Adjectives for Endorsement

Adjectives For Endorsement

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing endorsement, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'endorsement' can dramatically alter its impact and perception. An official endorsement implies a formal, perhaps institutional backing, carrying a weight of authority. A strong endorsement conveys a sense of robust support, often signaling confidence and trust. When described as enthusiastic, the endorsement is seen as passionate and wholehearted, adding a layer of personal conviction. A public endorsement highlights the endorsement's visibility and communal acceptance, whereas a full or unqualified endorsement suggests an unwavering, comprehensive support, leaving no room for doubt. Each adjective shades the noun with unique nuances, coloring the audience’s perception in subtle, yet profound ways. Discover more about the vast array of adjectives that can partner with 'endorsement' and explore the shades of meaning they bring.
officialThe official endorsement of the candidate was announced at the press conference.
strongThe new product received a strong endorsement from the industry experts.
enthusiasticThe governor provided an enthusiastic endorsement of the new law.
publicThe television commercial included a public endorsement from a medical doctor.
fullI give this product my full endorsement
unqualifiedI can't give an unqualified endorsement to the candidate until I've had a chance to thoroughly review his platform.
formalThe company received a formal endorsement from the industry association.
generalThe general endorsement on the check allows anyone to cash it.
personalThe spokesperson gave the product a glowing personal endorsement
politicalThe candidate received a political endorsement from the former president.
heartyThe mayor gave a hearty endorsement to the new city park.
unanimousThe proposal received unanimous endorsement from the board.
popularThe candidate secured popular endorsement for his economic policies.
specialThe Special endorsement from the governor was a huge boost for the candidate's campaign.
qualifiedThe company received a qualified endorsement from the financial analyst.
explicitThe advertisement contained an explicit endorsement of the product.
overwhelmingThe candidate received an overwhelming endorsement from the voters.
tacitThe author's tacit endorsement of the new policy was evident in his careful choice of words.
positiveThe company's positive endorsement of the product boosted sales.
blankThe company received a blank endorsement from the regulatory agency.
restrictiveThe check was endorsed with a restrictive endorsement payable only to John Doe.
wholeheartedWe offer our wholehearted endorsement of this outstanding product.
widespreadThe resolution received widespread endorsement from the electorate
clearThe company's recent actions represent a clear endorsement of its commitment to sustainability.
emphaticThe unanimous consensus of experts provides an emphatic endorsement for this groundbreaking discovery.
completeThe legislature gave the proposed legislation its complete endorsement
apparentThe company's apparent endorsement of the product raised ethical concerns.
warmThe candidate received a warm endorsement from the local political party.
unequivocalThe President's unequivocal endorsement of the candidate shocked many political observers.
presidentialAfter months of speculation, the senator finally received the coveted presidential endorsement
finalFollowing the final endorsement the project was finally approved.
openThe president gave an open endorsement to the new candidate.
impliedHis lofty tone implied endorsement of the plan.
internationalThe international endorsement bolstered our reputation in the global market.
congressionalThe congressional endorsement was a major victory for the candidate.
powerfulThe former president's powerful endorsement helped propel the candidate to victory.
lukewarmThe committee gave a lukewarm endorsement to the proposal.
strongestHis strongest endorsement came from former President Barack Obama.
universalThe proposal received universal endorsement from all parties involved.
strongerThe new CEO received a stronger endorsement from investors this quarter.
forgedThe forged endorsement led to the arrest of the fraudulent businessman.
legalThe legal endorsement of the product was not enough to convince me to buy it.
uncriticalThe uncritical endorsement of conspiracy theories can lead to dangerous consequences.
properThe contract is invalid without proper endorsement
broadThe broad endorsement of the new policy was a surprise to many.
democraticThe candidate received the democratic endorsement for the upcoming election.
subsequentThe subsequent endorsement from the CEO solidified the project's success.
legislativeThe legislative endorsement of the bill was a major victory for the environmentalists.
writtenI received a written endorsement from the CEO of the company.
divineThe divine endorsement of the project gave it an aura of legitimacy.
editorialThe candidate received an editorial endorsement from the local newspaper.
outrightThe senator's outright endorsement of the candidate came as a surprise to many.
earlierI declined to give an earlier endorsement for the candidate.
cautiousThe review gave a cautious endorsement of the product, noting its strengths but also its limitations.
partyThe candidate received the party endorsement giving him a significant advantage in the race.
activeShe had offered her active endorsement of the new legislation.
heartedMayor Smith gave his hearted endorsement to the new park proposal.
cordialThe CEO provided a cordial endorsement of his employees' most recent project.
wholesaleThe party's wholesale endorsement of the candidate's policies surprised many voters.
partialThe board of directors gave their partial endorsement to the proposed merger.
mereThe mere endorsement of a product does not imply a guarantee of its quality.
extendedThe candidate's extended endorsement has given him a significant boost in the polls.
favorableThe reviewer's favorable endorsement generated significant interest in the new product.
institutionalThe company's recent financial report received institutional endorsement
conditionalThe company's conditional endorsement of the product depends on its meeting certain performance criteria.
republicanThe conservative organization gave its republican endorsement to Tom Smith, a staunch conservative.
reflectiveJeremy's reflective endorsement was submitted after reading the policy.
judicialThe court's judicial endorsement of the settlement agreement was a significant victory for the plaintiffs.
limitedThe bank provided a limited endorsement on the back of the check.
governmentalThe new policy includes governmental endorsement for the use of renewable energy sources.
parliamentaryThe parliamentary endorsement was a significant development in the political landscape.
authoritativeThe report received authoritative endorsement from a panel of experts.

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