Adjectives for Efficiency

Adjectives For Efficiency

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing efficiency, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The term 'efficiency' often takes on nuanced meanings when paired with various adjectives, each painting a different facet of effectiveness or productivity. A 'high efficiency' implies excellence and proficiency above the norm, making it a sought-after trait in processes and machines. 'Economic efficiency' focuses on the optimal use of resources, highlighting cost-effectiveness. 'Greater efficiency' suggests an improvement over a previous standard, while 'maximum efficiency' speaks to the peak potential of performance. 'Overall efficiency' considers all aspects of performance, whereas 'relative efficiency' compares it to another scenario or model. These nuanced distinctions illuminate the complex landscape of efficiency, paving the way for a deeper understanding of its application and impact. Explore our full list of adjectives to gain more insights into how each can alter the perception and expectation of efficiency.
highThe air conditioner operates at high efficiency ensuring a comfortable temperature without wasting energy.
economicEconomic efficiency is the optimal allocation of resources to maximize the production of goods and services within a system.
greaterUsing advanced algorithms, the software operates with greater efficiency
maximumThe team operated with maximum efficiency completing the task in record time.
overallThe overall efficiency of the latest solar panels has increased by 20%.
relativeThe relative efficiency of the two methods was compared.
higherThe new engine operates at a higher efficiency
thermalThe thermal efficiency of the engine is 30%.
lowThe system's low efficiency resulted in significant energy waste.
mechanicalThe engine's mechanical efficiency was measured at 85%.
technicalThe technical efficiency of the new machine is 95%.
productiveThe company's focus on productive efficiency has resulted in increased output and lower costs.
administrativeThe company's administrative efficiency is a key factor in its success.
highestThey were able to increase productivity to the highest efficiency possible.
allocativeAllocative efficiency refers to the optimal allocation of resources within an economy to achieve maximum societal welfare.
industrialThe industrial efficiency can be improved by examining the organization's workflow and reducing or eliminating any redundancies.
operationalThe company has been able to maintain operational efficiency by constantly improving its processes and systems.
lowerThe lower efficiency of the engine resulted in higher fuel consumption.
marginalIn economics, marginal efficiency refers to the present value of the expected future cash flows from an investment project.
current"Current efficiency" describes the ratio of applying current to an electrochemical system
greatestEmployees work with the greatest efficiency when they are motivated by a passion for the company's mission.
improvedThe new system has improved efficiency by 20%.
militaryThe team worked with military efficiency completing the task in record time.
computationalThis algorithm has high computational efficiency
internalInternal efficiency refers to how well an organization uses its resources to achieve its goals.
volumetricThe ideal volumetric efficiency is 100% but the actual efficiency is usually less due to certain unavoidable losses.
betterThe improved design resulted in better efficiency and lower operating costs.
practicalThe practical efficiency of the new system was immediately apparent.
organizationalThe new software increased organizational efficiency by 20%.
functionalThis machine has a very high functional efficiency
theoreticalThe theoretical efficiency of the engine was calculated to be 85%.
mentalHe demonstrated remarkable mental efficiency in solving complex problems.
superiorThe new algorithm boasts superior efficiency enabling it to process vast datasets with unmatched speed.
actualThe actual efficiency of the system is measured by the amount of useful work it can do compared to the amount of energy it consumes.
equalThe two algorithms show equal efficiency
managerialThe company's managerial efficiency has improved significantly over the past year.
comparativeUsing AI technology to improve the comparative efficiency resulted in a 15% increase in productivity.
allWe aim at maximum productivity with all efficiency
luminousThe luminous efficiency of the LED is 100 lumens per watt.
dynamicTo ensure dynamic efficiency we must implement a system that can adapt to changing circumstances.
peakThe car operates at peak efficiency at high speeds.
useThe use efficiency of the product is very good.
reasonableThe company operates with reasonable efficiency
optimum"Let's find the optimum efficiency for the new algorithm."
staticThe static efficiency of the market is determined by the resources it doesn't use.
technologicalTechnological efficiency is the key to unlocking new levels of productivity and innovation.
netThe net efficiency of the process was calculated to be around 80%.
costThe consulting team was able to improve cost efficiency via procurement by 20%.
agriculturalAdvanced agricultural efficiency is crucial for meeting global food demands in a sustainable way.
reducedThe reduced efficiency of the engine led to higher fuel consumption.
thermodynamicThe thermodynamic efficiency of the engine is 25%.
electricalThe electrical efficiency of the motor is 90%.
optimalThe machine is operating at optimal efficiency
photosyntheticThe photosynthetic efficiency of the plant was measured using a chlorophyll fluorescence analyzer.
visualThe revamped website is a testament to visual efficiency with its uncluttered design and intuitive navigation.
remarkableThe team worked with remarkable efficiency to complete the project on time.
hydraulicThe hydraulic efficiency of the system is 85%.
propulsiveThe propulsive efficiency of the engine is 85%.
idealThe ideal efficiency of a heat engine is determined by the Carnot cycle.
maximalThe machine operates at maximal efficiency when properly maintained.
enhancedThe enhanced efficiency of the process resulted in significant cost savings.
ruthlessThe ruthless efficiency of the machine was astounding.
reproductiveThe veterinarian stressed the importance of reproductive efficiency during the breeding season.
isentropicIsentropic efficiency is a measure of how close a system or process comes to an ideal isentropic process, in which there is no entropy generation.
opticalThe new optical efficiency of the system increased the resolution of the image.
quietThe receptionist worked with quiet efficiency swiftly and accurately processing a long line of customers.
asymptotic"Asymptotic efficiency is a property of an estimator, such that its variance is smaller than that of any other estimator that is consistent for the same parameter."
apparentThe apparent efficiency of the method was 95%.

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