Adjectives for Employment

Adjectives For Employment

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing employment, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe employment can significantly shift the perception of job status. For instance, full employment suggests a fulfilling, possibly demanding role, while total employment might imply an economy at its peak performance. On the other hand, time as a qualifier, as in full-time or part-time, offers insight into the hours committed. Public employment denotes government roles, contrasting with industrial jobs in private sectors. Meanwhile, regular employment can imply stability and permanence. Each adjective unveils a layer about the employment type, reflecting on its nature and the bearer's status. Explore the full suite of adjectives to uncover the precise character of employment in various contexts.
fullFull employment is a situation in which all those who are willing and able to work have jobs.
totalTotal employment in the United States has been on a steady upward trend in recent years
timeShe worked a significant amount of time employment
publicThe town is advertising for applications for various positions in public employment
industrialIndustrial employment has declined in recent years due to automation and outsourcing.
regularShe quit her regular employment to start her own business.
femaleThe female employment rate has increased significantly in the last decade.
selfI am considering self employment to have more control over my career.
agriculturalAgricultural employment in the United States has been declining for decades.
permanentThe company offered her permanent employment after she had been a temp for six months.
steadyHaving steady employment is important for financial stability.
privateShe had previous experience in private employment
maternalThe study found that maternal employment was positively associated with child development.
temporaryThe company offered temporary employment to the laid-off workers.
alternativeThe company is offering alternative employment to the employees who are being laid off.
suitableShe quickly secured suitable employment at a local restaurant.
futureShe has excellent teamwork skills that will help her in future employment
productiveThe employees were rewarded with bonuses for their productive employment
constantJohn held constant employment for the past ten years.
profitableWorking from home has not necessarily meant profitable employment
continuousShe has had continuous employment with the same company for the past 10 years.
additionalShe got an additional employment at a nearby store.
urbanUrban employment has been on the rise in recent years.
ruralThe lack of rural employment opportunities has led to a decline in the population of rural areas.
formalMany people work in formal employment
farmFarm employment is a major source of income for rural communities.
continuedHe is eligible for continued employment at this time.
federalThe federal employment rate has been steadily increasing over the past decade.
outsideI'm sorry, I can't do any outside employment
directThe company provides direct employment to over 1000 people.
stableHaving stable employment provides peace of mind and financial security.
activeMy father is in active employment as a high-school teacher.
domesticShe worked in domestic employment for many years.
professionalMargaret has held many positions of professional employment including her current role as an occupational therapist.
termThe company is looking to hire several employees on a term employment basis.
remunerativeThe recent economic downturn has made it difficult to find remunerative employment
previousI am writing to express my interest in the position of [position name] at [company name], as advertised on [website]. I have been working as a [previous employment] for the past [number] years, and I have a strong track record of [achievements].
casualHe was working in a casual employment position at the department store.
civilianSarah got a civilian employment for the government after she retired from the Air Force.
lucrativeHe was offered lucrative employment as a computer programmer.
informalInformal employment refers to unreported or unregistered work for pay.
immediate10 experienced chefs are needed for immediate employment
chiefThe chief employment of the municipality is the making of baskets.
civilJohn left the military service and took up civil employment
nonagriculturalThe government hopes the tax credit will help spur nonagricultural employment
competitiveIndividuals with disabilities can achieve competitive employment with the right support.
paidShe quit her paid employment to travel the world.
maleThe data shows male employment is still higher than female employment.
collarCollar employment is a type of employment that typically requires a person to wear a uniform and work in a customer service role.
sufficientTheir mission is to provide free, sufficient employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities and barriers to traditional employment.
successfulThe successful employment of new technology has led to increased productivity.
overallThe overall employment was steady in 2020.
sectorThe rise of the service sector led to increased sector employment
irregularIrregular employment has become increasingly common in recent years.
salariedMany people in salaried employment receive benefits such as health insurance.
skilledThe firm offers skilled employment opportunities for experienced workers.
extensiveI am seeking a new opportunity that offers extensive employment benefits.
aggregateThe aggregate employment increased by 5% in the last quarter.
secureHe had secure employment as a government clerk.
maximumThe government's policies aim to achieve maximum employment
adequateShe was offered adequate employment with a good salary and many benefits.
frequentBecause of the frequent employment of automation, many jobs are being eliminated.
meaningfulMeaningful employment is the key to a fulfilling life.

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