Adjectives for Eds

Adjectives For Eds

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing eds, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'eds' can significantly affect the nuance of a sentence. Whether emphasizing the 'many' educational systems or the 'various' editorial decisions, each adjective unravels a unique shade of interpretation. For instance, 'other eds' might suggest alternatives, while 'later eds' points to sequential arrangements, highlighting temporal relationships. The 'general eds,' on the other hand, broadens the scope, introducing an overarching perspective. Even specifying a '4th' edition can hint at the depth of revisions or the history behind the subject. Exploring the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'eds' reveals the rich textures they impart in language. Dive into the complete list below to uncover more nuances.
manyShe has accumulated many eds and medals during her service in the army.
laterLater eds correct the date to May 28 for both the play's first performance and the publication of F1.
variousHe had several injuries known as various eds including carpal tunnel syndrome.
generalI need to take general eds for college
4thThe 4th eds of the book was published in 2020.
earlierI have read all the earlier eds of the book.
previousWe need to review previous eds for the patient.
semPrecisamos manter os sem eds sob controle
subsequentWe must arrange for this to be done in subsequent eds
mostMost eds are caused by bacteria.
5thThe 5th eds of the book were recently published.
chiefThe chief eds of the newspaper were discussing the latest headlines.
furtherI need further eds about the topic
earlyThe early eds will be shipped next month.
6thThe 6th eds of the book were published in 2015.
bestThe doctors had the best eds for the surgical procedure.
separateThe separate eds of the newspaper were bound together by a red ribbon.
englishThe english eds have been released.
numerousThe technology has numerous eds and details that can be configured.
fine"Fine eds," said the editor, "are the cornerstone of any successful publication."
associateThe associate eds are all very experienced journalists.
collectiveThe collective eds were responsible for the impressive display of artwork.
3rdThe 3rd eds showed an increase in profits.
1stThe 1st eds have been released.
germanThe German eds issued a joint statement.
chiChi eds va più in la che no anda
8thThe current version of the United States Pharmacopeia is the 8th eds
7thThe 7th eds of the book are out.
criticalThe professor was impressed by the students' critical eds on the text.
advisoryThe advisory eds provided valuable insights.
theoreticalThe theoretical eds are not responsible for the practical implications.
reprintThe reprint eds provide a window into the past that can help us understand the present.
9thThe 9th eds are always different.
changMark attended the lecture and took chang eds
irish The Irish are known for their quick wit and sharp tongue, and Irish eds are no exception.
guestThe guest eds invited a number of academics to participate in the symposium.
10thThe 10th eds of the book are available now.
rengacharyThe rengachary eds were finally able to build a consistent working flow.
classicHe always wore classic eds
cornishThe Cornish eds were a group of pre-Christian healers and magicians in Celtic folklore.
carthyThe carthy eds are speaking to each other.
madridThe Madrid eds is a large electronic document repository.

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