Adjectives for Engagement

Adjectives For Engagement

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing engagement, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'engagement' can significantly affect the tone and detail of your sentence. 'First engagement' may allude to an initial encounter or commitment, perhaps filled with anticipation or anxiety. A 'general engagement,' however, might suggest a broad or widespread commitment, lacking specificity but conveying magnitude. 'Active engagement' indicates involvement and participation that is energetic and committed. In contrast, 'political' and 'civic engagement' evoke the idea of participation in public or community affairs, each with its own connotation of duty and activism. Meanwhile, 'naval engagement' transports us to the realm of maritime confrontations, steeped in strategy and history. Each adjective steers the noun 'engagement' into nuanced territories, enriching the narrative with precise detail. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to deploy with 'engagement' for more expressive and detailed writings below.
firstTheir first engagement was a great success.
generalThe general engagement of the troops took place in the early morning.
activeOur active engagement with the community led to a successful outcome.
politicalThere is a growing concern among citizens about decreasing political engagement
civicCivic engagement is the process of participating in the democratic process.
navalThe naval engagement between the two fleets was fierce and lasted for several hours.
socialSocial engagement has been shown to have a positive impact on mental and physical health.
longThey had a long engagement before getting married.
constructiveThe organization's global policy is based on the principle of constructive engagement
previousI regret to inform you that I will not be able to attend the meeting on Tuesday due to a previous engagement
militaryThe US military engagement in Afghanistan began in 2001.
criticalThe professor's critical engagement with the text led to a deeper understanding of its complexities.
importantThis important engagement will help us achieve our goals.
decisiveThe decisive engagement took place on a cold, winter morning.
directThe senator's direct engagement with the electorate was essential to his reelection.
seriousThe serious engagement of the team was evident in their performance.
majorThe two companies announced a major engagement to collaborate on a new project.
emotionalThe emotional engagement of the audience was palpable.
personalStudents should have personal engagement in their academic journey.
sharpThe executives held a sharp engagement about the quarterly results over dinner.
solemnWe witnessed the solemn engagement ceremony with great emotion.
severeThe dancer's severe engagement with the choreography led to her aching muscles and sore feet.
formalThe couple announced their formal engagement at a garden party.
intellectualThe intellectual engagement in the seminar was both lively and productive.
positivePositive engagement fosters a collaborative and supportive environment.
brokenShe was overcome with grief after her broken engagement
successfulThe project was a successful engagement for both the client and the vendor.
mutualWe maintained mutual engagement and respect throughout our collaboration.
internationalHer background in international engagement includes work with NATO and the UN.
briefThe couple had a brief engagement before getting married.
priorI am unable to attend due to prior engagement
actualThe project team's actual engagement exceeded the estimated timeline.
regularRegular engagement with customers can increase brand loyalty.
fierceThe fierce engagement between the two armies lasted for hours.
bloodyThe battle was a bloody engagement that lasted for hours.
professionalHis professional engagement includes various scientific associations.
closeShe enjoyed the close engagement with the residents of the village.
initialThe initial engagement was a success.
weekThe team decided to postpone the week engagement ring retreat due to the weather.
limitedThe special movie screening is a limited engagement so get your tickets while you can!
deepThe workshop facilitated deep engagement with the participants.
intenseThe team's intense engagement with the project led to remarkable results.
cognitiveThe study examined the effects of cognitive engagement on academic performance.
immediateThe immediate engagement of the new recruits was a testament to their dedication.
creativeThe creative engagement with the audience fostered a lively discussion.
academicThe professor encouraged academic engagement during the lecture.
obstinateTheir obstinate engagement in pursuing the vision led to remarkable results.
subsequentThis meeting is a subsequent engagement on the same topic.
stakeholderStakeholder engagement is vital for project success.
imaginativeThe imaginative engagement of the students in the classroom brought their learning to life.
meaningfulThe meaningful engagement of employees is crucial for organizational success.
ongoingThe ongoing engagement with the client has resulted in a successful partnership.
selectiveThe company's selective engagement strategy focused on targeting only the most profitable customers.
indecisiveThe team's indecisive engagement led to a chaotic and unproductive meeting.
partialHis partial engagement in the project left the team wondering if he was fully committed.
passionateThe passionate engagement of the students stimulated lively debate in the classroom.
genuineThe group's genuine engagement with the community fostered lasting relationships.
memorableHe got a promotion in his work after a memorable engagement with the client.
permanentThe organization's permanent engagement with the community fostered a deep sense of trust and collaboration.
definiteThe conference's definite engagement led to a successful outcome.
briskThe debate was characterized by brisk engagement

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