Adjectives for Enhancement

Adjectives For Enhancement

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing enhancement, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'enhancement' can subtly change the context and perception of what's being discussed. A 'significant enhancement' suggests a notable or impactful improvement, whereas a 'further enhancement' implies ongoing, continuous improvement. Describing something as a 'contrast enhancement' often relates to visual or qualitative improvements, and an 'induced enhancement' indicates enhancements brought about by a specific action or intervention. The term 'marked enhancement' highlights something clearly noticeable or distinct, and a 'strong enhancement' underscores the intensity or efficacy of the improvement. Each adjective introduces a unique shade of meaning, offering precise ways to discuss improvements or upgrades. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'enhancement' and explore how each can influence the perception of improvement.
significantThe project's significant enhancement made it a resounding success.
furtherThe recent update introduced several new features along with further enhancement to the platform's performance.
contrastTo further enhance the visibility of the patient's internal structures, contrast enhancement was used.
inducedThe induced enhancement of the system's performance was remarkable.
markedThe company's new product design received marked enhancement resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction.
strongThe strong enhancement of the signal made it possible to detect the faint object.
peripheralThe peripheral enhancement of the system provided improved accuracy and efficiency.
selfThe book that I read last week helped with my self enhancement
intenseThe intense enhancement of the image brought out previously unseen details.
geneticGenetic enhancement has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and medicine.
homogeneousThe contrast-enhanced CT scan of the chest showed homogeneous enhancement of the lung parenchyma.
acousticThe concert hall had excellent acoustic enhancement ensuring that every note was crystal clear.
considerableThis mechanism provides the considerable enhancement of the secure and robust transmission of data.
dependentThe arrival of the new equipment resulted in a dependent enhancement in the team's productivity.
abnormalThere was abnormal enhancement of contrast on the T2-weighted images of the spine.
heterogeneousThe mass showed heterogeneous enhancement with multiple internal septations.
immunologicalThe appearance of this immunological enhancement was intriguing.
slightThe results showed a slight enhancement in performance.
selectiveThe selective enhancement strategy is used to improve the performance of a system by focusing on enhancing only the critical aspects.
similarThe proposed design incorporates similar enhancement techniques to increase the system's overall efficiency.
possibleWe have discussed possible enhancement of the system.
rimThe thickening of the margins of the back of the cornea is known as rim enhancement
diffuseThe contrast-enhanced CT scan revealed diffuse enhancement of the liver parenchyma.
signalThe signal enhancement algorithm improved the quality of the audio transmission.
maximumThe maximum enhancement of the image allowed for a clearer view.
substantialThe new technology resulted in a substantial enhancement of the company's productivity.
environmentalThe project's environmental enhancement plan includes measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.
greaterThe greater enhancement in performance has exceeded expectations.
intravenousThe intravenous enhancement of the lesion improved its visibility for surgeons.
mediatedThe mediated enhancement of her intelligence shocked the world.
posteriorThe posterior enhancement of the lesion was noted on MRI.
observedThe latest AI model observed enhancement in image recognition tasks.
mutualThe politician's book tour and the release of his ghostwritten memoir created a mutual enhancement each driving sales of the other.
moderateThe treatment led to a moderate enhancement of the patient's condition.
foldHis swift spin seemed to fold enhancement into the open hand he held forth.
termThe term enhancement refers to the process of improving the quality of a term.
relatedThe related enhancement involves increasing the efficiency of the system.
immuneThe study found that the new treatment led to a significant immune enhancement in patients.
meningealThe meningeal enhancement was most prominent along the tentorium cerebelli.
resonantThe enhanced resonant Raman scattering was attributed to the unique surface plasmon resonant enhancement of the rice-shaped gold nanoparticles.
additionalThe additional enhancement helps improve the performance of the system.
relativeSome of the solutions show relative enhancement in the second period.
minimalThe minimal enhancement to the image was barely noticeable.
dramaticThe new technology promises a dramatic enhancement in productivity.
nodularThe MRI revealed nodular enhancement in the left temporal lobe.
irregularThe MRI scan revealed irregular enhancement in the right temporal lobe.
cognitiveCognitive enhancement technologies have the potential to improve our memory and focus.
uniformThe uniform enhancement process intensifies the overall brightness and contrast of the image.
visualThe visual enhancement made the images appear more vivid and detailed.
prominentThe prominent enhancement of the product resulted in increased sales.
thermalThermal enhancement is a process of increasing the rate of heat transfer between two objects.
progressiveProgressive enhancement is a development technique that involves building a website or application with a core level of functionality that is accessible to all users, regardless of their device or browser capabilities, and then adding optional 'progressive' enhancements that are only available to users with more advanced devices or browsers.
inhomogeneousThe inhomogeneous enhancement in the right temporal lobe was consistent with a glioblastoma.
immunologicImmunologic enhancement can occur when antibodies bind to antigens on the surface of a virus or other pathogen but do not neutralize them.
overallThe overall enhancement of the product led to a significant increase in sales.
rapidArtificial intelligence allows rapid enhancement of images.
variableThe digital platform offers variable enhancement options for its users.
artificialArtificial enhancement can benefit the development of image.
patchyThe patchy enhancement of the signal made it difficult to interpret the results.
motivationalMotivational enhancement therapy harnesses the patient's motivation to improve their health.
futureOur focus is on the future enhancement of the platform.
delayedCardiac magnetic resonance imaging with delayed enhancement can detect the presence and extent of myocardial fibrosis.
mildThe mild enhancement of the symptoms was unexpected.
synapticThe researchers found that synaptic enhancement was a key factor in the formation of memories.
apparentThe apparent enhancement of her condition was a welcome surprise.
arterialThe contrast-enhanced computed tomography scan showed arterial enhancement in the abdominal aorta.
digitalForensic scientists employ digital enhancement to analyze fingerprints.
denseThe contrast-enhanced CT scans showed a dense enhancement of the lesion.
consequentThe consequent enhancement in the efficiency of the algorithm is significant.
potentialThe proposed system offers potential enhancement in accuracy and speed.
linearLinear enhancement is a technique used to improve the visibility of features in an image by adjusting the contrast of the image.
focalFocal enhancement of the image was achieved by using a high-resolution camera.
subsequentThe system received subsequent enhancement to improve its efficiency and functionality.
technologicalThe technological enhancement of our lives has made us more efficient and connected.}
gadoliniumThe patient had a gadolinium enhancement on their MRI.
correspondingThe corresponding enhancement has been made.
maximalThe maximal enhancement of his abilities was achieved through rigorous training.
dynamicThe dynamic enhancement of the image allowed for a better view of the internal structures.

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