Adjectives for Ends

Adjectives For Ends

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ends, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe ends can subtly change the meaning or emphasis of a sentence. For example, own ends speaks to personal motives, while opposite ends highlight stark differences in goals or outcomes. Describing something as loose ends implies unfinished or unresolved issues, whereas political ends denote objectives grounded in governance or power dynamics. Mentioning lower ends might refer to less significant aims, and dead ends signify a complete halt in progress. Each adjective not only colors the noun but also enriches the narrative texture, offering insights into the nuanced intentions or outcomes being described. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with ends to explore the intricate layers of meaning each combination can convey.
ownThe politician used his own ends to gain power.
oppositeDifferences appear at opposite ends of the spectrum.
looseThe detective was determined to tie up all the loose ends in the case.
politicalHe used his position to further his own political ends
lowerThe lower ends of the branches touched the ground.
deadThe road full of dead ends was impossible to navigate.
selfishShe used her position for selfish ends
freeShe left a lot of free ends in her research.
weekThe week ends on Sunday.
certainCertain ends justify uncertain means.
roundedThe table had rounded ends and a smooth surface.
upperThe upper ends of the posts were painted yellow.
privateThe company's private ends were not aligned with the public good.
extremeThe extreme ends of the spectrum are often the most misunderstood.
ultimateThe ultimate ends of this project were to improve efficiency and productivity.
personalThe lawyer pursued personal ends in his defense of the case.
practicalLet's use these materials for practical ends
outerThe outer ends of the branches were covered in tiny leaves
pointedThe sharp, pointed ends of the thorns pricked her skin.
moralThe moral ends of our actions should be our guiding principles.
brokenThe broken ends of the rope hung limply from the ceiling.
innerThe inner ends of the pipes are threaded.
desirableThe most desirable ends of a happy life are tranquility and peace.
anteriorThe anterior ends of the bodies converge towards a narrow isthmus.
frontThe front ends of the system are all connected to the database.
bluntThe team blunt ends the DNA fragments before ligating them into the plasmid.
fixedThe bridge had fixed ends to prevent expansion and contraction.
rearThe car's rear ends were damaged in the accident.
nobleThey pursued the noble ends even at the risk of their lives.
distalThe distal ends of the bones were eroded.
flatThe metal bars had flat ends that were used to connect them together.
spiritualThe monastery offers spiritual ends for all who come in search of peace.
narrowThe two narrow ends of the rectangle are parallel.
immediateThis is an example sentence with the phrase 'immediate ends'.
definiteIts definite ends are fixed and the width is spiral.
terminalThe individual's terminal ends were badly damaged in the accident.
farThe far ends of the earth are rich with natural resources.
stickyThe researchers used sticky ends to join the two fragments of DNA.
sharpSharp ends threaten to tear delicate fabrics.
usefulI hope that in some small way my essay will serve some useful ends
idealThe ideal ends justify the means.
eastThe east ends of the north-south streets are numbered consecutively from 1 to 40.
novelHis novel ends with a resounding affirmation of the human spirit.
legitimateTheir pursuit of legitimate ends was a noble one.
worthyThe means do not always justify the ends, but worthy ends justify the worthy means.
fracturedThe fractured ends of glass shimmered in the moonlight.
respectiveThey each wear a mask that covers their respective ends of the spectrum.
bottomThe bottom ends of the poles were charred.
evilEvil ends corrupt good beginnings.
topThe hiking trails at the top ends of the mountains had abundant wildflower blooms.
cohesiveThe cohesive ends of the DNA strands allow them to stick together during replication.
closedThe pipes had closed ends
taperedThe object's tapered ends allowed for easy insertion.

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