Adjectives for Egg

Adjectives For Egg

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing egg, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an "egg" can significantly alter the imagery and connotation in a sentence. Whether it's a "boiled" egg, providing a sense of warmth and nourishment, a "single" egg, evoking simplicity and singularity, or a "golden" egg, alluding to wealth and rarity, each adjective brings its unique flavor to the narrative. Describing an egg as "raw" might introduce a sense of potential or risk, while "whole" emphasizes integrity and completeness. A "large" egg could suggest abundance or value. Every adjective chosen weaves a distinct story, coloring readers' perceptions in subtly different ways. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'egg' to explore the myriad of ways this simple noun can be depicted.
boiledI ate a boiled egg for breakfast.
singleI only ate one single egg this morning.
goldenThe farmer found a golden egg in his chicken coop.
rawThe raw egg slid out of her hand and onto the floor.
wholeI like to eat whole eggs for breakfast.
largeThe farmer collected a large egg from the henhouse.
unfertilizedThe unfertilized egg was carefully placed in the incubator.
poachedI enjoy poached egg with buttered toast for breakfast.
friedI like to eat fried eggs for breakfast.
freshCrack a fresh egg into a bowl.
whiteI added the white egg to the mixture.
badThe new kid at school turned out to be a bad egg
ostrichThe ostrich egg was so large that it took two people to carry it.
rottenThe smell of rotten eggs wafted through the air, making my stomach turn.
cosmicThe cosmic egg was said to be the origin of the universe.
cookedShe added a cooked egg to her ramen.
fertilizedThe fertilized egg developed into a healthy embryo.
laidShe laid egg in the nest.
bigThe big egg was too heavy for the bird to carry.
femaleThe female egg is called an ovum.
fertileThe hen laid a fertile egg that hatched into a healthy chick.
mammalianThe mammalian egg is much larger than the amphibian egg.
normalThe normal egg was delicious.
hardboiledShe is eating a hardboiled egg
liquidThe liquid egg dripped slowly out of the carton.
tinyThe tiny egg was so small that it could fit in the palm of my hand.
gooseAfter the surgery, the swelling around her eye had developed into a goose egg
niceThe nice egg was sitting in the carton.
beatenI added some beaten egg to the mixture until it was smooth.
brownThe hen laid a rich brown egg
amphibianThe amphibian egg was covered in a thick layer of jelly.
softI like to dip my toast in a soft egg
urchinThe urchin egg was a delicacy that was enjoyed by the coastal community.
shelledThe shelled egg was gently cracked into the bowl.
ripeThe ripe egg was a delicious breakfast.
choppedSprinkle chopped egg on top of the salad.
blueThe blue egg lay in the nest.
mundaneThe mundane egg sat in the refrigerator, waiting to be cooked.
hugeThe huge egg was laid by a giant bird.
brokenThe broken egg yolk stained the white tablecloth yellow.
minuteCan you prepare a minute egg for my breakfast?
avianThe avian egg is a very important part of the life cycle of a bird.
addledMy addled egg salad sandwich was a disappointment.
chickenThe farmer collected a dozen chicken eggs from the coop.
andI need to buy milk, bread and egg
uncookedThe batter contained an uncooked egg
occasionalThe occasional egg appeared amidst the leaves of the fern.
perfectThe chef cooked a perfect egg for breakfast.
worldIn the heart of the World egg a delicate balance prevailed.
giantThe giant egg rocked back and forth in the nest.
extraThe baker added an extra egg to the batter.
largestThe ostrich has the largest egg of all birds.
driedI added dried egg to the pancake mix.
leadI don't know what you mean by 'lead egg'.
infertileThe infertile egg was discarded by the bird.
unbeatenI like to eat poached eggs with an unbeaten egg white.
enormousThe enormous egg was much too large for the dinosaur to swallow in one bite.
donorThe donor egg was successfully fertilized in vitro.
roastedI love the smell of roasted eggs in the morning.
powderedThe hikers used powdered egg to make breakfast.
oneI'm making scrambled eggs with one egg
amnioteThe amniote egg is a shelled egg that contains an embryo surrounded by a fluid-filled amniotic sac.
sized"The chef used three jumbo-sized eggs to make the omelette."
starfishSandy found a beautiful starfish egg in a tidepool.
solitaryThe solitary egg was discovered nestled amongst the rocks on the edge of the cliff.

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