Adjectives for Elect

Adjectives For Elect

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing elect, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'elect' can significantly alter its meaning and nuance. For instance, 'president elect' conveys anticipation for leadership, while 'non elect' might hint at exclusion or absence. Descriptors like 'very elect', 'own elect', or 'emperor elect' add layers of specificity, indicating degree, personal choice, or a unique kind of superiority. Additionally, 'archbishop elect' carries a religious and authoritative tone, highlighting the ecclesiastical domain. Each combination opens up a realm of interpretation and understanding, enriching the context in which 'elect' is used. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'elect' to enhance your linguistic precision and expressiveness.
presidentThe president elect was sworn into office at noon.
veryThe very elect will be welcomed with open arms.
nonHe was declared non elect in the election.
ownThe candidates were chosen by their own elect
archbishopThe archbishop elect met with the other Church leaders.
consulThe consul elect has been elected to a two-year term.
bridegroomThe bridegroom elect was radiant in his new suit.
mineHe was the obvious choice of mine elect
chiefThe chief elect proudly addressed his supporters.
memberThe member elect was sworn into office this morning.
abbotThe abbot elect prepared for his new role by spending time in meditation and prayer.
popeThe pope elect is the Bishop of Rome, the head of the Catholic Church.
predestinedThe predestined elect will inherit the kingdom of heaven.
lawThe law elect bestows great privileges upon its recipients.
newlyThe newly elected president will be sworn in next week.
faithfulThe faithful elect live in hope of eternal life.
demonstratorThe demonstrator elect spoke eloquently about the need for change.
sovereignThe sovereign elect emerged from the conclave to the cheers of the crowd.
brideThe bride elect was radiant in her white dress.
righteousThe righteous elect will be spared the coming judgment.
primeHe hoped the company would accept him as prime elect and choose him to represent them.
fatherThe father elect was warmly welcomed by the community.
republicanThe republican elect is a member of the Republican Party who has been elected to a political office.
dentThe dent elect addressed the crowd with a smile.
lecturerThe lecturer elect was highly qualified for the position.
tribuneThe tribune elect delivered a fiery speech to the crowd.
chairThe chair elect will lead the meeting.
patriarchThe patriarch elect is expected to assume office in the coming month.
puritanThe puritan elect were a group of people who believed they were chosen by God for salvation.
wardenThe warden elect for the prison was met with cheers and applause as he entered the room.
associateThe associate elect will be sworn in next week.
secretaryThe secretary elect was a great choice for the position.
manichaeanThe manichaean elect are a group of people who have been chosen by God to achieve salvation.
premierThe premier elect is expected to announce their cabinet next week.
vainThe vain elect imagined they could ascend to heaven without God's grace.
pontiffThe pontiff elect was greeted with cheers as he entered the cathedral.
primate"I'd like to congratulate the primate elect on his victory."
youthfulThe youthful elect reveled in their newfound freedom.
proclaimedThe anointed one, proclaimed elect by the assembly, is the chosen ruler.
superintendentThe superintendent elect will be responsible for overseeing the school district.
prelateThe prelate elect visited the orphanage yesterday.

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