Adjectives for Elimination

Adjectives For Elimination

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing elimination, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'elimination' can significantly alter the meaning conveyed. 'Complete elimination' suggests no trace is left behind, offering a sense of finality, while 'total' more or less echoes this sentiment with an emphasis on thoroughness. A 'gradual elimination' paints a picture of a slow, perhaps strategic, reduction, contrasting sharply with 'rapid', which implies a swift removal. 'Gaussian elimination' takes us into the realm of mathematics, highlighting a process rather than speed or completeness. Meanwhile, 'virtual elimination' introduces the concept of reduction to an inconsequential level without necessarily achieving physical eradication. Understanding these nuances reveals the complexity and precision language allows. Dive into the full list of adjectives to explore the multiple facets of 'elimination'.
completeThe treatment resulted in a complete elimination of the disease.
gradualThe gradual elimination of tariffs will promote free trade.
gaussianGaussian elimination is a method for solving systems of linear equations by using elementary row operations.
virtualThe virtual elimination of the disease has been achieved through widespread vaccination.
rapidOur team is working on a rapid elimination of this problem.
renalThe patient's renal elimination was normal.
urinaryUrinary elimination is the process by which urine is excreted from the body.
eventualThe eventual elimination of fossil fuels is necessary to combat climate change.
progressiveThe progressive elimination of redundant processes was the main focus of the reorganization.
selectiveSelective elimination is a biotechnological technique used to remove specific cells or molecules from a population.
finalThe final elimination of the virus has been declared by the health organization.
possibleThe possible elimination of certain species is a cause for concern.
partialPartial elimination refers to the process of removing a portion of the material to be tested or analyzed.
subsequentThe subsequent elimination of the team was a disappointment.
systematicThe systematic elimination of inefficiencies allowed for greater productivity.
physicalThe physical elimination of the enemy soldiers was swift and efficient.
normalThe patient's normal elimination returned on the third postoperative day.
ultimateThe ultimate elimination of poverty requires a comprehensive approach involving education, healthcare, and economic growth.
slowAfter a thorough investigation, the jury reached a slow elimination of the suspects.
effectiveThe effective elimination of poverty requires a multi-pronged approach.
reductiveThe elimination of a small molecule from a metal complex, facilitated by the formation of a new bond between the newly formed molecule and a metal is known as reductive elimination
properThe proper elimination of waste is essential for good health.
backwardBackward elimination is a stepwise regression technique that removes variables from a model based on their statistical significance.
immediateThe test requires immediate elimination of all distractions.
successiveThe successive elimination of outdated technology has increased efficiency.
successfulThe successful elimination of pests from the garden was celebrated by the gardener.
practicalThe practical elimination of waste was a major goal of the project.
hepaticThe drug undergoes hepatic elimination and has a half-life of about 2 hours.
immuneCancer cells evade immune elimination through various mechanisms.
quantifierQuantifier elimination is a technique for transforming a first-order formula into an equivalent quantifier-free formula.
consequentThe consequent elimination of the unexpected data is a good sign.
fecalFecal elimination is the final stage of digestion, in which waste products are expelled from the body.
nearThe near elimination of poverty is a goal of many governments.
terminalThe endothermic reaction demonstrated terminal elimination releasing alkene.
excessiveThe athlete's excessive elimination of electrolytes led to a critical health scare.
regularRegular elimination is essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system.
mereShe solves problems by mere elimination
permanentThe permanent elimination of the threat ensured a lasting peace.
variableVariable elimination is a technique for solving constraint satisfaction problems.
ruthlessRuthless elimination culled the weak from the strong.
surgicalThe surgical elimination of the tumor was successful.
defectiveShe gave us defective elimination of the product.
mean"Mean elimination" means the time at which 50% of the radioactivity has been eliminated.
adequatePatients with advanced renal impairment may require adjustment of the dosage to ensure adequate elimination of meldonium.
dailyFiber is important for daily elimination
duplicateTo prevent duplicate values from being entered, implement a duplicate elimination process.
efficientThe efficient elimination of waste has always been a priority for our organization.
wholesaleThe wholesale elimination of meat from the diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies.
absoluteThe absolute elimination of poverty is a noble goal.
intestinalBowel movements are an essential part of intestinal elimination
simultaneousWe observed simultaneous elimination of two different drugs.
outrightThe company announced the outright elimination of several major product lines in order to streamline operations and focus on core competencies.
carefulBy careful elimination she was able to narrow down the list of suspects.
doubleThe tournament will use a double elimination format.
radicalThe radical elimination of prejudices is a necessary step towards a more tolerant society.
temporaryThe temporary elimination of the tariffs has caused a surge in imports.
prolongedThe patient's prolonged elimination of the drug was due to impaired liver function.
speedySpeedy elimination enables efficient waste management.
promptPrompt elimination was a critical step in the process.
forwardWe shall solve this system by forward elimination
imperfectThe imperfect elimination of toxins led to the patient's relapse.
apparentThe apparent elimination of the pathogen left the host thinking it was safe.
quickThe quick elimination of the problem was impressive.
slowerThe slower elimination of toxins from the body can lead to a buildup of harmful substances.
passThe defense failed to complete a pass elimination
biologicalThe drug is removed from the body through biological elimination
spontaneousThe spontaneous elimination of waste products is essential for maintaining homeostasis.
suddenHis sudden elimination from the tournament came as a surprise to everyone.
automaticPatients with advanced disease often develop a state of automatic elimination of tumoral cells.
clonalResearch on clonal elimination led to the discovery of apoptosis.
globalGovernments and non-governmental organizations around the world are working together to achieve the global elimination of polio.
deficientThe patient had deficient elimination due to the absence of bowel movements for three days.
longerSome of their patients with autism spectrum disorders had a longer elimination time.

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