Adjectives for Effectiveness

Adjectives For Effectiveness

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing effectiveness, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of the noun 'effectiveness' through various adjectives can provide profound insights. Using terms like 'cost effectiveness' emphasizes financial efficiency, while 'relative effectiveness' suggests a comparison with alternatives. 'Organizational effectiveness' shifts the focus to a company's internal processes, and 'overall effectiveness' provides a comprehensive view. The adjective 'greater' signifies a comparative level of success, and 'maximum effectiveness' indicates achieving the highest potential outcome. Each phrase nuances the inherent quality of being successful or useful, opening up a detailed perspective of performance metrics. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that enrich the context of 'effectiveness' below.
costIn the realm of business, cost effectiveness is of paramount importance.
relativeThe relative effectiveness of the different therapies is still being debated.
organizationalOrganizational effectiveness refers to the ability of an organization to achieve its goals and objectives.
overallThe overall effectiveness of the program was evaluated using a variety of measures.
greaterWith greater effectiveness the team completed the project on time.
maximumThe product's design is focused on maximum effectiveness
clinicalThe clinical effectiveness of a new drug is being evaluated in a clinical trial.
therapeuticThe therapeutic effectiveness of the intervention was promising.
militaryThe military effectiveness of the new weapon was impressive.
termThe term effectiveness is a measure of how well a term describes a set of documents.
politicalPolitical effectiveness is the extent to which political actors are able to achieve their goals
limitedThe limited effectiveness of the treatment was disappointing.
comparativeThe study found the comparative effectiveness of the two treatments to be nearly equal.
personalPersonal effectiveness is the ability to achieve your goals and objectives.
operationalThe company's operational effectiveness has improved significantly since the implementation of the new software.
managerialThe company values managerial effectiveness highly.
biologicalIn this paper, an indicator called biological effectiveness which is expressed as the product of the dose and the RBE of the radiation and is expressed in Gy-Eq, was introduced.
equalThe two treatments showed equal effectiveness in reducing symptoms.
fullThe drug reached its full effectiveness after two weeks.
educationalThe educational effectiveness of a particular program can be measured by its impact on student learning.
instructionalTeachers rated highly on instructional effectiveness often use a variety of methods to make the material relevant to students.
greatestWe must deploy our resources with the greatest effectiveness
actualThe actual effectiveness of the drug is still unknown.
practicalThe practical effectiveness of the new method was demonstrated in a series of experiments.
differentialThe differential effectiveness of the treatments was evident in the varying levels of improvement seen in the patients.
dramaticThe storm raged with dramatic effectiveness its thunderous roars shaking the very foundations of the earth.
possibleThe possible effectiveness of the new treatment was unclear.
ultimateThe ultimate effectiveness of the experiment is debatable.
administrativeThe company's administrative effectiveness was greatly improved through the implementation of new software.
interpersonalThe CEO's interpersonal effectiveness enabled him to successfully negotiate the contract.
institutionalThe college president is the final authority for institutional effectiveness
likelyThe likely effectiveness of the vaccine is still being debated.
contraceptiveThe contraceptive effectiveness of a method is measured by its failure rate.
apparentThe apparent effectiveness of the treatment was questioned.
professionalBy fostering a positive team culture and ensuring all staff have access to the professional development they need, businesses can improve their professional effectiveness
probableThe new drug has probable effectiveness in treating the rare disease.
functionalThe functional effectiveness of the new system was questioned.
communicativeResearch has mainly focused on communicative effectiveness in the first language.
retrievalThe retrieval effectiveness is measured by the mean average precision and recall.
continuedContinued effectiveness is essential for maintaining a high standard of performance.
theatricalThe play's theatrical effectiveness was enhanced by the actors' powerful performances and the stunning set design.
maximalThe new drug was designed to achieve maximal effectiveness in treating the disease.
solvingThe solving effectiveness was found to be reliable and valid.
environmentalThe environmental effectiveness of the new policy is still under review.
superiorOf course, superior effectiveness always commands respect.
optimalThe team achieved optimal effectiveness by coordinating their efforts effectively.
remarkableThe treatment showed remarkable effectiveness in reducing symptoms.
allThe drug lost all effectiveness after a few weeks.
optimumThe bio-oil production achieved its optimum effectiveness at a temperature of 500 °C.
marginalThe marginal effectiveness of the new drug was low
questionableThe questionable effectiveness of the upcoming policy is raising concerns.
strategicIts strategic effectiveness was seriously affected by the sluggish mobilization of its labor force.
extraordinaryThe treatment had extraordinary effectiveness
biologicThe biologic effectiveness of the treatment was assessed by measuring the change in tumor size.
governmentalThe governmental effectiveness in the country was low.
improvedThe new software update has improved effectiveness by 15%.
interculturalIntercultural effectiveness requires the ability to bridge cultural differences and build meaningful connections.
useThe use effectiveness of the new drug is still under investigation.

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