Adjectives for End

Adjectives For End

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing end, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the 'end' of something can greatly affect the nuance of your sentence. Whether it's the 'other end' conveying a sense of distance or difference, the 'lower end' implying a decrease or less favorable position, or the 'upper end' suggesting elevation or superiority. Then there's the 'far end', which stretches the imagination to distant limits, or the 'very end', emphasizing the absolute finality of something. Each adjective, from 'east' to others, paints a unique picture of conclusion, emphasizing various aspects of cessation or completion. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and the unique hues they add to the 'end' in the list below.
otherThe other end of the line is connected to the mainframe.
lowerThe quality of the lower end products is poor.
upperThe upper end of the market is expected to grow significantly over the next few years.
farThe far end of the hall was dimly lit.
veryThe marathon was exhausting, but I crossed the finish line at the very end
eastThe east end of the island was the most populated.
westI'm going to the West end to see a show.
northThe north end of the park is home to a playground.
oppositeThe opposite end of the spectrum represents a completely different approach.
distalThe distal end of the bone was fractured.
southThe south end of the park is near the lake.
frontThe front end of the house was beautiful.
southernThe southern end of the island is a popular tourist destination.
easternThe eastern end of the island is dominated by a large mountain range.
deadThis path leads to a dead end
northernThe northern end of the island is a popular tourist destination.
westernThe western end of the city is home to many historic buildings.
anteriorThe anterior end of the fish is blunt and has a protruding eye.
posteriorThe posterior end of the rat was examined.
latterThe latter end of the afternoon was the best time for a walk.
freeThe free end of the rope was frayed and worn.
rearI bumped the rear end of the car in front of me.
proximalThe proximal end of the bone is wider than the distal end.
weekWe're going to the beach this week end
rightLet's turn right end of the street .
extremeThe extreme end of the spectrum is often reserved for those who have made significant contributions to their field.
ultimateThe ultimate end of all life is death.
leftThe rope was tied to the left end of the railing.
bitterI fought until the bitter end but I was ultimately defeated.
abruptHe stopped his speech in an abrupt end leaving the audience confused.
backThe back end of the system needs to be upgraded.
outerThe outer end of the pipe was bent.
finalThe final end of the story was a mystery.
wrongThe horses went the wrong end of the road.
tragicThe play had a tragic end
chiefThe chief end of human existence is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.
deepThe child jumped right into the deep end
innerThe inner end of the cylinder was closed.
looseThe police wanted to tie up all the loose ends before they closed the case.
bottomThe bottom end of the scale was excellent.
forwardThe forward end of the boat was painted blue.
pointedThe scissors had a pointed end
yearWe hope to see you at the year end party.
suddenThe meeting came to a sudden end when the fire alarm sounded.
untimelyThe untimely end of the young prince shocked the kingdom.
closedThe closed end of the pipe was capped off.
narrowThe narrow end of the funnel directed the liquid into the small opening.
terminalThe terminal end of the chromosome is marked by a telomere.
handThe hand end of the rod should be inserted into the hole.
caudalThe caudal end of the spine is attached to the pelvis.
inevitableThe inevitable end was approaching swiftly.
definiteThe project had a definite end in sight.
bluntHe spoke with a blunt end not mincing his words.
sharpWatch out for the sharp end of the stick.
desirableThe desirable end of the experiment was achieved.
thinThe thin end of the wedge is often overlooked.
sadThe movie came to a sad end
supremeIn pursuit of the supreme end I will endure unyielding hardships.
fixedThe fixed end of the beam is supported by a concrete column.
happyThey lived happily ever after, finding their perfect happy end
roundedThe table has a rounded end and a square top.
speedyHis illness came to a speedy end
violentThe play met a violent end during its third night of performances.
soleHis sole end was to become a doctor.
logicalThe logical end of the argument is that we should all agree.

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