Adjectives for Enlargement

Adjectives For Enlargement

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing enlargement, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'enlargement' reveals profound implications when paired with distinctive adjectives, painting a refined picture in various contexts. A 'cardiac enlargement' might evoke concerns of heart health, indicating a condition that demands medical attention. Conversely, 'left' or 'right enlargement' specifies the side affected, giving precise direction to diagnostic processes. 'Splenic enlargement' shifts the focus entirely towards the spleen, highlighting specific health scenarios. The adjective 'progressive' suggests a worsening condition, invoking urgency, while 'further enlargement' reveals ongoing issues or conditions that have not been adequately addressed. Each adjective sheds new light on the noun, enriching the narrative with nuanced insights. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'enlargement' to grasp the subtleties and breadth of its application.
cardiacThe patient's cardiac enlargement was caused by a congenital heart defect.
leftThe left enlargement of the heart is due to the regurgitation of blood into the cavity.
splenicThe physician discovered a splenic enlargement after a thorough examination.
progressiveThe company is experiencing progressive enlargement in its workforce.
rightThe tumor has shown significant right enlargement
furtherThe company's further enlargement has led to increased profits.
slightThe slight enlargement of the object was barely noticeable.
prostaticProstatic enlargement is a common condition in older men that can cause urinary problems.
markedThe patient's abdomen exhibited a marked enlargement
considerableThe considerable enlargement of the population over the past decade has put a strain on the city's resources.
glandularBenign glandular enlargement occurs in more than half of women over 50.
gradualThe gradual enlargement of the city led to increased traffic and pollution.
cervicalThe cervical enlargement of the spinal cord is called the cervical intumescence.
chronicThe chronic enlargement of the liver is a common finding in patients with alcoholic cirrhosis.
diffuseThe diffuse enlargement of the lesion suggested a low-grade malignancy.
rapidThe rapid enlargement of the company required a restructuring of its management team.
lumbarThe lumbar enlargement is the widest part of the spinal cord, located between the first and second lumbar vertebrae.
moderateThe company experienced moderate enlargement during the last five years.
hepaticThe patient presented with palpable hepatic enlargement
gingivalThe patient's gingival enlargement was caused by excessive plaque buildup.
bilateralThe bilateral enlargement had caused a significant increase in the size of the organ.
abdominalThe woman's abdominal enlargement was due to a large ovarian cyst.
suddenThe sudden enlargement made the room feel crowded.
massiveThe patient experienced a massive enlargement of the liver.
prostateProstate enlargement also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), is a common condition in men.
nuclearNumerous human cancers demonstrate nuclear enlargement which appears to be a hallmark of cancer.
benignAn ultrasound scan showed a benign enlargement in the brain.
significantThe city has experienced significant enlargement in recent years.
parotidThe parotid enlargement was a common symptom of the disease.
easternThe eastern enlargement of the European Union began in 2004.
renalThe patient's renal enlargement was caused by chronic pyelonephritis.
painlessThe operation was painless enlargement
generalizedThe study found that there was generalized enlargement of the lymph nodes.
abnormalThe abnormal enlargement of his liver was caused by cirrhosis.
uterineHer uterine enlargement was a cause for concern.
grossThe gross enlargement of the liver is a serious medical condition.
atrialCardiac auscultation revealed a grade 3/6 diastolic murmur consistent with significant atrial enlargement
ventricularVentricular enlargement is an increase in the size of one or more chambers of the heart.
bonyThe bony enlargement on the skull indicated that the individual was suffering from Paget's disease of bone.
ovarianOvarian enlargement can rarely be the first sign of a pregnancy, however, it is not as common.
enormousThe enormous enlargement of the tumor was a cause for concern.
compensatoryThe compensatory enlargement of the liver can lead to an increase in its size and weight.
subsequentThe subsequent enlargement of the project was completed on time.
permanentThe experiment resulted in a permanent enlargement of the cells.
hilarThe recent hilar enlargement made the patient experience difficulty breathing.
photographicI hung up a photographic enlargement of the image of the smiling young girl.
thyroidThe swelling in her neck was due to thyroid enlargement
apparentThe building's apparent enlargement was due to the use of forced perspective.
symmetricalThe symmetrical enlargement of the shape preserved its original proportions.
salivaryHer salivary enlargement was due to excessive chewing of a certain gum.
painfulThe painful enlargement on his leg made it difficult to walk.
bulbousThe bulbous enlargement at the base of the stem was caused by a fungal infection.
futureIt was specified that the future enlargement would be regarded as a single process.
nodalThe patient's nodal enlargement was significant.
mildThe patient's heart showed mild enlargement on the chest X-ray.
thymicI have been experiencing thymic enlargement for the past few months.
mediastinalMediastinal enlargement can be caused by a variety of factors, including tumors, cysts, and infections.
spleenSpleen enlargement can be a sign of many underlying conditions, including infections, liver disease, and blood disorders.
inflammatoryThe inflammatory enlargement of the tissue was caused by the infection.
cysticA solitary cystic enlargement occurred in the white matter of the left frontal lobe.
lateralThe expansion of an image in size is known as lateral enlargement
correspondingThe organ undergoes a corresponding enlargement during pregnancy.
nodularThe nodular enlargement was a sign of underlying inflammation.
excessiveThe excessive enlargement of the heart can lead to heart failure.
uniformThe uniform enlargement was applied to all the students' test scores.
lymphThe lymph enlargement was caused by an infection.
palpableThe palpable enlargement of her lymph nodes was an early sign of her cancer.
secondaryThe secondary enlargement of the plant's cells was caused by the increased water uptake.
likeThe new algorithm makes use of techniques like enlargement to enhance visual quality.
adrenalAdrenal enlargement can be caused by a variety of factors, including tumors, cysts, and infections.
acuteThe acute enlargement of the lymph nodes was a sign of infection.
focalThe focal enlargement of the liver suggests a possible malignancy.
consequentThe consequent enlargement of the tumor was alarming.
irregularThe tumor exhibited irregular enlargement indicating a malignant process.
substantialThe substantial enlargement of the team has led to a significant increase in productivity.
fusiformThe fusiform enlargement in the hippocampus is a common finding in Alzheimer's disease.
territorialThe territorial enlargement of the United States has been a process of continuous expansion since its founding.
shapedThe shaped enlargement of the dough made a perfect circle.
extensiveThe company has embarked on an extensive enlargement of its operations.
vastThe vast enlargement of the city was a result of the influx of new workers.
lymphaticThe tumor had metastasized to adjacent lymph nodes, causing lymphatic enlargement

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