Adjectives for Editorial

Adjectives For Editorial

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing editorial, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective when describing an editorial can significantly alter the reader's perception. A first editorial introduces fresh perspectives, a recent editorial connects current events, and a long editorial delves deep into subjects, offering thorough analysis. The adjective Madrid might hint at geographical or cultural specifics influencing the editorial’s content, while page could denote its position within a publication, affecting its prominence and readers' engagement. An unsigned editorial speaks to the tradition of collective voice or anonymity in journalism, underlining the publication’s unified stance rather than an individual’s opinion. Each choice paints a unique narrative. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives aligned with editorials to capture their essence more vividly.
firstThe first editorial of the year was published yesterday.
recentI'll send you a copy of the recent editorial to review.
longI read a long editorial about the current political climate.
madridMadrid editorial a publishing house with over 25 years of experience, has a catalog of more than 4,000 titles.
pageThe page editorial highlighted the importance of responsible journalism.
unsignedThe unsigned editorial criticized the government's economic policies.
leadThe lead editorial in today's newspaper discusses the importance of voting in the upcoming election.
guestThe guest editorial in the newspaper criticized the government's handling of the economy.
lengthyThe lengthy editorial provided an in-depth analysis of the issue.
secondWe look forward to the second editorial on the subject.
lastThe last editorial was full of empty rhetoric.
shortThe short editorial in the newspaper today was very insightful.
strongThe article had a strong editorial bias towards the conservative perspective.
jointThe joint editorial called for a bipartisan solution to the budget crisis.
famousThe famous editorial was widely read and discussed.
scathingThe scathing editorial denounced the politician's corrupt practices.
briefThe paper featured a brief editorial on the recent political and economic events.
frontThe front editorial of today's newspaper discusses the recent political turmoil.
criticalThe critical editorial examined the political ramifications of the candidate's recent speech.
untitledThe governing body works with the alliance to provide an untitled editorial on the history and vision of a thriving journalism ecosystem.
excellentThe journal excels through its choice of articles and excellent editorial workmanship.
typicalThe article contained a typical editorial on current issues.
finalThe final editorial has been sent to the printer.
aboveI have no time to read the above editorial
anonymousThe anonymous editorial criticized the city's new mayor.
entireAn entire editorial was dedicated to denouncing the program's negative effects.
interestingThe magazine includes an interesting editorial
laterThe error was discovered during a later editorial review.
occasionalThe occasional editorial in the magazine provides readers with a forum for expressing their views.
columnThe column editorial provided an in-depth analysis of the current political climate.
angryThe angry editorial accused the government of corruption.
paoThe pao editorial is a type of Chinese bun filled with meat or vegetables.
subsequentThe subsequent editorial outlined the impressive results of the project.
minThe min editorial was not what I expected.
introductoryThe introductory editorial provides an overview of the issue's main themes and articles.
earlierThe earlier editorial was more persuasive.
dailyIt was a thought-provoking daily editorial that sparked debate among readers.
stinging"The stinging editorial criticized the politicians' inaction."
weeklyI read the weekly editorial in the newspaper.
favorableThe company received a favorable editorial in a major newspaper.
inauguralThe inaugural editorial of the journal was published in 1995.
bitterI read the bitter editorial in the newspaper, which criticized the government's policies.
powerfulThe powerful editorial in today's newspaper has sparked a national debate.
invaluableThe invaluable editorial provided insights that shaped the direction of the project.
vigorousThe book was met with vigorous editorial reviews.
frontpageIn its frontpage editorial the newspaper decried the corruption that had become rampant in the government.
remarkableThe remarkable editorial was praised for its clarity and insights.
thoughtfulThe thoughtful editorial inspired many readers to write in with their own opinions.
sarcasticThe sarcastic editorial ridiculed the politician's empty promises.
laudatoryThe laudatory editorial praised the mayor's leadership.
controversialThe controversial editorial sparked a heated debate among readers.
obituaryThe newspaper printed an obituary editorial in honor of the deceased person.
fieryThe fiery editorial condemned the government's inaction.
sympatheticThe sympathetic editorial criticized the government's policies.
extensiveThe extensive editorial is part of the new edition.
inflammatoryThe inflammatory editorial sparked a heated debate in the community.
valuableThe editor of the magazine provided valuable editorial on the recent changes in the industry.
soundThe article's sound editorial made it a must-read.
latestYou can read the latest editorial on our website.
indignantThe indignant editorial sparked a heated debate among readers.
undatedThis is an undated editorial
causticHe was fired for writing a caustic editorial that accused the company of unethical practices.

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