Adjectives for Effect

Adjectives For Effect

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing effect, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the 'effect' of something can subtly change the meaning of a sentence, enriching it with precise connotations. An 'effect' can be 'positive', uplifting the subject with a hopeful undertone, or 'negative', casting a shadow of doubt or disappointment. It can be 'significant', indicating a noteworthy impact, or 'little', suggesting a negligible influence. The 'direct' effect speaks to an immediate and unambiguous outcome, whereas the 'same' effect emphasizes similarity or redundancy. Every adjective paints a different shade of meaning, providing nuanced insights into the nature of the effect being described. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'effect' to enhance your descriptive abilities.
sameThe change had the same effect as the original.
littleThe minor change had little effect on the outcome.
significantThe new policy had a significant effect on the company's bottom line.
directThe treaty will have direct effect in all member states.
positiveThe new policy had a positive effect on employee morale.
negativeThe negative effect of the storm was felt by all.
netThe net effect of the policy was to reduce pollution.
beneficialThe research team found a beneficial effect of the new treatment on patient outcomes.
adverseThe adverse effect of smoking can be seen in the health of the smoker.
profoundThe experience had a profound effect on her life.
oppositeThe medicine had the opposite effect and made the patient even sicker.
cumulativeThe cumulative effect of many small changes was significant.
greaterThe new policy had a greater effect than anticipated.
overallThe overall effect of the changes was positive.
fullThe new law will take full effect on January 1st.
inhibitoryThe inhibitory effect of the drug on the enzyme was significant.
mainThe main effect of the treatment was statistically significant.
strongThe storm's strong effect left the town in ruins.
protectiveThe protective effect of the drug was demonstrated in a clinical trial.
possibleThe possible effect of the new treatment is unknown.
therapeuticThe therapeutic effect of music has been proven to reduce stress and improve mood.
markedHis sudden departure had a marked effect on the entire team.
powerfulIts powerful effect is still evident in the lively discussions it stimulates.
practicalThe practical effect of the new policy was a significant reduction in crime.
andShe was in a position of great power and effect
detrimentalThe detrimental effect of pollution on the environment has been widely documented.
deleteriousThe deleterious effect of the virus has left many people with long-term health problems.
badThe bad effect of smoking is widely known.
indirectThe indirect effect of the new policy will be to reduce pollution.
toxicOverfishing has a toxic effect on marine ecosystems.
moralThe athlete was praised for his exemplary moral effect
greatestThe greatest effect was achieved by the combination of hard work and dedication.
stimulatingThe bright lights had a stimulating effect on her.
legalThe contract is not valid as it lacks legal effect
psychologicalThe psychological effect of the trauma was profound, leaving the victim with lasting emotional scars.
lastingThe class had a lasting effect on all the students.
termThe term effect is the result of a word or phrase being used in a particular context.
sideThe side effect of the medication made her dizzy.
lessThe new drug has less effect on pain than the old one.
appreciableThe new technology had an appreciable effect on production efficiency.
salutaryThe report had a salutary effect on the company's stock price.
apparentThe apparent effect is not what it seems.
likeThe bill was introduced in the legislature to like effect
potentialThe potential effect of the new policy is still unknown.
ultimateThe ultimate effect of his decision was to divide the company.
placeboThe placebo effect can be a powerful tool in treating patients.
depressingThe gloomy weather outside had a depressing effect on my mood.
harmfulThe harmful effect of pollution on the environment is undeniable.
slightThe slight effect of the medicine helped to ease her pain.
intendedThe sarcasm had its intended effect leaving the room in awkward silence.
devastatingThe hurricane's winds had a devastating effect on the coastal towns.
photoelectricThe photoelectric effect is the emission of electrons or other free carriers when light shines on a material.
synergisticThe combination of the two treatments had a synergistic effect on the patient's recovery.
pronouncedThe pandemic has had a pronounced effect on the economy.
illI ate too much food and suffered the ill effects.
doubleOur actions may have unintended double effect
substantialThe study's findings had a substantial effect on the field of psychology.
disastrousThe drought had a disastrous effect on the crops.
negligibleThe negligible effect of the change was not noticeable.
injuriousThe paint fumes had an injurious effect on her lungs.
strikingThe painting had a striking effect on the viewer, leaving them mesmerized by its vibrant colors and intricate details.
favorableResearch suggests that the internet has a favorable effect on creativity.
multiplierThe multiplier effect refers to the cumulative impact of an initial change in spending that leads to a series of subsequent changes in the same direction.

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