Adjectives for Enforcement

Adjectives For Enforcement

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing enforcement, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe enforcement can significantly shape the perception of its execution and effectiveness. Strict enforcement implies a no-tolerance policy, often deterring violations through fear of consequences. Effective enforcement, on the other hand, suggests that procedures are not only in place but are also achieving their intended goals. While local enforcement highlights the community-based approach, emphasizing closer supervision, legal and rigid enforcement highlight the framework within which operations are conducted, often pointing to the inflexibility in application. In contrast, antitrust enforcement focuses on ensuring fair competition, safeguarding interests against monopolistic practices. Explore the full spectrum of nuances that these and other adjectives uncover when used with enforcement.
strictThe police announced strict enforcement of traffic laws.
effectiveEffective enforcement of the law is essential for a well-functioning society.
localThe local enforcement arrived on the scene promptly.
legalThe legal enforcement of this new regulation was swift.
rigidStrict adherence to the rules ensured rigid enforcement
vigorousThe vigorous enforcement of the law has led to a reduction in crime.
federalThe federal enforcement of the law was swift and decisive.
judicialThe judicial enforcement of the agreement will be sought if necessary.
stricterThe recent protests led to stricter enforcement of curfew in the city.
laxLax enforcement of the regulations led to widespread violations and a decrease in public safety.
rigorousDue to rigorous enforcement of the rules, the crime rate in the city has dropped significantly.
betterThe police department is implementing better enforcement of traffic laws.
selectiveThe prosecutor's selective enforcement of the law created a sense of injustice in the community.
properThe proper enforcement of rules ensures compliance and maintains order.
privateThe private enforcement of contracts is an important aspect of contract law.
criminalThe company was found guilty of criminal enforcement and fined \$1 million.
lawLaw enforcement officers are responsible for upholding the law and protecting the public.
civilCivil enforcement actions against individuals or businesses can be used to stop violations of the law.
weakLegislation can have weak enforcement due to lack of resources or political will.
actualThe department's actual enforcement activity can be broken down into several subcomponents.
internationalThe international enforcement of human rights law is essential for protecting the rights of all people.
fullThe local police force has announced full enforcement of the city's new parking regulations.
strongWith strong enforcement the policy ensures that all employees follow the company's guidelines.
stringentThe stringent enforcement of regulations has helped to improve safety standards.
environmentalBill S.1498 has improved environmental enforcement against polluters.}
administrativeThe administrative enforcement of the law was swift and decisive.
efficientThe efficient enforcement of laws and regulations is crucial for maintaining order and protecting citizens' rights.
regulatoryThe company faces regulatory enforcement actions for violations of environmental regulations.
poorThe poor enforcement of the law led to a surge in crime.
aggressiveThe police department has adopted an aggressive enforcement policy against drunk driving.
inadequateInadequate enforcement of the regulations has led to widespread violations and a lack of compliance.
domesticThe domestic enforcement of the treaty proved challenging in some countries.
strongerThe stronger enforcement of laws led to a decrease in crime rate.
consistentConsistent enforcement of the law is essential for maintaining order in society.
practicalThe government's policies sought practical enforcement of strict environmental standards.
collectiveCollective enforcement ensured that everyone in the group followed the rules.
successfulThe successful enforcement of the law ensured a safer community.
activeThe police will take active enforcement actions against drunk driving during the holiday season.
immediateThe new regulation will be put into immediate enforcement
fairThe police need to focus on a fair enforcement of traffic laws for everyone.
arbitraryThe arbitrary enforcement of the law led to widespread resentment among the citizens.
impartialWith impartial enforcement all citizens are treated fairly under the law.
reciprocalThe reciprocal enforcement of judgments between countries is governed by international agreements.
formalFormal enforcement of the law is necessary to ensure that the rights of all citizens are respected.
tougherThe bill includes tougher enforcement against those who violate the law.
partyThe party enforcement measures were strict and resulted in many arrests.
ineffectiveThe environmental regulations have proved futile due to ineffective enforcement
continuedThe continued enforcement of the law has resulted in a decrease in crime.
coerciveThey tried to use coercive enforcement to make people do what they wanted.
toughThe new law has tough enforcement provisions to ensure compliance.
compulsoryThe compulsory enforcement of the zoning laws ensured that the neighborhood maintained its character.
literalThe police officer's literal enforcement of the law led to the arrest of many people.
honestHonest enforcement of the law is essential for a just and equitable society.
selfThe pact will work on self enforcement
dueThe due enforcement of laws is essential for maintaining order in a society.
universalThe law enforcement officers were responsible for the universal enforcement of the law.
narcoticsThe narcotics enforcement agency seized a large shipment of illegal drugs.
systematicThe systematic enforcement of the law was necessary to maintain order.
governmentalThe governmental enforcement of environmental regulations is essential for protecting public health and the environment.
differentialThe study focuses on the policing tactic known in the literature as "differential enforcement" or "selective enforcement," which refers to the selective application of laws and regulations to certain groups of people or communities.
harshThe harsh enforcement of the new law has led to widespread resentment.
unevenThe uneven enforcement of the law is a problem that needs to be addressed.
firmFirm enforcement of the law is essential for maintaining order.
informalThe informal enforcement of social norms can be effective in deterring crime.
routineThe police used routine enforcement to deter crime in the neighborhood.
inconsistentThe inconsistent enforcement of the law leads to confusion and distrust.

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