Adjectives for Eight

Adjectives For Eight

Discover the most common adjectives for 'eight', enhancing your vocabulary with diverse numerical descriptors. From 'twenty' to 'seventy', our resource provides insightful sentences for each adjective, enriching your understanding and application of adjectives for 'eight' in various contexts.

twentyI have twenty eight dollars in my wallet.
thirtyThe total number of students in the class was thirty eight
fortyIn the past forty eight hours, I have eaten ten pounds of gummy bears and am in a sugar coma.
seventyI've had seventy eight wonderful years on this planet.
fiftyI can count up to fifty eight
sixtySixty eight is the square of eight.
figureThe pilot flew the airplane in a figure eight pattern.
partPart eight of the series is the most thrilling yet.
ninetyMy grandmother lived to the ripe old age of ninety eight
eightyThe old woman lived to the ripe old age of eighty eight
agedHer hair was aged eight when she got it permed.
sixThe song was a great six eight beat.
lessonThe new features are covered in lesson eight
twoTwo eights make sixteen.
sectionThe apartment was listed as section eight housing.
fiveThe number five eight is a composite number.
threeThe new zip code for that area is three eight seven nine one.
oneThe recipe calls for one eighth of a cup of flour.
dayOn day eight we finally reached the summit of the mountain.
sevenThe runner ran seven eight laps and won gold.
nineteenHe retired in nineteen eighty-eight.
pageI turned to page eight of the book to read the next chapter.
gradeMy brother is in grade eight
ruleHe broke the rule eight times.
blankBlank eight is the eighth blank.
lectureThe professor's lecture eight was particularly engaging.
plateCan you please fetch me plate eight?
chapterThe latest chapter eight of the novel is now available online.
14-00The time is now 14-00 eight.
numberThe number eight represents good fortune and luck in some cultures.
problemI just want to let you know that I'm on problem eight
umptyThe final count came to umpty eight
volumeVolume eight of the encyclopedia was missing from the shelf.
willingWilling eight she ran with all her might.
lazy"Wait," said the traffic warden, stopping the lazy eight weaving through the cones
tenantTenant eight was evicted for not paying rent.

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