Adjectives for Enemies

Adjectives For Enemies

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing enemies, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe enemies can vastly change the tone and depth of your sentence. Describing your antagonists as many can evoke a sense of overwhelming odds, while natural might imply an inevitable clash. Political enemies engage in a battle of wits and strategies, differing significantly from the worst or bitter enemies who bring personal vendettas into play. Mentioning old enemies can hint at long-standing feuds or rivalries, adding layers of history and intensity. Each adjective unveils unique facets and colors the narrative in intriguing ways. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'enemies' to explore the nuanced dynamics they reveal.
manyHe had many enemies who wanted to see him dead.
naturalPenguins and polar bears are natural enemies in the Arctic.
politicalThe two political enemies finally reached a truce after years of bitter rivalry.
worstDespite being the worst enemies they were forced to work together.
bitterThe two brothers had been bitter enemies since their bitter falling out over money.
oldThe old enemies finally reconciled.
foreignWe must be vigilant against foreign enemies who seek to harm our country.
formerThey were former enemies but now they are the best of friends.
powerfulThe politician had to contend with powerful enemies
potentialIt's important to be aware of potential enemies
mortalThe two rivals were mortal enemies locked in a bitter feud for years.
externalThe country faced many external enemies during the war.
bitterestThe two men had been bitterest enemies for years, but now they were forced to work together.
commonThe two countries had put aside their differences and joined forces against their common enemies
greatestMario and Bowser are the greatest enemies
dangerousBe careful with dangerous enemies
deadlyThe deadly enemies clashed in a bloody battle.
traditionalAfter centuries of being traditional enemies the two nations finally signed a peace treaty.
internalHe should be guarded against internal enemies
openThey were open enemies and their rivalry was well-known.
numerousMany adversaries pursued the valiant knight with numerous enemies lying in wait at every turn.
inveterateThe two nations had been inveterate enemies for centuries.
formidableFormidable enemies posed a significant threat to the kingdom's security.
ancientThe ancient enemies of the kingdom were waiting at the gate, poised to attack.
alienThe alien enemies were relentless in their pursuit.
domesticWe must be vigilant against both foreign and domestic enemies
secretThe senator had many secret enemies in the government.
chiefThe two tribes were long-standing chief enemies
spiritualHer spiritual enemies were always around her.
irreconcilableThe two nations had been irreconcilable enemies for centuries.
cruelOur cruel enemies have been defeated.
declaredThe two countries had been declared enemies for decades.
outsideThe kingdom was weakened by famine and outside enemies
invisibleBeware of invisible enemies hiding in the shadows.
deadThe battleground was littered with the bodies of his dead enemies
armedThe armed enemies approached cautiously with their weapons raised.
deadliestThe deadliest enemies are those who are close to us.
conqueredGeneral Grant showed mercy towards his conquered enemies
imaginaryThe imaginary enemies he had created in his mind haunted him at night.
eternalThe two countries have been eternal enemies for centuries.
fierceThe fierce enemies faced off on the battlefield.
savageThe savage enemies mercilessly attacked the defenceless village.
fewerThere are fewer enemies in the kingdom now that the war is over.
hiddenBeware of hidden enemies lurking in the shadows.
erstwhileThe erstwhile enemies embraced in a gesture of reconciliation.
terribleThe two men were terrible enemies but they had to work together to save the day.
worseThey were once friends, but now they are worse enemies
ideologicalThe two countries were ideological enemies for many years.
insectThe birds loved to eat the insect enemies
wickedThe cunning fox had many wicked enemies who plotted to bring him down.
unseenThe unseen enemies struck with deadly precision.
victoriousThe victorious enemies celebrated their triumph with a grand feast.
relentlessThe relentless enemies continued to pursue us.
innumerableThe government faced innumerable enemies during its reign.
maliciousIt is always wise to be on guard against malicious enemies

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