Adjectives for Editing

Adjectives For Editing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing editing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Editing is not just a stage in the content creation process; it's an art that requires a meticulous approach. Whether it's the 'final' touch that perfects a masterpiece, the 'careful' scrutiny for coherence and grammar, the 'line' by line enhancement, or the 'digital' adjustments in the era of technology, each adjective brings its unique shade of meaning. 'Further' and 'extensive' editing imply a more profound revision, suggesting that every word matters. The adjectives used with 'editing' color the perception of the task, hinting at its complexity and depth. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that highlight the nuances of editing, revealing the precision and care it embodies.
finalThe document is ready for final editing
carefulCareful editing allows for a polished and error-free text.
lineLine editing involves revising a text to correct errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
digitalShe has been working on digital editing for several years.
furtherFurther editing may be needed to improve readability.
extensiveThe manuscript required extensive editing due to grammatical and stylistic errors.
minorThe draft underwent minor editing before being approved.
nonlinearNonlinear editing software allows video editors to organize and assemble video clips in a non-sequential order.
manualManual editing can be quite tedious and time consuming.
technicalTechnical editing ensures that documents are clear, concise, and technically accurate.
electronicElectronic editing allows for efficient and precise changes to text.
postThe post editing process involves reviewing and refining machine-translated text to ensure accuracy and quality.
soundThe sound editing software is powerful.
meticulousThe meticulous editing ensured the text was free of errors.
textualThe report features textual editing and grammar checking.
scholarlyThe team conducted scholarly editing and revised the article according to the reviewers' suggestions.
muchThe manuscript required much editing before it was ready for publication.
criticalCritical editing requires a thorough examination of the text to ensure accuracy and consistency.
subThe sub editing team met to discuss the upcoming issue.
subsequentThis document was finalized after subsequent editing
basicThe basic editing tools were exactly what I needed to make the document perfect.
linearLinear editing is a type of video editing in which the clips are arranged in a sequential order.
excellentThe article had excellent editing
interactiveInteractive editing allows real-time collaboration and feedback on documents and projects.
judiciousThe judicious editing of the manuscript greatly improved its clarity.
additionalThe paper underwent additional editing before its final submission.
creativeThe creative editing process is an art form that can transform ordinary footage into something truly extraordinary.
audioI've been working on audio editing for a few years now and I've learned a lot.
thoroughThe document has undergone thorough editing to ensure accuracy and clarity.
professionalThe report was well-written, but it could benefit from professional editing
expertThe book gained prominence due to its expert editing
heavyThe essay required extensive heavy editing before it was submitted.
visualThe new tool allows for visual editing of the website.
initialThe author performed an initial editing of the manuscript.
detailedThe author has put in a lot of detailed editing
considerableThis document contains considerable editing
actualThe actual editing process took longer than expected.
textI've been working on text editing for hours, and my eyes are starting to feel tired.
minimalThe minimal editing is essential for precision.
selectiveThe selective editing of the footage created a misleading narrative.
preliminaryThe author is currently engaged in preliminary editing
easyThis sentence is easy editing
screenHe has to do screen editing for his new film.
superbThe manuscript underwent superb editing and is now ready for publication.
videoVideo editing is used to create and enhance videos.
rapidThe film's rapid editing created a frenetic and suspenseful atmosphere.
thoughtfulThe thoughtful editing enhanced the article's clarity and depth.
basedResearchers use based editing to correct disease-causing mutations and study gene function.
onlineThis document uses online editing to improve the quality of its contents.
substantiveThe editor performed substantive editing on the manuscript.
skilfulThe editor's skilful editing eliminated all errors from the manuscript.
sensitiveThe editor approached the delicate topic with sensitive editing
lightThe light editing made the document much more presentable.
necessaryThis sentence includes necessary editing
precisePrecise editing allows for the creation of highly accurate and polished content.
painstakingSarah's painstaking editing transformed the rough draft into a polished manuscript.
graphicalThe graphical editing software allowed for precise image manipulation.
collaborativeThe team worked together on a collaborative editing document, allowing multiple users to edit the same document simultaneously.
quickThe quick editing was very efficient and saved time.
documentaryDocumentary editing is a specialized field that involves the editing of factual material for television, film, and other media.
intelligentThe editor's intelligent editing improved the clarity of the article.
contentThe editor performed content editing to ensure the accuracy of the article.
globalThe publishing team implemented global editing to improve quality.
accurateAccurate editing is essential for producing high-quality written work.
literaryLiterary editing involves refining and enhancing the written word.
substantialThe document underwent substantial editing before it was published.
constructiveEditors using constructive editing focus on improving the content of a work without making major changes to its structure or organization.
slightThis is a sentence with slight editing

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