Adjectives for Effects

Adjectives For Effects

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing effects, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the 'effects' of something can significantly alter the meaning of a sentence, providing clarity, emphasis, or a new perspective. From 'adverse' to 'beneficial,' each adjective paints a different picture, highlighting whether the effects are harmful, like 'toxic,' potentially dangerous, or outright negative. Conversely, terms like 'possible' introduce uncertainty, while 'beneficial' focuses on the positive outcomes. Understanding the nuances between these descriptors allows for more precise and impactful communication. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'effects' to enhance your writing or analysis.
adverseThe adverse effects of the medication include nausea and dizziness.
negativeSmoking has a multitude of negative effects on one's health.
possibleThe possible effects of climate change are vast and varied.
beneficialYoga has many beneficial effects on both the mind and body.
toxicThe toxic effects of the medication were evident within hours of taking it.
sideThe new medication had some unpleasant side effects
positiveYoga and other forms of exercise can have positive effects on both the body and mind.
significantThe discovery of the Higgs boson had significant effects on our understanding of physics.
directThe changes have direct effects on the company's profits.
illThe ill effects of smoking are well-documented.
harmfulThe harmful effects of smoking are widely known.
specialThe movie's special effects were breathtaking, creating a realistic and immersive experience.
potentialI'm worried about the potential effects of the new medicine.
deleteriousThe deleterious effects of smoking are well-documented.
environmentalResearchers must consider the long-term environmental effects of using plastic materials.
physiologicalThe new drug has a number of physiological effects on the body.
indirectThe indirect effects of the new policy are still being studied.
psychologicalThe psychological effects of social media can be both positive and negative.
immediateThe immediate effects of the medication were felt within minutes.
differentialThe differential effects of the treatment were significant.
detrimentalThe detrimental effects of smoking can be seen in many aspects of health.
profoundThe unexpected event had profound effects on the community.
badThe bad effects of smoking are well-known.
therapeuticMeditation has therapeutic effects in reducing stress and anxiety.
secondaryThe secondary effects of the medication were mostly mild.
systemicRegular exercise offers systemic effects which include positive impacts on both physical and mental health.
afterShe suffered from the lingering after effects of the accident.
evilThe evil effects of war can be felt for generations.
cumulativeThe cumulative effects of air pollution are far-reaching and severe.
clinicalThe clinical effects of the new drug are unknown.
acuteThe acute effects of the drug wore off quickly.
inhibitoryThe inhibitory effects of the drug were evident from the reduced activity of the neurons.
cardiovascularCertain medications may have cardiovascular effects
behavioralThe therapist used relaxation techniques to address the patient's behavioral effects
disastrousThe experiment had disastrous effects on the population.
damagingThe damaging effects of the storm were widespread.
severeThe storm brought severe effects destroying homes and uprooting trees.
dramaticThe sudden rain brought about dramatic effects flooding the streets and causing widespread chaos.
oppositeThe medicine had opposite effects on different patients.
fewerThe new version of the software has fewer effects
lastingThe lasting effects of the war are still felt today.
reachingThe government has initiated several policies reaching effects into many aspects of our lives.
destructiveThe destructive effects of the hurricane were evident in the shattered homes and uprooted trees.
injuriousThe injurious effects of smoking are well-known.
untowardThe untoward effects of the new medication have been minimal.
visualThe stunning visual effects made the movie a truly immersive experience.
powerfulHer magical words had powerful effects on my mood and behavior.
thermalThe thermal effects of the fire were evident in the charred remains of the building.
geneticWe must take into account the genetic effects of radiation.
devastatingThe earthquake had devastating effects on the city.
randomThe model takes into account random effects to control for individual differences.
hemodynamicThe drug's hemodynamic effects were not significant in the clinical trial.
anticholinergicThese medicinal products should be used with caution in patients with severe anticholinergic effects
mechanicalSuch mechanical effects are for the most part left out of consideration.
protectiveWe investigated the protective effects of quercetin on high glucose-induced apoptosis.
dynamicThe dynamic effects of the new technology were immediately apparent.
observedThe observed effects were not statistically significant.
relatedThe related effects of the drug were not fully understood.
nonlinearNonlinearities and complex nonlinear effects had to be treated as perturbations.
unpleasantThe unpleasant effects of the medication included nausea and vomiting.
minimalThe changes had minimal effects on the overall outcome.

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