Adjectives for Elite

Adjectives For Elite

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing elite, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjective landscape surrounding the noun 'elite' unveils a vast array of societal and cultural implications. Whether describing a 'political elite' that holds significant power and influence, a 'new elite' emerging from changing societal norms, or an 'intellectual elite' recognized for their profound knowledge, each combination paints a unique picture. The adjectives 'small' and 'local' introduce a sense of scale and proximity, suggesting exclusivity or a focused impact within a community. Meanwhile, 'social elite' hints at individuals or groups distinguished by their societal status or influence. These nuanced connotations provide a richer understanding of the social fabric. Dive into the full array of adjectives linked with 'elite' to explore the subtle dimensions they reveal.
politicalThe political elite gathered for a closed-door meeting.
newThe new elite is composed of those who have mastered the art of self-promotion and self-branding.
intellectualThe intellectual elite often debate the merits of different political ideologies.
smallThe small elite of the society was able to live a lavish lifestyle while the majority of the population struggled to make ends meet.
localThe local elite gathered at the grand hotel for a lavish party.
socialThe social elite gathered at the grand ballroom for the annual charity gala.
economicThe economic elite controls most of the world's wealth.
urbanThe urban elite often live in gated communities.
oldThe old elite held on to their power and influence.
militaryThe military elite were training in the forest when they were ambushed.
traditionalThe traditional elite of the country, with their wealth and influence, have been a powerful force in shaping its history.
culturalThe cultural elite attended the prestigious art exhibition.
educatedThe educated elite are often seen as the driving force behind social change.
whiteThe white elite has long dominated the political and economic landscape of the United States.
bureaucraticThe bureaucratic elite wielded immense power in the government.
ruralThe rural elite often have a strong sense of community and tradition.
corporateThe corporate elite are the ones who benefit the most from the current economic system.
wealthyThe wealthy elite often have access to resources that the rest of us can only dream of.
sovietThe Soviet elite enjoyed a privileged lifestyle.
privilegedThe privileged elite enjoyed exclusive access to resources and opportunities.
professionalThe professional elite of the city gathered for a fundraiser.
colonialThe colonial elite lived in lavish mansions.
religiousThe religious elite in the community condemned the new pastor's progressive views.
administrativeThe administrative elite of the country was highly educated and well-trained.
dominantThe dominant elites conspired to keep their power and influence.
managerialThe managerial elite often have a say in the decisions that affect the company's future.
indianThe company is constantly striving to improve the quality and reach of their services, and is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of the Indian elite
muslimThe Muslim elite lived in a fortress-like compound with its own mosque and bath-house.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary elite seized power in a bloody coup.
chineseThe Chinese elite often sends their children to study abroad.
tinyThe tiny elite controlled the vast majority of wealth.
powerfulThe powerful elite have a disproportionate amount of influence on society.
indigenousThe indigenous elite who had previously been marginalized, were now assuming positions of leadership within the community.
industrialMany of the industrial elite opposed the regulations on environmental pollution.
scientificThe scientific elite gathered at the conference to discuss the latest findings in their field.
liberalThe liberal elite's efforts to promote social justice have been met with resistance from conservatives.
conservativeThe conservative elite has been pushing for tax cuts for the wealthy.
academicThe university's academic elite attended the prestigious conference.
russianThe Russian elite is deeply entwined with the state.
maleThe male elite often held positions of power and influence.
romanThe Roman elite enjoyed a lavish lifestyle.
technocraticThe technocratic elite controls the flow of information.
regionalThe regional elite consisted of wealthy and powerful individuals who controlled the local economy and politics.
topOnly the top elite were invited to the exclusive party.
spiritualThe spiritual elite transcend material wealth and focus on the higher realms of consciousness.
classThe class elite attended a private gala on the weekend.
literateThe literate elite were the only people who could read and write in the ancient world.
landowningThe landed gentry was an influential segment of the landowning elite
narrowThe narrow elite of the town controlled all the wealth and power.
provincial"Many provincial elites joined secret societies and anti-government organizations".
speakingThe speaking elite often have a significant amount of influence over public opinion.
civilianThe civilian elite were outraged by the government's decision.
makingMy dream of making elite is within reach.
civicThe civic elite gathered for a fundraiser to support the local arts center.
creoleThe creole elite had a unique culture influenced by both French and African traditions.
bourgeoisThe bourgeois elite of the 19th century enjoyed great wealth and privilege.
clericalThe clerical elite controlled the access to knowledge and held ultimate authority.
protestantThe Protestant elite was shocked by the growing influence of the Catholic Church.
mulattoMulatto elite a class of mixed-race individuals who enjoyed higher status and privilege during colonial times, continue to play an important role in Haitian society today.
indonesianThe Indonesian elite is a small, wealthy, and politically powerful group of people.
capitalistThe capitalist elite enjoyed their caviar at the gala.
malayThe Malay elite's support for the government is crucial for maintaining stability.
entrepreneurialThe entrepreneurial elite often invest in new businesses and startups.
globalThe global elite gathered at the summit to discuss the future of the world.

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