Adjectives for Elder

Adjectives For Elder

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing elder, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'elder' evokes a range of nuanced meanings, greatly influenced by the adjectives it pairs with. A 'respected elder' highlights the community's reverence, while a 'senior elder' may stress age or hierarchy. The term 'first elder' often signifies precedence or rank, and 'tribal elder' connects to heritage and cultural leadership roles. Describing someone as a 'wise elder' speaks to their sagacity and insight, and 'chief elder' to their authoritative position. The precise adjective used can transform 'elder' from a mere noun into a rich, descriptive phrase, reflecting complex social structures and personal attributes. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover the diverse interpretations of 'elder'.
respectedThe respected elder had been a guiding force in the community for many years.
seniorThe senior elder has lived in the village for over a hundred years.
firstThe first elder of the village spoke with great wisdom.
tribalThe tribal elder shared his wisdom with the young people.
wiseThe wise elder shared his wisdom with the young.
chiefThe chief elder presided over the meeting with wisdom and grace.
oldThe old elder shared his wisdom with the young children.
mormonThe Mormon elder knocked on the door, eager to share his message.
localHe has been recognized as a local elder in his community.
venerableThe venerable elder shared his wisdom with the younger generation.
commonThe common elder is a deciduous shrub that grows to a height of 2-3 meters.
secondThe second elder of the village spoke up.
frailThe frail elder relied on a cane to support her weakened body.
maleThe male elder of the tribe presided over the ceremony.
boxThe box elder tree is pollinated by both insects and the wind.
muchThe much elder brother of my friend is a doctor.
femaleThe female elder was a respected member of the community.
americanThe American elder's wisdom was highly respected in the community.
dukeThe duke elder is a distinguished ophthalmologist.
fellowThe fellow elder provided sound advice.
berriedI spotted a berried elder shrub in the forest.
formerThe former elder of the church is now a member of the congregation.
spiritualThe spiritual elder guided the young initiates through their transformation.
nativeThe native elder shared his wisdom with the younger generation.
worthyThe worthy elder was honored by the entire tribe.
blackThe children gathered around the black elder and listened to his stories.
prominentThe prominent elder spoke to the village council about the upcoming festival.
dependentMy dependent elder is living with me.
deceasedMy deceased elder brother had a great hobby.
rebelliousThe rebellious elder faced the council with courage and defiance.
aboriginalThe aboriginal elder shared his knowledge of the land with the visitors.
redThe tart red elder is native to the region.
indianThe Indian elder shared his wisdom with the younger generation.
activeThe active elder took up painting as a new hobby.
youngerThe younger elder was wise beyond her years.
influentialThe influential elder offered sage advice.
reverendThe reverend elder presided over the ceremony with great solemnity.
reveredIn the tribe, the revered elder shared his knowledge of medicinal herbs with the young apprentices.
belovedThe beloved elder was a source of wisdom and guidance for the younger generations.
hairedThe grizzled haired elder told stories of his youth.
juniorThe junior elder barely old enough to be called a man, led the solemn procession.
beardedThe bearded elder sat on the porch and watched the children play.
depressedThe depressed elder sat alone in his room, staring at the wall.
abusedThe abused elder was taken to the hospital.
dementedThe demented elder wandered aimlessly through the crowded streets.
europeanThe european elder is a type of tree that is native to Europe.
honoredThe honored elder was greeted with great respect.
holyThe holy elder spoke words of wisdom and comfort.
lateHer late elder had left a large inheritance.
respectableThe respectable elder imparted wisdom and guidance to the younger generation.
shrillThe shrill elder yelled at the children.
excellentThe excellent elder shared his wisdom with the younger generation.
piousThe pious elder's words brought comfort to the troubled youth.
christianThe christian elder preached a powerful sermon that touched the hearts of many.
experiencedThe experienced elder shared his knowledge with the younger generation.
oldestThe oldest elder in the village is wise and respected.
faithfulThe faithful elder taught the young about the importance of tradition.
distinguishedThe distinguished elder shared stories of his youth with his rapt audience.
scotchThe scotch elder was a wise old man with a long white beard.
nobleThe noble elder shared his wisdom with the younger generations.
bereavedThe bereaved elder was sitting by the window, looking out at the rain.
agedThe aged elder spoke with wisdom and grace.
knowledgeableThe knowledgeable elder shared his wisdom with the younger generation.
africanThe african elder advised the gossipers to find something constructive to do.
learnedThe learned elder shared his wisdom and knowledge with the younger generation.
goldenThe golden elder sat in a rocking chair.
powerfulThe powerful elder led his tribe through many challenges.
deadThe dead elder watched over the village from afar.
representativeOur representative elder escorted us to the venue.
graveThe grave elder leaned on his cane and surveyed the scene.
disabledThe disabled elder found it difficult to get around without assistance.
illThe ill elder was taken care of by his loving family.
famousThe famous elder known for his wisdom and experience, shared his insights with the younger generation.
leavedLeaved elder is a type of tree found in North America.

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