Adjectives for Editorials

Adjectives For Editorials

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing editorials, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using the right adjectives with 'editorials' can significantly alter the perception of the content. 'Many editorials' suggest a wealth of perspectives, while 'few editorials' might indicate selectivity or scarcity. 'Newspaper editorials' take us to traditional print media, evoking thoughts of morning coffee and flipping pages. In contrast, 'political editorials' dive into the arena of governance and public policy, often sparking debate. 'Numerous editorials' and 'several editorials' both highlight quantity but with a slight nuance in volume. Choosing the precise adjective opens up a vista of contexts and connotations, making your writing richer and more engaging. Below, explore the full spectrum of adjectives that beautifully describe editorials, each accompanied by illustrative sentences.
manyMany editorials criticize the government's policies.
severalI've read several editorials about the dangers of social media.
newspaperI've been reading the newspaper editorials about the election.
politicalThe newspaper's political editorials often reflect the views of the publisher.
numerousNumerous editorials have condemned the government's inaction.
fewHe read few editorials in the newspaper.
southernSouthern editorials spoke highly of her language which was plain, not gaudy.
longPolitical websites and long editorials aren't great places to send someone who needs help.
criticalThe magazine's critical editorials exposed government corruption.
unsignedThe newspaper published several unsigned editorials critical of the mayor's policies.
northernNorthern editorials support Florida health care bill.
strongThe newspaper was known for its strong editorials
favorableThe company received favorable editorials in the local newspaper.
dailyThe daily editorials covered a wide range of topics.
pagePrior to the 1990s, most people would read page editorials in their local newspaper, but now most people read them online.
mostMost editorials have a clear bias and express only one side of the story.
occasionalThe paper publishes occasional editorials that draw national attention.
scathingThe newspaper's scathing editorials have stirred up quite a controversy in the community.
angryReporters from all over the world came to interview the former politician, despite his angry editorials about the media.
shortThe magazine features short editorials on current events.
recentAre recent editorials that criticize the government honest and fair?
fieryThe newspaper was known for its fiery editorials that often sparked controversy.
frequentThe newspaper publishes frequent editorials on current events.
weeklyThe newspaper features a section with weekly editorials
vigorousThe magazine publishes vigorous editorials that reflect the opinions of the publisher.
inflammatoryThe article contained numerous inflammatory editorials against the company.
countlessNewspapers have published countless editorials on this subject.
lengthyThe newspaper featured lengthy editorials that analyzed the political landscape.
subsequentThe later subsequent editorials in the newspaper were not as well received.
powerfulReading powerful editorials and opinion pieces on important issues helps me become more informed and engaged with the world around me.
brilliantHe read my article which contained brilliant editorials' insights.
indignantThe newspaper was filled with indignant editorials criticizing the government's new policies.
regularThe newspaper is known for its regular editorials on current events.
outspokenThe newspaper's outspoken editorials often stirred up controversy.
hostileThe newspaper was filled with hostile editorials against the new policy.
bitterThe newspaper was known for its bitter editorials about the government's policies.
briefI read the brief editorials in the newspaper every day.
ableThe newspaper's able editorials tackled the pressing issues of the day.
laudatoryThe candidate received laudatory editorials in major newspapers across the country.
earlierHe referred to earlier editorials on this subject to support his claims.
excellentThe magazine is well-known for its excellent editorials
controversialThe magazine's controversial editorials often sparked heated debates among readers.
hittingShe found that the constant flow of hitting editorials and opinion pieces were having a negative effect on her mood.
trenchantThe magazine was known for its trenchant editorials
negativeSome people are persuaded by the negative editorials of the evening news.
frontThe front editorials sparked controversy.
unfavorableThe politician suffered during his campaign from unfavorable editorials in several influential newspapers.
liberalThe newspaper is known for its liberal editorials on current events.
stingingThe newspaper published a series of stinging editorials criticizing the government's policies.
thoughtfulThe newspaper published thoughtful editorials on current events.
supportiveWe are comforted by the supportive editorials that have appeared in our local newspapers.
partisanThe newspaper published several partisan editorials that supported the incumbent candidate.
typicalTypical editorials were published in favor of the governor's decision.
pungentHis pungent editorials often ruffled feathers and stirred controversy.
republicanI read republican editorials to get a different perspective on the news.
impassionedThe paper's impassioned editorials often reflected the views of its publisher.
forcefulThe newspaper's forceful editorials have stirred up a lot of controversy.
provocativeThe newspaper's provocative editorials often sparked heated debates among its readers.
monthlyThe magazine features monthly editorials on a variety of topics.
sympatheticThe newspaper published a series of sympathetic editorials in support of the striking workers.
timelyThe timely editorials shed light on pressing issues.
innumerableThe magazine had published innumerable editorials condemning the government's policies.
famousThe New York Times published several famous editorials on the Vietnam War.
outragedThe outraged editorials condemned the council's decision.
sharpI enjoyed reading his sharp editorials in the newspaper every morning.
relatedRelated editorials are more likely to be read in the same session, and that people who read one editorial are likely to read others.
causticThe magazine was known for its caustic editorials

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