Adjectives for Editors

Adjectives For Editors

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing editors, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective can significantly alter the perception of the noun 'editors.' Each adjective unveils a different shade of meaning, nuance, or emphasis, enriching our understanding of who these editors are or what they do. Descriptors like 'other,' 'many,' and 'most' hint at the quantity or diversity within the editing community. Meanwhile, adjectives such as 'modern,' 'several,' and 'various' suggest a range of types, methodologies, or approaches these editors might embody. The artful selection of adjectives when discussing 'editors' provides deeper insights into the complexities and richness of their roles. Dive into the full list below to explore the myriad adjectives that paint a more vivid picture of editors.
otherHe consulted with other editors before making a final decision.
manyMany editors have contributed to the development of this work.
mostMost editors have never written the first draft of anything they later edited.
modernModern editors enhance productivity and accuracy through advanced features.
severalSeveral editors worked on the project for months.
variousVarious editors worked on the project for years.
fewFew editors have ever managed to achieve what she has.
americanMy most interesting interaction with the American editors came from my book Japan: Real Time.
associateThe associate editors are responsible for reviewing and editing manuscripts submitted to the journal.
subThe sub editors are responsible for checking the accuracy and style of articles.
newspaperThe newspaper editors were very excited about the new story.
generalThe general editors have put a lot of time into this publication.
seniorThe senior editors were responsible for reviewing and revising the document.
laterLater editors updated the book's contents.
earlyEarly editors were responsible for shaping the text and content of the manuscripts.
localThe local editors were hard at work on the newspaper.
subsequentSubsequent editors have added various introductory material and annotation.
recentThe recent editors have been working on the article for several weeks.
presentThe present editors have made some significant changes to the text.
formerThe former editors of the magazine were honored at a special event.
topTop editors were in agreement about the changes that were to be made.
republicanRepublican editors were skeptical of the story.
previousThe previous editors made some mistakes in the article.
assistantThe assistant editors worked tirelessly to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the manuscript.
earlierEarlier editors selected and excluded words with greater frequency.
chiefThe chief editors were meeting to discuss the upcoming issue.
jointThe research team had joint editors for their published article.
literaryThe literary editors carefully combed through the submissions, searching for exceptional stories that would captivate readers.
originalThe original editors of the site were Rand Simberg and Michael Swift.
successiveSuccessive editors have revised and updated the book to keep it current.
democraticThe democratic editors all agreed to publish the article.
professionalProfessional editors can help you refine and polish your writing.
germanThe German editors made a few changes to the manuscript.
ableThe able editors carefully reviewed the manuscript.
technicalTechnical editors ensure that technical documentation is clear, accurate, and complete.
learnedThe learned editors have produced an impeccable edition.
respectiveThe respective editors of the two magazines discussed their plans for the upcoming issue.
graphical"The use of graphical editors allows designers to create more intuitive and user-friendly interfaces."
maleThe meeting with the male editors lasted over an hour
futureThe future editors of the school newspaper are working hard to put out a great publication.
founding"The founding editors of the journal are ..."
rivalThe rival editors argued over the best way to write the article.
influentialWe must recognise the immense contribution of influential editors
distinguishedThe distinguished editors carefully reviewed the manuscript.
principalThe principal editors of the journal are experts in the field.
northernThe northern editors claimed the story was true
prominentOne of the most prominent editors at the magazine was the late David Halberstam.
copyCopy editors reviewed the article to correct errors.
soundSound editors work with audio to create the perfect soundscape for movies, television, and other media.
responsibleThe responsible editors must ensure that the published articles meet the highest standards of scientific rigor.
fellowI'll share this information with my fellow editors
timeThe time editors were working hard to meet the deadline.
sovietThe paper's soviet editors reworked its articles to conform to the party's ideological guidelines.
guestThe guest editors have invited top experts in the field to contribute articles on cutting-edge research.
conservativeThe conservative editors were very critical of the liberal candidate.
whigThe whig editors supported the president's policies.
textText editors abound, with a variety of features for different coding needs.
scholarlyThese new scholarly editors can use digital tools to easily find this data, analyze it, and discover patterns within it.
competentThe book benefited from the work of competent editors
experiencedWe need a team of experienced editors to help with this project.

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