Adjectives for Egyptian

Adjectives For Egyptian

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing egyptian, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe Egyptian can significantly alter the perception of your sentence. Using terms like ancient or early conjures images of a civilization steeped in history and mythology. In contrast, adjectives like anglo or native can evoke discussions about cultural identity and heritage. Meanwhile, describing someone as a young Egyptian adds a layer of modernity and freshness, dramatically different from the weight of history associated with the word old. Each adjective paints a unique aspect of Egyptian culture, history, or identity, offering a nuanced glimpse into the multifaceted nature of this remarkable civilization. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring out the essence of the Egyptian narrative below.
ancientAncient egyptian hieroglyphics expressed ideas as well as sounds.
youngA young egyptian woman was seen walking down the street.
nativeThe native egyptian pharaohs were buried in elaborate tombs.
earlyEarly egyptian writing was a form of hieroglyphics.
averageThe average egyptian is relatively short, with an average height of about 5 feet 5 inches.
sovietI am not sure what you mean by "soviet egyptian".
modernSarah studied modern egyptian literature during her exchange semester.
reformedThe reformed egyptian army led by Muhammad Ali fought against the Ottoman Empire and conquered many of its territories.
nonThe non egyptian hieroglyphs were discovered in a remote desert region.
graecoI have always found the graeco egyptian period an intriguing time in history.
pureI am a pure egyptian
ordinaryThe ordinary egyptian was a farmer tied to the land.
trueThere's a true egyptian ahead of you.
deadThe dead egyptian walked slowly across the desert.
lateThe Late egyptian language was written in a cursive script called hieratic.
wealthyThe wealthy egyptian was known for his lavish lifestyle.
syroThe syro egyptian conquest of Jerusalem in 732 BCE was a significant event in the history of the city.
grecoThe greco egyptian style was very popular in the 1st century.
typicalTypical egyptian dishes include koshary, molokhia, and ful medames.
peculiarlyThe hieroglyphics on the wall were peculiarly egyptian
saudiThe Saudi egyptian construction firm has been awarded the contract to build the new bridge.
richThe rich egyptian pharaoh was buried in a golden tomb.
turkoTurko egyptian is the name given to the language of the Qypts, who were once the offspring of an Egyptian indigenous people with Turkish conquerors.
fairThe fair egyptian was renowned for her beauty and grace.
tallThe tall egyptian walked confidently through the crowded market.
educatedThe educated egyptian man was proud of his heritage.
wiseThe wise egyptian pondered upon the enigmatic papyrus scroll.
hieroglyphicThe ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphic egyptian as their writing system.
piousThe pious egyptian prayed to Ra, the sun god.
classicalThe classical egyptian civilization flourished along the Nile River from around 3000 BC to 30 BC.
copticThe Coptic egyptian language is a late stage of the Ancient Egyptian language.
genuineThe genuine egyptian dish is called koshary.
demoticI am writing in demotic egyptian
indoShe studied indo egyptian dance in college.
primitiveThe primitive egyptian language was written in hieroglyphics.
nobleThe noble egyptian pharaoh ruled over a vast empire.
prehistoricThe prehistoric Egyptians were a fascinating and complex people.
proudThe proud egyptian raised his chin in defiance.
wilyThe wily egyptian used a clever ruse to outwit his opponents.
decayedI discovered some decayed egyptian relics hidden in the back of my closet.
lookingThe model walked down the runway looking egyptian
dynasticDynastic egyptian is the name given to the period in Egyptian history that begins with the First Dynasty and ends with the Ptolemaic period.
predynasticPredynastic egyptian culture flourished along the Nile River valley between 6000 and 3100 BCE.
eyedThe eyed egyptian watched the group walk past the tent.
royalThe royal egyptian tomb was discovered by archaeologists.
deceasedWho's the deceased egyptian pharaoh in the sarcophagus?
starkThe stark egyptian desert stood as a testament to the relentless power of nature.
rareThe rare egyptian amulet was found in an archeological dig site.
arabThe Arab egyptian dialect is the most widely spoken variety of Arabic.
learnedI learned egyptian on my trip to Cairo.
bornHe was born egyptian and raised in America.
mysteriousThe mysterious egyptian temple was shrouded in an aura of secrecy.
devoutThe devout egyptian prayed to the gods for guidance.
cunningThe cunning egyptian skillfully outwitted his opponents.

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