Adjectives for Emails

Adjectives For Emails

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing emails, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Emails, those digital missives that define much of our daily communication, are often described with adjectives that highlight their quantity, intent, and tone. Using 'many' or 'few' can either evoke a sense of overwhelming correspondence or a manageable inbox. 'Unsolicited' emails might be the bane of our digital existence, indicating unwanted communication. On the flip side, 'personal' emails suggest a direct, perhaps intimate, connection, adding value to the message received. Each adjective chosen to describe emails paints a vivid picture of our interaction with them. Uncover the full spectrum of adjectives related to emails and the nuanced meanings they convey in our comprehensive list below.
manyI have many emails to answer today.
fewI only received a few emails from my boss yesterday.
unsolicitedI received a lot of unsolicited emails about weight loss supplements.
severalI received several emails this morning.
personalI received a lot of personal emails from my friends and family.
moreI need to check more emails I'm so busy.
dailyI receive daily emails from my boss.
numerousI have received numerous emails
incomingI have 12 unread incoming emails
outgoingThe company's outgoing emails often include important announcements and updates.
privateShe preferred to communicate using private emails
importantHe organizes his important emails into subfolders in Gmail.
legitimateI can't seem to differentiate between legitimate emails and spam mails.
unwantedMark all the unwanted emails as spam.
longI do not want to write long emails
subsequentWe reviewed your request and will provide a response in one of our subsequent emails
individualWe will send you separate individual emails for confirmation and when the book is ready to download.
regularHe sends her regular emails every day.
internalInternal emails can help keep everyone on the same page.
countlessMy inbox is overflowing with countless emails
commercialI receive too many commercial emails in my inbox every day.
multipleI received multiple emails yesterday.
angryI received a barrage of angry emails from customers who were unhappy with the service.
mostMost emails I get these days are spam.
shortReading short emails can be more productive than long ones.
recentI have received several recent emails from my colleagues.
relatedThe investigation will look into related emails between the two accused individuals.
htmlLet's market our products through html emails today!
unreadI have over a hundred unread emails in my inbox.
futureApologies for the late reply, I will send future emails in a more timely manner.
promotionalI receive too many promotional emails every day.
nastyWe should not respond to nasty emails
previousPlease refer to previous emails for more information.
separateI have two separate emails one for work and one for personal use.
frequentI receive frequent emails from my colleagues.
unnecessaryI apologize for the unnecessary emails I have sent you.
encryptedI received a chain of encrypted emails
weeklyI receive weekly emails from my boss with updates on the project.
relevantSearch for relevant emails by filtering the sender, recipient, subject, or content.
fakeThe company used fake emails to trick customers into buying their products.
maliciousMalicious emails are often used to spread viruses and malware.
additionalIn addition to my previous email, I have attached additional emails for your reference.
lengthyI have to respond to several lengthy emails today.
urgentDon't forget to respond to my urgent emails
personalizedOur team sent out personalized emails to all of our customers.
offensiveI received several offensive emails from an anonymous sender.
basedWe sent the attendees based emails on the results of the conference.
fraudulentWe have detected an increase in fraudulent emails lately.
endlessMy inbox is drowning in endless emails
fewerI receive fewer emails now that I've unsubscribed.
infectedBe careful with infected emails they can damage your computer.
friendlyI much prefer friendly emails to confrontational ones.
monthlyI receive monthly emails from my bank with my account statements.
irrelevantI deleted all the irrelevant emails
forwardI forward emails from one account to another to keep them all in one place.
abusiveShe received several abusive emails from an anonymous sender.
periodicWe implemented a system of periodic emails to keep our customers up to date with product updates.
bulkWe sent bulk emails to our customers to announce the latest promotion.
extraI have extra emails to send out this week.
suspiciousI'm wary of opening suspicious emails without verifying the sender.
outboundThese outbound emails can be dangerous.
interestingI received some very interesting emails last weekend.
quickIn the morning, I sent a series of quick emails to set up meetings.
automaticShe set up automatic emails to be sent to her customers on a weekly basis.
supportiveMy boss sends me supportive emails every week to keep my morale up.
randomI'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "random emails."
inappropriateShe was fired for sending inappropriate emails to her coworkers.
encouragingReceiving encouraging emails always brings a smile to my face.
informalPlease be formal when writing emails, as informal emails can be seen as unprofessional.
harassingI have been receiving harassing emails from an unknown sender.
strangeI've been getting some strange emails lately.

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