe back edges of the blades were serrated.
northernThe northern edges of the forest were shrouded in a thick fog.
outgoingThe network is composed of nodes connected by outgoing edges
unevenThe torn paper had uneven edges
easternThe eastern edges of the sky were just beginning to glow with the first light of dawn.
narrowThe narrow edges of the table made it difficult to write on.
bevelledThe mirror had bevelled edges that reflected the light in a distorted way.
fuzzyThe line between dream and reality seemed to blur, like the fuzzy edges of a painting.
marbledThe book had marbled edges a sign of its age.
blurredThe photograph had blurred edges giving it an almost ethereal quality.
cutThe cut edges of the paper were jagged and uneven.
incisalThe maxillary central incisor has a long clinical crown with two distinct incisal edges
visibleThe visible edges of the forest were shrouded in mist.
thickThe old book had thick edges and yellowed pages.
likeThe sharp, like edges of the knife cut through the soft butter.
longitudinalThe longitudinal edges of the rectangle are parallel to the y-axis.
sharperThe sharper edges of the knife sliced through the paper with ease.
wavyShe looked at the wavy edges of the paper and wondered how it got that way.
plainThe box had plain edges
rearThe rear edges of the wings were dusted with yellow.
steepThe castle was built on a hill with steep edges
flatThe rectangular box had flat edges
yellowThe old book had yellow edges
directedThe graph contains directed edges between the nodes.
brownThe old pages of the book had brown edges
medialThe fold produced by the apposition of the medial edges of the embryonic lower jaw of the higher vertebrates.
farThe far edges of the forest were shrouded in mist.
brokenThe broken edges of the mirror reflected her shattered heart.
paleThe fading leaves had pale edges

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