Adjectives for Editor

Adjectives For Editor

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing editor, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe an editor can vastly change the nuance of your sentence, adding depth and specificity to your communication. Calling someone a former editor implies a rich history and experience, potentially outside of editing. An assistant editor might evoke the image of someone diligently working behind the scenes, supporting the editorial process. The first editor suggests a pioneer, possibly the one who established guidelines or standards. An associate editor often shares responsibilities with others, indicating a cooperative role. Meanwhile, a senior or chief editor denotes a high level of responsibility and authority within a publication. Each adjective opens a window to a world of stories and backgrounds. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'editor' to enhance your writing and understand the roles more deeply.
formerThe former editor of the magazine was a controversial figure.
assistantThe assistant editor reviewed the submission and made a few minor changes.
firstHis first editor and important sponsor was Thomas Paine.
associateI am working as an associate editor for a magazine.
seniorThe senior editor proofread the manuscript meticulously.
chiefThe chief editor reviewed the article and made some changes.
generalThe general editor oversaw the process of selecting and editing the articles.
literaryThe literary editor was a woman with a sharp eye for detail.
subThe sub editor checked the article for grammar and spelling.
executiveThe executive editor reviewed the journalist's article.
presentThe present editor has been working on the project.
americanThe american editor proofread the document meticulously.
youngThe young editor was eager to make a mark on the world.
jointThe joint editor of the journal is a renowned scientist.
foreign"I'll get back to you," the foreign editor said, but he never did.
foundingThe founding editor of the magazine was a renowned journalist.
learnedThe learned editor meticulously combed through the manuscript.
technicalThe technical editor reviewed the document for accuracy and clarity.
lateThe late editor of the newspaper was known for his incisive wit.
laterHe was the later editor of this newspaper.
soleThe sole editor of the magazine resigned last week.
modernThe modern editor has many features that make it easy to write and edit code.
ableThe able editor reviewed the manuscript with great care.
favoriteMy favorite editor is Visual Studio Code.
famousThe famous editor had a keen eye for detail and a knack for spotting talent.
timeThe time editor was able to compress the video footage down to a more manageable length.
principalThe principal editor was responsible for overseeing the entire editorial process.
financialThe financial editor was responsible for overseeing the accuracy and quality of the newspaper's financial reporting.
responsibleThe responsible editor will ensure that the article is peer-reviewed by at least two experts in the field.
soundThe sound editor effortlessly sliced the recording into segments.
theThe editor carefully revised the manuscript.
distinguishedThe distinguished editor was recognized for her contributions to journalism.
graphicalI used a graphical editor to create the image.
brilliantThe article is well-written, thanks to the brilliant editor
influentialThe influential editor made significant changes to the manuscript.
knownThe well-known editor carefully reviewed the manuscript.
dearDear editor I am writing to commend your recent article on the importance of renewable energy.
developmentalI'm working with a developmental editor on my novel, and it's been a really helpful process.
successfulThe successful editor proofread the manuscript with meticulous attention to detail.
freelanceThe freelance editor carefully reviewed the manuscript, ensuring accuracy and clarity.
anonymousThe anonymous editor has not yet been identified.
latestThe latest editor of the software made many improvements.
visualThe visual editor makes it easy to create and edit web pages.
longtimeThe longtime editor retired after 40 years with the company.
advisoryThe advisory editor was responsible for the oversight of the publication's content.
prominentThe prominent editor was known for his keen eye for detail.
editorialThe editorial editor carefully reviewed the submitted work.
juniorI had a junior editor assigned to me who was quite experienced.
experiencedThe experienced editor carefully proofread the document.
competentThe competent editor revised the manuscript meticulously before submitting it for publication.
talentedThe talented editor diligently proofread the manuscript.
interactiveThe interactive editor is a great tool for quickly and easily creating and editing documents.
dramaticThe dramatic editor meticulously crafted the screenplay's poignant scenes and engaging dialogue.
thenThe then editor-in-chief of the New York Times, Abe Rosenthal, was a strong supporter of the paper's coverage of the Pentagon Papers.
liberalThe liberal editor's politically charged op-ed was met with sharp criticism from the right.
contentsThe contents editor meticulously revised the manuscript.
wonderfulThe new edition was released with a wonderful editor
centuryThe century editor is responsible for overseeing the production of a newspaper or magazine.
musicalThe musical editor reviewed the composition carefully.

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