Adjectives for Electricity

Adjectives For Electricity

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing electricity, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Electricity is a fundamental component of modern life, and the adjectives used to describe it can greatly affect our understanding and perception of its nature. From the 'static' shock that surprises us, to the 'positive' and 'negative' charges that define its flow, each term brings a distinct nuance to how we interpret electricity's role in our environment. 'Atmospheric' electricity captivates with its natural display, while 'hydro' electricity highlights human ingenuity in harnessing energy. These descriptive terms not only inform us about the physical aspects of electricity but also enrich our appreciation of its diverse manifestations in the world around us. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that illuminate the fascinating facets of electricity below.
staticThe balloon stuck to the ceiling due to static electricity
positiveThe presence of positive electricity on the surface of the object attracts negative ions from the air.
negativeBenjamin Franklin's experiment demonstrated the existence of negative electricity
atmosphericThe lightning is a manifestation of atmospheric electricity
moreThe house needed more electricity to power all the appliances.
currentCurrent electricity is the flow of electric charge through a conductor.
cheapThe government has been working to provide cheap electricity to the people.
muchThe electrical storm caused much electricity to surge through the power lines.
voltaicThe voltaic electricity can be used to power devices.
freeWe can get free electricity from solar panels.
enoughThe power plant produced enough electricity to power the entire city.
frictionalWhen I rubbed my hair with a balloon, I created frictional electricity
lessUsing less electricity can help you to save money.
generatedThe dam generated electricity for the whole city.
nuclearNuclear electricity is a low-carbon source of energy.
solarThe solar electricity system is efficient and cost-effective.
animalAnimal electricity is the electrical potential difference that exists between different parts of an animal's body.
galvanicThe scientist used galvanic electricity to power the experiment.
vitreousThe vitreous electricity of the rod attracted the pith ball.
totalTotal electricity usage for the month of June was 1,200 kilowatt-hours.
resinousLightning strikes emit enormous amounts of resinous electricity
staticalThe statical electricity shocked me as I touched the doorknob.
medicalMedical electricity is used to treat a variety of conditions, such as pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms.
ordinaryI'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by 'ordinary electricity'. Can you please rephrase your question?
dynamicThe dynamic electricity crackled through the air, illuminating the room with an eerie glow.
excessThe excess electricity was used to power the entire neighborhood.
renewableRenewable electricity sources, such as solar and wind power, have been gaining popularity in recent years.
greenThe company is investing in green electricity to reduce its carbon footprint.
peakDuring peak electricity hours, the grid is more likely to experience interruptions.
sufficientThe house had sufficient electricity to power all the appliances.
vitalThe vital electricity coursing through the wires powered the city.
thermalThermal electricity is a type of electricity that is generated by heat.
oppositeThe opposite electricity attracted each other.
surplusThe company had a surplus electricity so they decided to donate the extra to local schools.
cheaperCheaper electricity helped ease the family's financial burden.
ruralThe government is working to expand access to rural electricity
domesticThe domestic electricity usage increased by 15% last month.
reliableReliable electricity ensures uninterrupted operations for businesses and organizations.
inexpensiveThe region benefits from inexpensive electricity
photoPhoto electricity is the emission of electrons or other free carriers when light shines on a material
piezoPiezo electricity refers to the ability of certain materials to generate electricity in response to applied pressure.
excitingThe exciting electricity in the air made everyone dance.
faradicFaradic electricity is a type of electrical current that is used in medical applications.
extraThe extra electricity caused the lights to flicker.
cleanThe new plant will ensure a reliable, affordable supply of clean electricity reducing the need to rely on fossil fuels and improving air quality.
dynamicalThe invention of the steam engine gave a great impetus to dynamical electricity
inducedThe induced electricity was strong enough to power a small light bulb.
artificialArtificial electricity can be generated by using renewable energy sources.
neutralThe object has neutral electricity
expensiveThe expensive electricity bill shocked the new tenant.
firedThe live wire fired electricity into the wall.
magneticThe discovery of magnetic electricity opened up new possibilities for scientific research.
conventionalThe facility uses conventional electricity for its operations.
terrestrialWhen a thunderstorm strikes, it generates terrestrial electricity that can travel through the ground.
availableThe project would entail a transmission line to send available electricity from Canada to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.
residentialResidential electricity is used to power homes.
producedThe solar panels produced electricity for the house.
photovoltaicThe solar panels use photovoltaic electricity to convert sunlight into electricity.
abundantThe solar panels generated abundant electricity powering the entire house.
geothermalGeothermal electricity is a clean and renewable source of energy that uses heat from the Earth's interior.
elementaryElementary electricity is the study of the fundamental principles of electricity, such as charge, current, voltage, and resistance.
wholesaleThe company is a major provider of wholesale electricity to the region.
ampThe electrician used amp electricity to power the house.

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