Adjectives for Employer

Adjectives For Employer

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing employer, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an employer can subtly change the meaning of a sentence, revealing nuances about the relationship or context. A former employer might suggest a past professional relationship, while a prospective employer hints at future possibilities. Mentioning the largest employer in a region emphasizes scale and impact, whereas a new employer could indicate recent changes or beginnings. A single employer often brings to mind issues of dependency or monopoly, and a potential employer opens the door to opportunities. Understand the subtleties each adjective brings to your narrative. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that can describe employers and enrich your descriptions below.
formerShe provided a reference from her former employer
prospectiveI was impressed with the prospective employer's enthusiasm and professionalism.
largestWalmart is the largest employer in the United States.
newI'm excited to work with my new employer who has a reputation for excellence.
singleThe restaurant only has one branch so it is a single employer
potentialThe potential employer was impressed with her resume.
sameJohn and Mary have worked for the same employer for more than 10 years.
majorThis enterprise has been a major employer in the community for many years.
currentI'm very happy with my current employer and I've been with them for over 5 years.
privateJohn worked as a software engineer for a private employer
individualMy husband is an individual employer who owns a construction business.
previousMy previous employer was a great place to work.
presentPlease submit a letter of recommendation from your present employer
oldI contacted my old employer for a job recommendation.
particularI am not sure whether this particular employer will hire me.
biggestThe school district is the biggest employer in the county.
futureI am excited to show my potential to my future employer
whiteThe white employer was very kind to his employees.
principalThe principal employer is responsible for ensuring that all employees are treated fairly.
primaryHis primary employer was a manufacturing company.
corporateMany companies are rated as a top corporate employer
averageThe average employer offers employees paid time off and sick leave.
lateI spoke with my late employer last week.
industrialThe industrial employer has been struggling to find qualified workers.
soleThe company is the sole employer of the worker.
generousI am grateful for my generous employer who gives me a fair salary and benefits.
immediateI need to contact my immediate employer for a reference.
chiefThe chief employer in the city is a multinational corporation.
reasonableA reasonable employer would have known that the employee was not qualified for the position.
secondary"John has been working at his secondary employer as a part-time waiter for the past year."
multiThe multi employer pension fund is a type of retirement plan that is sponsored by two or more employers.
benevolentThe benevolent employer provided generous benefits to their employees.
dominantThe dominant employer in the area is a manufacturing company.
fairThe company is widely recognized as a fair employer
richThe rich employer paid his employees well above minimum wage.
wealthyThe wealthy employer offered me a generous salary and benefits package.
enlightenedThe enlightened employer provided comprehensive benefits and opportunities for professional development to their employees.
unscrupulousThe unscrupulous employer refused to pay his workers overtime.
priorI submitted my resume and cover letter to my prior employer
wiseThe wise employer offered flexible working hours to his employees.
insuredThe insured employer is required to report the accident to the carrier within 10 days.
paternalisticThe paternalistic employer provided housing, healthcare, and other benefits to its workers.
responsibleA responsible employer ensures the well-being of their employees and maintains a positive work environment.
considerateThe considerate employer gave all staff an extra day of leave.
idealThe ideal employer supports professional growth and provides fair compensation.
progressiveThe progressive employer offers a diverse and inclusive workplace.
affirmativeWe are looking for an affirmative employer

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