Adjectives for Emissions

Adjectives For Emissions

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing emissions, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The term 'emissions' carries a weight of significance, especially in discussions around environment and health. The adjectives paired with 'emissions' can greatly nuance our understanding and convey more specific contexts. For instance, 'total emissions' gives a sum perspective, essential for broad overviews and policy making, while 'nocturnal emissions' shifts to a biological phenomenon, contrasting sharply with 'otoacoustic emissions' that delve into the medical domain. Similarly, 'global emissions' highlight a worldwide concern, whereas 'industrial' and 'anthropogenic emissions' specify sources, underlining the human impact on the planet. Each adjective opens a new facet of discussions around emissions, underscoring the richness of language in encapsulating complex ideas. Dive deeper into how these and other adjectives unfold the story of emissions.
totalThe company's total emissions have decreased by 10% in the last year.
otoacousticDid you know that otoacoustic emissions can provide valuable information about the health of the inner ear?
globalGlobal emissions of carbon dioxide have been increasing steadily over the past century.
industrialIndustrial emissions have been linked to a variety of health problems, including respiratory and cardiovascular disease.
anthropogenicAnthropogenic emissions are greenhouse gases emitted from human activities.
gaseousStricter regulations on gaseous emissions are needed to improve air quality.
fugitiveFugitive emissions are gases that escape from industrial processes unintentionally.
lowThe company's new cars have low emissions
toxicPollution regulations aim to reduce the emission of toxic emissions from factories.
lowerThe new technology will lower emissions and improve efficiency.
annualThe company's annual emissions have decreased by 5%.
atmosphericThe company has been accused of violating regulations on atmospheric emissions
acousticThe acoustic emissions were recorded by a piezoelectric sensor.
pollutantPollutant emissions from cars can contribute to air pollution in cities.
harmfulCars and factories release harmful emissions that contribute to air pollution.
spontaneousThe spontaneous emissions from the laser were captured and analyzed.
netTransportation is the largest contributor to global net emissions in the United States.
actualThe actual emissions of the factory were much higher than the estimated emissions.
futureWe are working to reduce future emissions of greenhouse gases
organicCars are a major source of organic emissions
higherFactories with higher emissions were fined.
naturalOur climate models account for the cooling effect of sulfate aerosols from natural emissions
evaporativeHydrocarbons that evaporate from motor vehicles in addition to exhaust emissions are known as evaporative emissions
currentTransportation is a major source of current emissions
relatedThe large-scale production of cement contributes to related emissions
automotiveTo lower automotive emissions the government has invested heavily in research and development of electric vehicles.
rayThe Sun's X-ray emissions can affect Earth's atmosphere.
involuntaryShe was embarrassed by her involuntary emissions during the meeting.
overallThe overall emissions from the plant have been reduced by 20% since last year.
fossilFossil emissions are not a sustainable source of energy.
greenhouseReducing greenhouse emissions is essential to mitigate the impacts of climate change.
volatileThe volatile emissions from the chemical plant were a major concern for the community.
averageThe vehicle has average emissions
directThe company accounts for its direct emissions from all of its global operations.
uncontrolledUncontrolled emissions have been a cause for concern in the industry for several years due to their environmental impact.
visibleThe inspector noticed visible emissions coming from the factory.
electromagneticThe electromagnetic emissions from the device were measured using a spectrum analyzer.
frequentThe car's frequent emissions were a concern for the environmentalists.
allowableThe allowable emissions for the plant are 100 tons per year.
cumulativeAdopting more sustainable farming practices and reducing cumulative emissions are vital steps towards preserving the planet's ecosystems.
vehicularVehicular emissions contribute significantly to air pollution in urban areas.
environmentalThe company is working to reduce its environmental emissions
excessiveThe factory was cited for excessive emissions that violated environmental regulations.
reducedAdopting hybrid vehicles has reduced emissions in the city.
airborneThe company must report its airborne emissions to environmental agencies.
paniculateThe paniculate emissions from the exhaust pipe were creating a thick cloud of smoke.
potentialThe company's potential emissions are estimated to be 100,000 tons of CO2 per year.
spuriousThe device's spurious emissions were well within the allowable limits.
excessThe company faces fines for its excess emissions
hazardousThe factory is to reduce its hazardous emissions by 50% by the year 2025
solventThe plant's solvent emissions have been reduced by 90%.
fewerDue to new technology, the factory now produces fewer emissions
madeThe factory made emissions that polluted the surrounding area.
noxiousThe factory released noxious emissions into the atmosphere.
exhaustThe regulations aim to reduce exhaust emissions from vehicles.
radiatedThe device's radiated emissions comply with the FCC's limits for human exposure to radio frequency (RF) emissions.
solarSolar emissions are constantly bombarding the Earth's atmosphere.
opticalThe optical emissions were observed in the wavelength range of 400-700 nm.
electronicThe electronic emissions from the sun can cause interference with radio communications.
nitrousTo reduce nitrous emissions farmers have been using cover crops.
equivalentGreenhouse gas emissions are considered equivalent emissions in terms of their global warming potential.
evokedThese evoked emissions from the sampled volumes of the tanks will be used for measuring of oxygen in the gas phase.
aggregateWe estimated the aggregate emissions of ODS from the foam sector, taking into account the sector's emissions from manufacturing, consumption, and waste disposal.
biogenicBiogenic emissions which are released by plants and animals, can contribute to air pollution.
infraredScientists discovered that the infrared emissions from the black hole were unlike anything they had ever seen before.
mobileThe main source of air pollution in cities is mobile emissions
regionalAir pollution from regional emissions is a major public health concern.
leadVehicles are designed to emit low levels of lead emissions

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