Adjectives for Employees

Adjectives For Employees

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing employees, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe employees can profoundly impact the perception of your message. Describing team members as new brings a sense of freshness and potential, whereas public emphasizes their role within governmental bodies. Highlighting the many employees in a company can signify strength in numbers, while specifying time employees, such as part-time or full-time, provides insights into their work engagements. Mentioning federal employees draws attention to those serving government sectors, underlining their official duties. Each adjective unveils unique shades of meaning, enriching the narrative around workplace dynamics. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'employees' to refine your descriptions and enhance your communications.
otherThe company's other employees are also very talented.
newWe need to onboard the new employees as soon as possible.
publicPublic employees have a critical role in ensuring the efficient functioning of government and the provision of essential services to citizens.
manyThe company has many employees
timeThe company outsourced its human resources functions to a third-party organization in order to streamline its time employees spent on HR processes.
federalFederal employees are paid by the federal government.
formerHer former employees held a dinner party for her.
femaleThe female employees were praised for their hard work and dedication.
salariedSalaried employees are paid a fixed amount of money each month.
mostMost employees were satisfied by their pay.
individualThe company provides training programs tailored to individual employees
regularThe company has a policy of providing health insurance to all regular employees
civilianSome civilian employees of the Defense Department are not eligible for the military's Tricare health insurance.
maleThe male employees were given a raise.
professionalI appreciate all of the professional employees that help us out here.
permanentThe company aims to hire more permanent employees in the future.
collarThe company has a policy that all collar employees must wear a uniform.
olderOlder employees have a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer their companies.
localThe company has over 100 local employees
keyThe company identified key employees to ensure a smooth transition during the merger.
currentThe company will provide training to current employees on the new software.
municipalThe municipal employees are responsible for maintaining the city's infrastructure.
levelThe level employees are working hard to meet the deadline.
prospectiveWe are excited to meet with prospective employees tomorrow.
potentialThe company interviewed several potential employees for the position.
temporaryThe company hired temporary employees to cover the staffing shortage.
whiteThe company has a lot of white employees
fellowI appreciate the hard work of my fellow employees
skilledThe company is looking for skilled employees to join its team.
clericalThe clerical employees are responsible for processing and maintaining paperwork and records.
civilThe civil employees of the government are responsible for providing essential services to the public.
hourlyHourly employees are paid on an hourly basis rather than a salary.
seniorThe company has a policy of promoting senior employees from within.
youngerThe younger employees are more likely to be tech-savvy.
eligibleEligible employees can enroll in the program.
postalThe postal employees worked diligently to deliver the mail on time.
industrialIndustrial employees are often exposed to hazardous materials.
managerialOur company provides a wide range of benefits to our managerial employees
fewerThere are fewer employees in the company this year than last year.
retiredThe company honored their retired employees at an annual luncheon.
paidThe company had over 10,000 paid employees
japaneseJapanese employees are known for their dedication and hard work.
corporateThe corporate employees were working hard to meet their deadlines.
trainedWe have trained employees who can help you with your home improvement needs.
termThe company has a large number of term employees who are hired for a specific period of time.
loyalLoyal employees are the backbone of any successful business.
administrativeThe administrative employees processed the paperwork efficiently.
supervisoryThe company ensures that supervisory employees are trained to identify and prevent harassment.
technicalWe have many technical employees working for us.
affectedThe company announced layoffs that will impact 10% of its affected employees
compensatedThe unemployment rate is calculated as the number of unemployed persons divided by the number of compensated employees
strikingThe striking employees demanded better wages and working conditions.
injuredInjured employees were quickly transported to the hospital.
disabledDisabled employees have the right to equal opportunities and treatment in the workplace.
africanThe company has a number of African employees
fileI need to file employees' taxes.
unionizedThe unionized employees negotiated a new contract with their employer.
sectorThe sector employees were very happy with their work.
competentWe need to hire more competent employees
governmentalThe governmental employees are responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws of the country.
experiencedThe company relies on the knowledge and expertise of its experienced employees
qualifiedThe company is always looking for qualified employees
manualThe manual employees worked tirelessly to keep the factory running smoothly.
lineThe line employees were responsible for assembling the products.
productiveProductive employees are always sought after by their respective companies.
juniorJunior employees often need guidance and support from their senior colleagues.
serviceService employees include waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and hotel staff.
exemptExempt employees are not subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act's (FLSA) minimum wage and overtime pay requirements.
talentedThe company hired many talented employees to create their new line of products.
subordinateThe manager praised the subordinate employees for their hard work and dedication.
nonunionNonunion employees can often negotiate their own salaries and benefits.
coveredUnder the ACA, covered employees must be offered health insurance by their employers.

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