Adjectives for Employee

Adjectives For Employee

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing employee, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an employee can profoundly impact the perception of their role and performance. A new employee is often seen as someone full of potential and eagerness to learn, while a former employee might evoke feelings of nostalgia or lessons learned. Describing someone as an individual employee highlights their unique contributions, contrasting with the collective identity often implied by team employee. Moreover, calling someone a public employee underlines their service to the community, whereas an average employee may suggest a lack of distinction. Each adjective shades the noun with subtle connotations, inviting a deeper understanding of their role. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and the nuances they add to the word employee below.
newThe new employee is eager to prove their worth to the company.
formerThe former employee was disgruntled after being fired.
individualThe individual employee is responsible for their own actions.
timeThe time employee was late for work.
publicThe public employee was praised for her dedication.
averageThe average employee is a hard worker who is dedicated to their job.
prospectiveThe prospective employee was asked to complete a background check.
injuredThe injured employee was taken to the hospital.
femaleThe female employee was promoted to manager last year.
fellowI asked my fellow employee to help me with the project.
salariedThe salaried employee was entitled to a certain amount of compensation every month.
singleThe project was completed by a single employee
federalThe federal employee was very helpful in answering my questions
particularThe particular employee was recognized for their outstanding performance.
disgruntledThe disgruntled employee filed a formal complaint with HR.
regularShe was a regular employee at the company for five years.
civilianThe civilian employee worked diligently on the project.
potentialThe potential employee is a highly motivated individual with a strong work ethic.
seniorThe senior employee led the team to success.
permanentThe newly hired employee will be a permanent employee
keyThe key employee left the company abruptly.
maleThe male employee was a hard worker.
professionalThe professional employee was commended for their outstanding work.
temporaryThe temporary employee was hired to help with the holiday rush.
loyalThe loyal employee has been with the company for over 20 years.
retiredThe retired employee enjoyed his golden years playing golf and spending time with his grandchildren.
deceasedThe deceased employee's benefits will be handled by the HR department.
valuableJohn is a valuable employee who is dedicated to his work.
postalThe postal employee delivered my package this morning.
disabledThe company hired a disabled employee to fulfill their diversity quota.
currentThe current employee is a valuable asset to the company.
olderThe older employee was given a special award for his contributions to the company.
eligibleThe eligible employee must be at least 18 years old.
levelThe level employee was responsible for managing a team of junior staff.
typicalThe typical employee works diligently to complete their daily tasks.
aggrievedThe aggrieved employee filed a grievance with the human resources department.
juniorThe junior employee was eager to prove himself on the new project.
civilThe civil employee was recognized for their outstanding work.
experiencedThe experienced employee guided the new hire through the onboarding process.
longtimeShe was recognized by the company for her hard work and dedication as a longtime employee
hourlyThe hourly employee was paid $15 an hour.
municipalThe municipal employee processed the paperwork quickly and efficiently.
corporateThe diligent corporate employee worked tirelessly to meet the demanding schedule.
ordinaryThe ordinary employee worked diligently to complete his tasks.
responsibleThe responsible employee will be in charge of the project.
dischargedThe discharged employee was given a severance package.
termThe term employee is a temporary worker who is employed for a specific period of time.
collarThe highly respected collar employee received the letter of recommendation.
qualifiedWe are looking for a qualified employee to manage our sales team.
productiveJohn is a productive employee
clericalThe clerical employee meticulously organized the files in alphabetical order.
paidThe paid employee was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company.
skilledThe skilled employee was able to complete the task quickly and efficiently.
yearBruce is a ten year employee
faithfulJohn was a faithful employee who had worked for the company for over 20 years.
minorThe minor employee was not eligible for benefits.
japaneseThe Japanese employee bowed respectfully to his superior.
troubledThe troubled employee was given a second chance.
insuredThe insured employee is entitled to medical treatment.
competentAshley has been a competent employee quickly mastering her new responsibilities.
idealThe ideal employee is a reliable, hardworking, and dedicated individual.
soleThe sole employee was responsible for all aspects of the business.
youngerThe younger employee was eager to prove his worth to the company.
pregnantThe pregnant employee was given a light workload.
trainedThe trained employee was able to complete the task quickly and efficiently.
administrativeThe administrative employee helped me with my paperwork.
statutoryShe was found to be a statutory employee and was awarded worker's compensation benefits.
exemptThe exempt employee is not entitled to overtime pay.
oldestThe oldest employee in the company is retiring next month.

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