Adjectives for Energy

Adjectives For Energy

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing energy, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'energy' evokes a powerful sense of movement, potential, and transformation. When paired with adjectives such as 'kinetic' or 'potential', it highlights the dynamic or stored nature of energy, respectively. 'High' energy calls to mind vigor and intensity, while 'free' energy touches upon the concept of energy that is available to do work, free from entropy's constraints. Considering 'total' energy gives a nod to the sum of all forms of energy within a system. Each adjective not only enriches the noun but also opens a window into the vast landscape of physics, chemistry, and beyond, hinting at the complex interactions that power our universe. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring to life the different dimensions of 'energy' below.
kineticThe kinetic energy of the car increased as it accelerated down the hill.
potentialThe ball has potential energy when it is held at a certain height.
highThe excited children ran around with high energy levels.
freeThe free energy of the system decreased as the reaction progressed.
totalThe total energy of the system remained constant throughout the experiment.
moreI feel more energy today.
solarSolar energy is a clean, renewable source of energy that can be used to power homes and businesses.
lowThe battery had low energy and needed to be replaced.
nuclearNuclear energy could provide a cleaner and more sustainable future for our planet.
muchThe hyperactive dog ran around the yard with much energy
atomicAtomic energy is a powerful source of energy but it must be used responsibly.
internalThe internal energy of a system is the sum of the kinetic and potential energy of its particles.
mechanicalInserting the key into the lock converted chemical energy into mechanical energy
radiantThe bright light emitted by the radiant energy of the sun filled the room.
thermalThermal energy caused the metal to expand.
bindingThe strength of the force that holds the nucleons together in an atomic nucleus is known as binding energy
creativeThe creative energy flowed through the artist's brushstrokes.
electricThe electric energy was pulsing through the wires.
lessHe felt less energy after working 12 hour shifts.
enoughThe robot had enough energy to complete its mission.
averageThe overall average energy of the system is slowly increasing.
physicalThe physical energy required to complete the task was significant.
nervousHer nervous energy made her pace anxiously.
sufficientThe battery had sufficient energy to power the flashlight for hours.
availableThe available energy of the system is decreasing.
vitalAbundant vital energy flowed throughout his body, making him feel invincible.
higherThe excited electrons had higher energy states.
lowerThe engine was running on lower energy than usual.
mentalI lack the mental energy to continue working.
psychicShe felt an overwhelming surge of psychic energy coursing through her body.
excessThe child was full of excess energy after his nap.
lightPlants convert light energy from the sun into chemical energy through photosynthesis.
negativeI can't stand being around people with negative energy
maximumThe athlete exerted maximum energy during the sprint.
positiveThe room was filled with such positive energy that it was almost tangible.
electromagneticElectromagnetic energy travels through space in the form of waves.
spiritualThe mystic absorbed the spiritual energy from the sacred relic.
minimumThe minimum energy required to excite an electron from the ground state to the first excited state is 3.1 eV.
renewableWe must rely on renewable energy to protect our planet.
elasticThe elastic energy stored in the spring is released when it is released.
magneticThe magnetic energy stored in the coil is released when the circuit is opened.
lowestThe electron is in its lowest energy state.
meanThe molecule's mean energy increased.
soundThe vibrations created by the sound energy caused the glass to shatter.
tremendousThe athlete performed the workout with tremendous energy
extraAfter his nap, the child was filled with extra energy
divineI felt the divine energy flow through me as I meditated.
gravitationalThe gravitational energy of the system decreased.
geothermalGeothermal energy is a sustainable source of energy that can be used to generate electricity or heat homes.
intellectualDespite his advanced age, his intellectual energy remained undiminished.
boundlessThe overly caffeinated toddler has boundless energy
absorbedThe intense laser beam was absorbed energy by the material.
enormousShe was a bundle of enormous energy always bursting with enthusiasm.
restlessThe restless energy of the crowd was palpable.
vibrationalThe vibrational energy of the molecule was measured using infrared spectroscopy.
rotationalThe rotational energy is the kinetic energy associated with the rotation of an object.
characteristicHer characteristic energy and boundless enthusiasm were contagious.
chemicalThe chemical energy stored in food is used to power our bodies.
acousticThe acoustic energy of the sound wave was measured using a sound level meter.
usefulThe useful energy of the battery was 100 watt-hours.
untiringShe pushed through the task with untiring energy
netThe net energy produced by the reaction is 10 kJ.
rayThe ray energy pierced through the darkness, illuminating the path.
muscularThe muscular energy was evident in his movements and gestures.
massThe mass energy of an object is a measure of its total energy.
cosmicThe ancient runes harnessed the cosmic energy from the stars.
electrostaticThe electrostatic energy stored in a capacitor is related to its capacitance and charge.
indomitableFueled by an indomitable energy he never gave up on his dreams.
turbulentThe turbulent energy of the waves crashed against the shore.
extraordinaryThe child was full of extraordinary energy
interfacialInterfacial energy is the energy required to create an interface between two different phases.
electronicThe electronic energy of the molecule was calculated using density functional theory.

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