Adjectives for Element

Adjectives For Element

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing element, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe an element can significantly change the nuance of a sentence, highlighting its importance, indispensability, or position within a series. Describing an element as important emphasizes its value, while essential suggests it is fundamentally necessary for something to function properly. Key indicates it plays a critical role in a process or system. Adjectives like second and third frame the element within a sequence, suggesting its order of appearance or priority. A single element, on the other hand, points to its uniqueness or isolation. Each adjective casts the noun in a different light, underlining how carefully chosen words can paint a vivid picture. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that give color and context to 'element' below.
importantClouds are an important element in the weather system.
essentialWater is an essential element for life on Earth.
keyCollaboration is the key element in making the project successful.
secondThe second element is a crucial part of the system.
singleThe oxygen molecule consists of two oxygen atoms, but ozone is an allotrope with a single element
thirdThe third element in the list was the most important.
commonWater and hydrogen have 'hydrogen' as a common element
strongThe strong element in the alloy contributed to its durability.
majorPhosphorus is a major element in cell membranes.
centralThe central element of the composition is the protagonist.
basicHydrogen is the most basic element in the universe.
crucialThe trust between the patient and doctor is a crucial element in the healing process.
criticalThe detailed design considerations were critical elements in the success of the project.
vitalWater, a vital element for all life, covers over 70% of the Earth's surface.
necessaryCleanliness is a necessary element of every good hotel’s service.
significantThe significant element in his success is his determination.
religious"Thou shalt not kill." is a religious element in the Ten Commandments.
finalThe final element of the list was the most important.
fundamentalKnowledge is the fundamental element of freedom.
structuralThe structural element was made of concrete.
activeThe active element in the battery is lead.
finiteThe finite element method is a numerical technique used to find approximate solutions to boundary value problems for partial differential equations.
dominantThe dominant element in the composition is the large, red circle.
additionalThe additional element was added to the mixture.
subjectiveThe subjective element of the experience is always present.
principalThe principal element of the alloy is iron.
nativeSilver is a native element that can be found in its pure form.
negativeThis project is not affected by negative elements.
fourthThe fourth element is crucial for the chemical reaction.
indispensableA dedicated team member is an indispensable element of a successful project.
chiefThe chief element of his character was his extreme modesty.
spiritualThe painting carried a deep spiritual element that resonated with her soul.
integralThe quotient ring of an integral element in a Dedekind domain is a field.
disturbingThe disturbing element in the equation was the constant
divineThe divine element in his art was evident in the ethereal quality of his brushstrokes.
conservativeThe conservative element in the party wants to maintain the status quo.
metallicThe metallic element was used to make the jewelry.
dynamicThe dynamic element of the dance added a sense of excitement to the performance.
powerful"Earth" is a powerful element in "Avatar: The Last Airbender."
largestFind the largest element in the list.
criminalThe criminal element in the city was growing rapidly.
correspondingThe corresponding element in the second list is "banana".
fifthThe fifth element is an essential component for the creation of life.
decisiveHer experience was the decisive element in her promotion.
alloyingChromium is the alloying element in stainless steels that provides corrosion resistance.
emotionalThe emotional element in the film resonated with the audience on a deep level.
dramaticThe dramatic element of the movie was palpable, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats
unifyingThe unifying element of the team is their shared passion for the game.
radicalThe radical element was causing problems for the group.
supernaturalThe old house creaked and groaned, as if some supernatural element was trying to break in.
comicThe clown's oversized shoes and pratfalls brought a comic element to the performance.
smallestThe smallest element in the array is 3.
substantialThe substantial element of the deal was the acquisition of a majority stake in the company.
diagonalThe diagonal element of the matrix is the element that lies on the diagonal from the upper left to the lower right.
dangerousThe presence of a dangerous element in the vicinity raised concerns among the authorities.
constitutiveThe constitutive element of the crime is the act of taking.
abundantHydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe.

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