Adjectives for Efforts

Adjectives For Efforts

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing efforts, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives paired with the noun 'efforts' reveals much about the intensity, ownership, and timing of these endeavors. Using 'own' emphasizes personal investment, while 'such' can express surprise or admiration towards the efforts made. 'Best' often implies a standard of comparison or an aspiration, making one's efforts synonymous with their highest possible contribution. 'Strenuous' describes the physical or mental exertion involved, suggesting a significant challenge. 'Early' hints at the timing, prioritizing initiatives taken sooner rather than later. Lastly, 'special' elevates the efforts above the ordinary, imbuing them with a sense of uniqueness or importance. Each adjective shades the noun with subtle connotations, opening a window into the speaker’s perception of the efforts described. For a comprehensive exploration of how adjectives illuminate 'efforts,' continue reading below.
ownShe achieved her goals through her own efforts
suchThe government announced such efforts to improve the education system.
bestWe will use our best efforts to complete the project on time.
strenuousHe put in strenuous efforts to keep up with the fast pace of the competition.
earlyIts early efforts in psychology and sociology were limited to descriptive views of urban phenomena such as culture conflict and social disorganization.
specialMaking special efforts she finally succeeded in completing the project.
furtherWe need to make further efforts to improve our work.
jointTo achieve this goal, joint efforts are needed.
recentRecent efforts have been made to improve the efficiency of the process.
greaterGreater efforts are needed to improve the situation.
successfulOur successful efforts helped us achieve our goals.
concertedThey achieved their goal through concerted efforts
seriousThe team's serious efforts brought them a well-deserved victory.
individualIndividual efforts alone cannot solve complex societal issues.
educationalEducational efforts have been made to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.
currentThe organization's current efforts center around expanding access to education.
initialDespite initial efforts the project was ultimately unsuccessful.
heroicThe firefighters fought through the night, making heroic efforts to save the trapped victims.
desperateThe desperate efforts to save the drowning man proved futile.
earlierWe can build upon our earlier efforts and continue to make progress.
vigorousHe made vigorous efforts to recover the lost money.
previousDespite previous efforts the problem persists.
futureOur future efforts can help gain more knowledge.
internationalInternational efforts to combat climate change require cooperation from all nations.
collaborativeThe collaborative efforts of the team led to a successful project.
considerableThe team put in considerable efforts to complete the project on time.
persistentThe persistent efforts of the team led to a successful outcome.
utmostWe will do our utmost efforts to complete this project on time.
franticThe team made frantic efforts to finish the project on time.
unitedThe team achieved their goal through united efforts
literaryShe praised my literary efforts but she criticized my spelling.
diplomaticThe diplomatic efforts were successful in resolving the conflict.
consciousShe made conscious efforts to improve her health.
unsuccessfulDespite their unsuccessful efforts they remained optimistic about the future.
collectiveOur collective efforts will help to improve the community and make it a better place.
pastI appreciate your past efforts on this project.
reasonableWe have made reasonable efforts to contact you.
subsequentSubsequent efforts to resolve the issue were unsuccessful.
intensiveThe team worked with intensive efforts to complete the project in time.
creativeSarah put forth an inordinate amount of creative efforts into her proposals.
earnestThe team's earnest efforts were finally rewarded with a victory.
vainHis vain efforts were completely useless.
extraordinaryThey had to make extraordinary efforts to resolve the issue in time.
extensiveScientists continued studying animal behavior in extensive efforts to understand their complex societies.
untiringThe unyielding determination of the research team propelled them through their untiring efforts despite the challenges.
futileJohn's futile efforts to win Mary's heart only served to alienate her further.
constantThe constant efforts of the team finally paid off.
ongoingThe ongoing efforts to eradicate poverty are making a significant impact.
greatestWe appreciate your greatest efforts in completing this project.
voluntaryThe volunteers dedicated their voluntary efforts to helping others.
earliest"You are encouraged to build off of previous successes and expand the base provided in the earliest efforts."
systematicThe systematic efforts to improve the quality of life were successful.
feebleThe team's feeble efforts were insufficient to overcome their opponents.
missionaryThe missionary efforts of the church were focused on reaching out to those who were not yet believers.
promotionalThe promotional efforts were a resounding success.
organizationalThe organizational efforts were proving successful.
sincereThe team is working hard, making sincere efforts to finish the project on time.
tirelessHis tireless efforts to solve the problem were finally rewarded.
fruitlessTheir fruitless efforts to repair the broken vase were met with frustration.
pioneeringTheir pioneering efforts in the field of artificial intelligence have led to groundbreaking discoveries.
continuousHis continuous efforts gradually paid off.
valiantHe endured several agonizing days before passing away, despite valiant efforts from the medical team.
deliberateTheir deliberate efforts were ultimately unsuccessful.
continuedThe continued efforts of the team resulted in a successful outcome.
legislativeThe legislative efforts to reform the healthcare system have been met with resistance.
violentHis violent efforts to free his leg were in vain.
sovietSoviet efforts to create a socialist paradise in Central Asia were doomed to fail.

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