Adjectives for Emergency

Adjectives For Emergency

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing emergency, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an emergency can drastically change the nuance of a sentence, highlighting various aspects such as its scale, nature, or immediacy. A national emergency paints a picture of widespread concern, possibly affecting the governance or security of a country. A medical emergency, on the other hand, zooms in on a personal crisis requiring immediate healthcare attention. Words like sudden and great emphasize the unexpectedness and severity of the situation, respectively. Through careful selection, adjectives convey the precise shade of urgency and scale, enriching the narrative. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives commonly used with emergency and how they can transform your storytelling below.
nationalThe president declared a national emergency in response to the pandemic.
medicalJohn experienced a medical emergency and was rushed to the hospital.
suchShe insisted on going to the hospital in such emergency
presentThe present emergency required swift action.
greatThere was a great emergency and the doctor was called immediately.
suddenThe sudden emergency required quick thinking and decisive action.
surgicalThe trauma patient was rushed into the operating room for a surgical emergency
realPlease remain calm in case of a real emergency
publicThe government has declared a public emergency in response to the natural disaster.
extremeDeclare an extreme emergency to ensure public safety.
acuteThe acute emergency called for immediate medical attention.
direThe dire emergency called for immediate action.
trueThe warning lights flashed, indicating a true emergency
graveThe doctor warned of a grave emergency after examining the patient's medical records.
seriousThe serious emergency demanded immediate action.
nonPlease call the non emergency number for all non-emergency situations.
financialThe financial emergency required that we take immediate action.
economicThe government declared an economic emergency in response to the financial crisis.
immediateThere is an immediate emergency please call for help.
militaryThe military emergency forced the evacuation of the city.
possiblePlease call 9-1-1 if you see a possible emergency
wartimeDuring the wartime emergency people were forced to ration food and supplies.
psychiatricThe patient was admitted to the hospital for a psychiatric emergency
futureWe need to prepare a plan for any future emergency
internalThe hospital declared an internal emergency due to the surge of injured patients.
hypertensiveThe patient experienced a hypertensive emergency with blood pressure over 220/120 mmHg.
abdominalThe patient underwent an exploratory laparotomy for an abdominal emergency
temporaryDue to the temporary emergency the school has been closed for the day.
actualPlease call 911 in case of an actual emergency
unexpectedThe unexpected emergency required immediate action.
criticalThe patient was experiencing a critical emergency and needed immediate medical attention.
supremeThe supreme emergency required immediate action.
unforeseenThe team had to postpone the project due to an unforeseen emergency
extraordinaryThe rescue team responded to the extraordinary emergency with commendable bravery.
desperateThe desperate emergency left the people with no choice but to seek help from the government.
postThe post emergency procedures were initiated immediately.
unlimitedThe unlimited emergency was declared due to the widespread flooding.
spiritualThe spiritual emergency caused a profound shift in her consciousness.
terribleThe terrible emergency left the town in shambles.
potentialBe prepared for a potential emergency
complexThe response to a complex emergency often requires coordination between multiple agencies.
humanitarianThe aid agency called for more funding to meet the humanitarian emergency unfolding in the region.
cardiacCall 911 immediately if you suspect a cardiac emergency
obstetricThe obstetric emergency required immediate medical attention.
absoluteHe pulled the cord when the elevator was in an absolute emergency
neurosurgicalThe neurosurgical emergency team was on standby for any potential complications during the surgery.
minorI went to the clinic for a minor emergency but had to wait for hours.
direstThe stranded hikers sent out a distress signal as they were facing the direst emergency
dentalI had a dental emergency and had to go to the dentist right away.
neurologicThe patient was taken to the emergency room with a suspected neurologic emergency
globalThe global emergency requires immediate action.
pediatricThe pediatric emergency department is responsible for the care of children and adolescents with acute illnesses and injuries.
fiscalThe government declared a fiscal emergency due to the severity of the financial crisis.
unusualThe unusual emergency situation required immediate intervention.
koreanI called the korean emergency services when I saw the accident.
gravestThe gravest emergency requires the most urgent response.
ocularThe patient suffered an ocular emergency that required immediate attention.
oncologicThe patient presented with an oncologic emergency and required immediate medical attention.
declaredThe president declared emergency after the earthquake.
dangerousThe firefighters rushed into the dangerous emergency to save the trapped people.
rareThe doctor rushed to the emergency room for a rare emergency
conceivableWe should always be prepared for any conceivable emergency
malayanThe Malayan emergency was a guerrilla war fought in British Malaya between 1948 and 1960.
radiologicalThe World Health Organization provides guidance for planning and responding to a radiological emergency
urgentCall 911 immediately, this is an urgent emergency
impendingWe must prepare for the impending emergency by securing resources and developing plans.

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