Adjectives for Effort

Adjectives For Effort

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing effort, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'effort' can subtly change the meaning of a sentence, highlighting various levels of intensity and commitment. Describing an endeavor as 'great effort' conveys a substantial, perhaps heroic, undertaking, whereas 'little effort' suggests minimal engagement or ease. The term 'conscious effort' emphasizes awareness and deliberate action, adding depth to the subject's intentions. Whether an action requires 'much effort' or 'more effort' can signal the degree of difficulty or the need for increased exertion. Meanwhile, 'considerable effort' suggests a noteworthy, possibly unexpected, allocation of energy or resources. Each adjective enriches the context, offering readers insight into the nuances of effort. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany 'effort' below.
greatMany employees must use great effort to stay focused on their task.
littleThe task was completed with little effort
muchThe project required much effort to complete.
consciousThe conscious effort to stay positive yielded unexpected results.
moreThe students worked with more effort to complete their project in time.
considerableThe project was completed after considerable effort
lastThe team gave it their last effort in the final game of the season.
concertedThe team achieved its goal through a concerted effort
specialThe team put in special effort to complete the project on time.
majorThe research team put in a major effort to collect the data.
seriousThe team is putting in serious effort to win the game.
greaterDespite constant setbacks, she pushed herself with greater effort
desperateDespite desperate effort the toddler remained stuck in the drainpipe.
extraThe team's extra effort helped them overcome the challenge.
jointThe project was completed through a joint effort by the two teams.
mentalThe mental effort required to complete the task was immense.
cooperativeThey worked together in a cooperative effort to solve the problem.
individualIndividual effort is key to success.
lessThis task requires less effort than the previous one.
determinedThrough determined effort they achieved their ambitious goal.
furtherFurther effort is required to complete the task.
bestWe are trying our best effort to complete the project by the deadline
supremeThe Supreme Court justices put in supreme effort to issue a ruling on the case.
physicalThe physical effort required to complete the task was significant.
finalWith her final effort she pushed the box over the finish line.
successfulThis task needed successful effort
strongThe team's strong effort ultimately led to their victory.
collaborativeThe collaborative effort of the team resulted in a successful outcome.
constantHer constant effort in studying paid off with her high grades.
intellectualThe intellectual effort required to solve the puzzle was very high.
deliberateThe deliberate effort paid off when the team won the championship.
collectiveThe students' collective effort made their project a resounding success.
tremendousThey accomplished the task with tremendous effort
muscularThe crew members were thanked for their muscular effort in moving the heavy crates.
voluntaryThe voluntary effort of the volunteers was greatly appreciated.
sustainedHer sustained effort finally paid off.
creativeThe creative effort was rewarded with a standing ovation.
strenuousJohn completed the strenuous effort with ease.
concentratedThe team's concentrated effort resulted in a successful project.
systematicThe successful approach of language teachers incorporates systematic efforts to create a learning environment in which students feel comfortable and encouraged to take risks.
vainHis vain effort to impress her ended in humiliation.
leastThe path of least effort often leads to the most efficient solution.
maximumThey gave the project their maximum effort
greatestShe devoted her greatest effort to the work in the past year.
massiveThe construction of the new bridge required a massive effort from the entire team.
vigorousThe students made a vigorous effort to finish their projects on time.
honestI appreciate your honest effort in completing this task.
computationalThe computational effort for this task is quite high.
enormousThe team achieved remarkable success after putting in an enormous effort
earnestThe student's earnest effort paid off with a high grade on the exam.
unitedThe project was completed successfully due to the united effort of the team.
persistentThrough persistent effort he achieved his goal.
educationalThe educational effort was highly effective in improving literacy rates.
reasonableHe made every reasonable effort to get the results.
continuousContinuous effort leads to gradual improvement.
coordinatedThe team's coordinated effort led to a remarkable victory.
apparentShe completed the task with apparent effort
futileDespite their futile efforts, the team were unable to secure a victory.
sincereShe made a sincere effort to understand the situation.
heroicThe heroic effort of the firefighters saved the lives of many people.
intenseThe intense effort put into the project was evident in its quality.
violentThe wind howled and roared, expending violent effort against the trees.
mightyThe team's mighty effort finally paid off with a victory.
intensiveThe team put in an intensive effort to complete the project on time
unsuccessfulThe unsuccessful effort to climb the mountain left the climbers exhausted and disappointed.
overallDespite the overall effort from the team, we were unable to achieve our goal.
minimalThis task required minimal effort
substantialThe project will require a substantial effort from all team members.
superhumanThe firefighter put in a superhuman effort to save the lives of the children.
extraordinaryThe team's extraordinary effort led to an unexpected victory.
painfulWith painful effort he managed to lift the heavy box.
slightestEven with the slightest effort he could accomplish great things.

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