Adjectives for England

Adjectives For England

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing england, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'England' paints a vivid image of a diverse and multifaceted country. Descriptors such as 'new' and 'old' highlight the stark contrast between the modern and historical aspects of England, embodying its ability to blend centuries of tradition with cutting-edge innovation. Similarly, 'northern' and 'southern' point to geographical disparities, reflecting the varied landscapes and cultural nuances from the rugged beauty of the North to the warmer, bustling cities in the South. The adjectives 'early' and 'century' further delve into England's rich history and its influence through different periods. Each adjective weaves a unique story, offering insights into the depth and complexity of England. Explore the full list of adjectives below to discover more about this intriguing country.
newThe New england Patriots are a professional American football team based in the Greater Boston area.
southernThe rolling hills of Southern england are a beautiful sight to behold.
oldOld england is a beautiful country with a rich history.
northernThe northern england countryside is beautiful this time of year.
earlyIn early england the king was the supreme ruler who had absolute power over the people.
modernModern england is a vibrant and diverse country with a rich history and culture.
medievalLife in medieval england was harsh and brutal.
ruralThe quaint villages and rolling hills of rural england offer a peaceful escape from city life.
eastEast england is a region in the eastern part of England.
lateI regret to inform you that our late england meeting has been canceled.
westThe small fishing village of Boscastle is in the beautiful coastal region of West england
centralCentral england is a region of England that includes the Midlands and East Anglia.
merryThe lush countryside and mirthful spirit of Merry england drew the tourists.
westernThe rolling hills of western england offer a picturesque backdrop for quaint villages and historic towns.
contemporaryThe bustling streets of contemporary england were filled with a vibrant tapestry of cultures.
nativeThe native england population is about 55 million.
dearDear england I wish I could visit you again.
seventeenthDuring seventeenth england people began to grow potatoes as a food source.
southeasternThe southeastern england region is known for its beautiful countryside.
southeastSoutheast england is known for its rolling hills, picturesque countryside, and historic towns.
mediaevalMediaeval england was a time of great social and political change.
southwestThe county town of Bodmin lies roughly in the centre of southwest england
laterLater england introduced a Poor Law system to attempted to provide.
southwesternSouthwestern england is a region in the United Kingdom.
provincialMy mother spent her girlhood among the lush green fields of provincial england
feudalDuring feudal england serfs toiled on the land.
southI live in south england
19thIn 19th england the Industrial Revolution was in full swing.
northwestThe weather in northwest england is often rainy and cloudy.
belovedThe beloved england team played a thrilling match against their rivals.
middleMiddle england is a term used to describe the moderate and socially conservative values of the British middle class.
wartimeDuring wartime england people had to ration food and other resources.
victorianIn Victorian england strict social norms governed every aspect of life.
liberalLiberal england was a period of great social and economic change.
aristocraticLady Sally was a proper lady of aristocratic england
northeasternThe landscape of northeastern england is very beautiful.
conservativeConservative england has long been known for its strict social and economic policies.
postwarPostwar england was a time of great social and economic change.
northwesternThe northwestern england landscapes can be divided into uplands, lowlands, and river valleys.
unitedUnited england triumphed over its foes.
coastalThe coastal england is known for its white cliffs and long sandy beaches.
distantThe distant england was a place of mystery and intrigue.
preindustrialPreindustrial england had a strong economy based on agriculture, manufacturing, and trade.
merrieIn merrie england the peasants toiled hard in the fields.
proudProud england stands tall and proud in all its glory.
imperialImperial england was a major colonial power.
civilizedI went to civilized england recently.

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