Adjectives for Edition

Adjectives For Edition

Explore our comprehensive guide on adjectives for edition, whether you're looking for the second, first, new, or third editions. Perfect for enhancing your writing or understanding nuances in literature, our list with example sentences will elevate your work. Ideal for writers, editors, and bibliophiles aiming for precision.

secondI bought the second edition of the book.
firstThe ancient tome was a first edition and quite valuable.
newI'm excited to get my hands on the new edition of the book.
thirdThe third edition of the book has been released.
fourthThe fourth edition of the book was released last month.
fifthI am using the fifth edition of the textbook.
english"Do you have an english edition?" he asked her in broken Dutch.
originalHe had the book's original edition which was published in the 1950s.
4thThe 4th edition of the software was released in 2020.
presentI have read the present edition of the book several times.
germanI read the German edition of the book.
americanThe American edition of the book was published in 1952.
criticalThe critical edition of the novel was published in 2008.
completeI purchased the complete edition of the game.
2ndI am reading the 2nd edition of this book.
5thThe 5th edition of the book will be released next month.
frenchThe French edition contains updated information and statistics.
cheapI bought the cheap edition of the book because I couldn't afford the hardcover.
latestPlease refer to the latest edition of the book for more information.
standardThe standard edition of the software includes all the basic features.
6thI am using the 6th edition of this textbook.
limitedThe limited edition sneakers sold out in minutes.
sixthThe sixth edition of the book is now available.
volumeThe volume edition of the encyclopedia is available at the reference desk.
recentMark recently contributed to the recent edition of the magazine.
seventhI'm using the seventh edition of the textbook.
libraryI am so grateful for the existence of library editions, which are typically larger and more comprehensive versions of a book.
enlargedI was delighted to receive the enlarged edition of the book.
previous"I've been working on the previous edition."
earlierI looked at the earlier edition of the newspaper.
laterThe later edition of the book includes updated information relevant to current events.
printedWe prefer the printed edition of the newspaper.
8thHe was using the 8th edition of the book.
7thThe 7th edition of the book is now available.
eighthI am currently using the eighth edition of Python.
ninthI'm using the ninth edition of the textbook.
definitiveThe definitive edition of the game includes all of the previously released DLCs.
latinI found a copy of the latin edition of the book at the library.
abridgedI read the abridged edition of the novel, which was much shorter than the original version.
1stThis is a limited edition 1st edition comic book.
russianI have a russian edition of the book.
9thI'm excited for the upcoming 9th edition of that movie franchise.
italianI recently read an italian edition of War and Peace.
spanishI found this book in its original Spanish edition
cheaperI bought the cheaper edition of the book because I couldn't afford the hardcover.
10thI accidentally preordered the 10th edition of that textbook.
facsimileThe facsimile edition of the book was published in 2005.
annotatedThe annotated edition of the book includes extensive footnotes and commentary.
tenthThe tenth edition of the encyclopedia was the most up-to-date.
earliestThis is an example of the earliest edition of this book.
weeklyI always read the weekly edition of the newspaper.
eleventhThe eleventh edition of the encyclopedia is now available.
bilingualThis is a bilingual edition of the book.
14thThe 14th edition of the book was released in 2020.
rareThe rare edition of the book was sold for a high price.
quartoThe quarto edition of the book is a valuable collector's item.
scholarlyThe annotations in the scholarly edition of the book provide valuable insights into the author's thought process.
12thThe 12th edition of the encyclopedia has been updated with the latest information.
languageThe language edition of this book is published in English.
onlineI prefer to read the online edition of the newspaper.
uniformThe uniform edition of the book is now available.
13thIt is the 13th edition of this popular textbook.
15thThe 15th edition of the encyclopedia was outdated.
posthumousScholars delved into the posthumous edition to glean insights into the author's creative process.
dutchThe Dutch edition of the magazine was published in March.
forthcomingWe will discuss the details in the forthcoming edition of the journal.
improvedThis improved edition of the software includes several new features.

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